3 exchange related coins you should consider in August

3 exchange related coins you should consider in August

BNB, FTT and CRO are exchange related tokens

Tokens associated with crypto exchanges have additional security protections

All coins are bullish and offer opportunities in August

Coins backed by cryptocurrency exchanges are the best because of their added security. While the list of exchange-related tokens is endless, we bring you the best 3 options. If the current bull run persists, they are the coins with huge potential in August.


Binance Coin (BNB)

BNB/USD is the largest cryptocurrency exchange associated token. It ranks fifth overall in the crypto market with a market cap of around $46.6 billion. The cryptocurrency is backed by the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.

With most cryptocurrencies out there, BNB was listed as a cryptocurrency to watch in August. As trading volume increases, Binance will attract more users and BNB will get a boost.

Source – TradingView

After the latest rally, BNB is back at the $288 level. This took it to the next level at $326 in August.

FTX Token (FTT)

The FTX token FTT/USD may not be in the top 20 tokens. Ranked 22nd with a market cap of $4.23 billion, FTT token is the coin to watch in August. Despite the market crash and most cryptocurrency exchanges facing liquidity issues, FTX remains strong. FTX CEO SAM Bankman-Fried even went on to help struggling companies. FTT will grow with the recovery of cryptocurrencies.

Source – TradingView

FTT has hit resistance at $32 after recent gains. A break above the resistance or retracement level will open a buy trade for the next month.

Cronos Token (CRO)

Cronos token CRO/USD ranks 24th with a market cap of $3.497 billion. The Crypto.com exchange appears to have succumbed to the bear market, announcing a reduction in rewards on its cards. However, it went backwards and its token is worth watching.

Crypto.com has consistently been at the top of the pack when it comes to closing sports deals and expansion sprees. If these transactions are indeed going to become a big deal, that’s when cryptocurrencies start to proliferate.

Source – TradingView

CRO has broken above the $0.12 resistance. The coin was bought in August with a price target of $0.168.


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