8,000-character currency circle controversy secrets” Big Brother Maji responded to cutting leeks: Baodao Financial ETH should ask Ryan! I’ve never had an ICO | Dynamic Zone-Most Influential Blockchain Media (Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency)

 8,000-character currency circle controversy secrets" Big Brother Maji responded to cutting leeks: Baodao Financial ETH should ask Ryan! I've never had an ICO | Dynamic Zone-Most Influential Blockchain Media (Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency)

The BAYC super giant whale Big Brother Maji (Huang Licheng, Jeffrey Hunag) was exposed by Twitter KOL, and Huang Licheng also began to criticize the investigation report and threatened to sue. In order to balance the accounts of all parties in the incident and bring more complete and accurate information about the outline of the incident to the community, the Motion Zone exclusively contacted Huang Licheng earlier to interview his views on the investigation report, as well as this in “his version”. Detail stories of 10+ projects that actually happened over 4 years. (Recap:Full text of the investigation” Big Brother Maji was blasted to embezzle 22,000 ETH from Baodao Finance and pushed 10 garbage projects; Big Brother: wrong information)

“This is Crypto, all actions will be recorded on it, open and transparent, and cannot be tampered with

Blockchain will never lie, you can see for yourself”

(This article is a documentary interview report. The interviewer’s statement quoted in the content is his personal opinion, and does not represent the position of the moving area. The facts need to be checked by more evidence. Investors are advised to make their own discretion and pay attention to risks)



Twitter KOL ZachXBT broke the news that Brother Maji’s misappropriation of 22,000 ETH from Formosa Financial and the launch of 10 leek cutting projects continued to ferment in the community. Brother Maji finally responded. In addition to criticizing the investigation report, he also mentioned Continued legal action to fight back.

Today, the dynamic area contacted Big Brother Ma Ji to conduct an interview about the revelation incident.

Responding to ZachXBT’s investigative report

“I only have one address, and that is MachiBigBrother.eth, the address he reported is not mine at all”

At the beginning of the interview, Big Brother Maji said this to question the correctness of the investigation report, “His report only mentioned an address that did not belong to me, but did not mention my well-known MachiBigBrother.eth Ethereum address. It’s self-indulgent.”

In order to prove that the address mentioned in the investigation report was implicated, Big Brother Maji responded by citing the investigation results in the earlier Cointelegraph report. Provide sufficient or direct evidence that the address is related to Big Brother Ma Ji or George Hsieh”

“That’s the way it is, they simply can’t prove the address is mine.”

Moving area: Who are the two addresses that took away 22,000 ETH (about $45 million in current value)?

According to Big Brother Maji, all the addresses for raising funds from Formosa Financial (FMF) are held by the two actual controllers of the project team, “CEO Ryan Terribilini and Chief Technology Officer Lorne Lantz”, and he does not know How the money was transferred, let alone who were the two addresses mentioned in the investigative report that embezzled 22,000 ETH, and where did the total 44,000 ETH raised funds flow to?

“You should ask the CEO, I’m just a consultant, and the investigation report has no way of proving that I’m related to those two addresses.

How do I know where the money is being used later? I even introduced a large group of the strongest engineers in Taiwan at the time to help him build the product, but in the end I didn’t even see the product, which I thought was exaggerated.”

“The person who really knows who these addresses are is Binance, but they didn’t speak out or prove it today,” Maji said. The follow-up to this investigation simply does not hold.

When the dynamic area asked, “Can you provide evidence that these addresses are not yours?”, Big Brother Maji explained that because these addresses are not his own, and he is not a team member, he has no right to use them, and he does not know the details of the use of funds, so It is also difficult for him to come up with evidence that these addresses are not his own.

Dynamic Zone: What role do you play in Formosa Financial (FMF)?

“I am the strongest advisor!

I can’t say that all the strongest advisors were found by me, but many of the advisors listed in the funds and pictures were brought by me, such as Jamie Lin (Lin Zhichen), who is the founder of Appworks and the general manager of Taiwan Big Brother!

But I really don’t know what happened next, you should ask Ryan and Lorne, how can there be 44,000 ether, the project can’t be done, the company can’t run, and the product is not even seen. “

Big Brother Maji recalled that it was in the early days of Crypto in 2018, when everyone would say, “At that time Ryan came to me as the leader of the early Ripple (Ripple) team, of course I felt very cool, it was 2018, At that time, Ripple was still very cool”, “So that white man came to me at that time with a goal of turning Taiwan into a Crypto Island, of course I support it.”

Big Brother Ma Ji mentioned that Ryan seemed to have worked in the office of former legislator Jason Hsu before. “Jason is a legislator. He also supports and helps him.”

“At that time, the international community thought that Taiwan’s Crypto regulations were very friendly, and Binance wanted to land in Taiwan. They seemed to have a promise to help Binance open a bank account in Taiwan, so Binance invested 1,000 ETH.

Many investors saw this and thought that on Binance, it would be 5 times or 10 times, so everyone was rushing to vote, even I didn’t vote much because the quota was not enough. “

Big Brother Maji revealed that in fact he originally had an FMF (Treasure Island Financial Token) quota of 5,000 ETH, but because investors were snapping up, he gave most of the quota to relatives and friends, and he only invested a little, “Then I wasn’t that rich back then, and I didn’t want ETH, I wanted that Token FMF.”

Get hung up as a co-founder?

Dynamic Zone: What about the controversy about you being the founder of Treasure Island Finance?We have also seen that in an earlier version of the white paper, the Title you listed is the founder

“That’s why they hang up my Title, the purpose is to rub me, in order to raise more funds

I just said I was just an Advisor and insisted that they remove me, and later found out that the meeting was also recorded by them. “

According to Big Brother Ma Ji, “the two of them (Ryan and Lorne) were weird at that time. They seemed to be recording each other, and I even heard that the two of them told each other later.” He also mentioned that at that time, when the two major company operators bit each other and even turned to tell each other later, they also approached him, “I also told both of them that you are the CEO and CTO, and the company’s funds and private keys are in the In your hands, I don’t know what happened to you, don’t tear your face and come to me.”

Big Brother Maji also mentioned that Yalu Lin was the first to leave, and he ended his role as a consultant after raising funds, “All 44,000 ETH funds raised are controlled by the two of them, and the company is also under their control. ”, the various incidents that happened in the company, because he did not participate in the management of the company, so he only heard about some incidents, but he himself did not know the details:

“Later I heard that Ryan flew to the Philippines to buy a license, the two sides tore up each other, and even later Ryan found another white Jeremy Firster as the new CEO, and the company sold to another company to get away.

Back then there was no Rug Pull (soft carpet), it was called Exit Scam back then

They later turned the money around without knowing where it went, how would I know? I’m not the one who manages the company, and I don’t know what the two of them are doing.”

According to Big Brother Maji, who claimed that he was also a victim of this project, he had only one business or financial communication with the team after leaving the consultant, and that time was about refunds:

“I only told them that there are two kinds of people’s money you must pay back,

One is American money, because you violate American laws, you will have problems all over the world and you will be hunted down by the SEC.

The second is Mithril’s money. Mithril supported this project, and you must pay back Mithril’s money.

After they repaid the money of these two kinds of people, I didn’t care about it, and as for how they used the remaining money, I don’t know.”

Dynamic District: What about former legislator Xie Guoliang?

“George (Xie Guoliang), as far as I know, was kicked out of the company by the two of them”

He mentioned that Xie Guoliang did indeed contribute money and efforts in the early days, affirming his contribution in the early stage of the project “It’s not that I want to speak for my brother, but he also helped the team connect with the senior management of major banks at that time”:

“It was 2018, who had the ability to connect them with major banks? And they were still at the top!

Binance also seems to have seen this ability and invested 1,000 ETH”

“Then they kicked George out of the team. George didn’t know how the project was operated and how the cash flow was transferred. He was also very helpless,” Big Brother Maji explained.

“It’s my fault too, at first someone did tell me that those two people were weird and told me not to cooperate with them, but I didn’t listen.

It was not until later that all the surrogate investors who introduced the funds got 10% of the Bonus, and only me and my friends did not get the 10% of the Bonus with the funds invested by me. I want to say how these two people did this? These two are weird

Moving area: How about a few related people mentioned in the text?

“Xiaobang and Wilson are also innocent, and the addresses mentioned in the investigation report are not theirs.” Big Brother Maji re-emphasized that the addresses mentioned in the report and the subsequent transfer behavior mentioned have nothing to do with him or his friends. .

“Wilson and Sam from XY Finance and Swag, several of their children used to be in our company. They came out to do projects on their own. Of course, I am a consultant and give full support in the early stage to help them connect to all the best resources.

I’m the strongest advisor, but it’s their own company, and a lot of what the survey report mentions has nothing to do with me, you should ask the CEO.”

To this end, the dynamic area also contacted the founder of XY Finance, Wilson Huang, who mentioned in the text that he received NFT from the eldest brother to the boring ape (BAYC), and he said like the dynamic area:

“Thank you for your concern. The part about me mentioned in this article is false speculation, and the address is neither me nor my avatar. Big brother was also an early consultant at XY and did not participate in any decision-making.

The bear market is approaching, my team will continue to build products, and the XY and Steaker teams will continue to launch more services. Follow us on Twitter for continuous updates. “

Dynamic Zone: If so, what exactly are the 10 project accusations?

Brother Maji first denied his role in these projects as stated in the investigation report. He emphasized that for most projects, he was only an early strong supporter and investor, rather than the initiator or investor of these projects as stated in the text. Co-founders (or people behind the scenes).

“I am the largest whale in many projects, the first Defi liquidity player,

I donate money, efforts, connections, or come forward to support these Defi projects in the earliest stages, but that doesn’t mean I’m a Co-Founder.”

Having said that, Big Brother Maji complained that this was a problem that had troubled him for a long time, and further explained the “so-called” phenomenon:

“Because of my reputation, and usually in the early stage of the project when no one cares about it, the money and support are usually the greatest, so many people will black me and say that I am the controller or co-founder of these collapsed projects.

Why didn’t they say that the projects that were very successful later were pushed by me? “

In order to prove that he was treated differently, Big Brother Maji mentioned three examples:

Bringing up Yearn.finance in the Defi era in early 2020, I owned 11% of the total supply of YFI tokens at the peak, and even my address was marked as YFI Whale by the Ethereum whale tracking website. I am the only one in the world who has this marking algorithm that is stable In the early days of the creation of Basis Cash, the ancestor of the currency, the money I had in it at that time should be the No. 1 NFT blue-chip project in the world. The boring monkey BAYC, when his floor price is below 1 ETH and no one wants to play, I also Strong support to buy 120 BAYC

“When no one cares about BAYC, some people say that this is my project, but when his price exceeded 50 ETH, why didn’t everyone say I was a co-founder, but only said I was a big business?” The big brother mentioned this.

Then, Big Brother Maji also emphasized his style and logic of investing in the cryptocurrency market to DongZhou, “I have always been a style of Crypto or Web3, why is it not a Co-Founder but often as an ordinary investor, Special investment and support in the early days? Because this is the spirit of Crypto.” He specifically cited the example of donating $4 million to the Yearn.Finance (YFI) team when the Defi market was still in its infancy:

“I was still learning at that time, I didn’t know that they might mine in advance by themselves,

But I just see that their team is pitiful, working very hard, and they don’t even have team tokens or salary,

So I donated to their team of 4 people, each with 1 million US dollars of YFI, you can also check the records on the chain, it is all true”

He also added the YFI team’s thank you Twitter and address records to the dynamic area. This is the comment of the YFI team who received donations from Big Brother Maji in the early years after the investigation report incident:

“Jeff (big brother) may be a controversial character, but it’s true[donating $4 million to the team]. I didn’t quit early on because of his generosity,” he said.

The big brother cited the case of BAYC again, and once again explained his style and purpose in the cryptocurrency market, and said that this is the “decentralized contribution spirit” of the cryptocurrency spirit:

“BAYC’s founding team is also from Taiwan, so I support it,

In the early days, I printed a lot of orangutans and gave them away everywhere, from the team, friends, and cryptocurrency Defi bigwigs to everyone. This is how the Crypto spirit is promoted. “

“As for what’s good for me, because doing this will get more people to play, I contribute like this, and I’ll make money if it goes up!” To this end, Big Brother Maji continued to give BAYC as an example of him being the biggest contributor:

“Afterwards, I not only gifted my friends, but also Chen Bolin, Lin Junjie… these people,

You thought that would be dick, didn’t you? I tell you I played it back to Jaylen! It’s Jay Chou! “

“These people didn’t have Crypto in the first place, but after getting these orangutan gifts, do they have to learn how to create wallets?”

However, not everyone who gets a gift from the big brother will have a positive result. Big brother Ma Ji also gave an example, “Like the founder of a big project, I gave him two BAYC NFTs, and he went to the market the next day to sell it. “:

“He just doesn’t give me face, I send you to smash it right away, you have no integrity in doing this?

So I immediately went to the market and smashed all his coins, and at this time, the community scolded me again, obviously he messed with me.”

“But this is a sad story, because that coin has since risen 20 times. If I hadn’t smashed all the coins at that time, the value of the coins I have would have been $100 million,” Big Brother Maji also sighed.

According to Big Brother Ma Ji, this is his style of playing cryptocurrency, and it is the spirit of contribution to Web 3.0, but it may be because he is so famous that he is often blurred by the focus, “No one is talking about it when it is good, Sometimes when the currency price is not good, they will black me over there.”

The above is the Big Brother’s response to the investigation report. We still need to wait for further investigation and relevant evidence as to the facts. The interviewer’s remarks do not represent the position of the moving area.

The following are the project memories of several project elders about the past 4 years:

Review of other projects

Memories of Mithril (Mithril, MITH)

“I’ve never had an ICO, those are all private placements!”

When the dynamic area expressed surprise to him, Big Brother Maji explained that it was because the 17 live broadcast was going to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It is too easy to be attacked by asking everyone to vote on the public website.” Therefore, the method he chose in the past was a private placement method.

And when asked about Mithril (MITH) fundraising experience, he mentioned:

“At that time, I was just entering the currency circle and was still learning. I didn’t know there was such a thing as lock-up, so I didn’t lock the position at the beginning.

Later, I learned that many organizations would smash them when they got them, and I was very angry, because it was me who was responsible for your smashing.”

He explained, “At the time, it seemed that at most 12,000 ETHs were raised, and I told them to refund them. I was responsible for the smashing, so I refunded a lot of money later, and it seemed that there were 6,000 ETHs left after the refund.”

To this end, he also complained about the huge difference between himself and the so-called “big cut” in the outside world:

“I’m a private equity firm, ask anyone who has invested directly through me, who has ever lost money?”

“Mithril is awesome! You don’t just see Binance, he’s on almost all of the world’s most important exchanges.” When asked if the Mithril project was abandoned, he explained that Mithril is still alive Doing things, like the later MachiX, Mith Cash (Mith Cash) are actually subsidiaries of Mithril.

The connection between the Binance ticket filling incident and the stolen money address of Baodao Financial?

“At that time, Binance was holding a community listing vote, and everyone was comparing their financial resources and being able to use the most BNB whales to support them.

Although two of them were Binance’s own projects, we still won, and we have recruited funds to support us.”

“Although Binance later withdrew the results of the competition and said that we cheated and disqualified us,” Big Brother Maji expressed that he disagreed with the result and was very angry, “but I didn’t scold them because I still wanted to play. them!

“After a few months, we still rely on our own strength (financial resources), and we are the only ones who have successfully listed the last four projects.”

When asked by the dynamic area why the address of Baodao Finance that received 11,000 ETH also bought BNB to support the vote, Big Brother Maji explained:

“I don’t know who it is, we were very sensational at that time, Twitter, Facebook, Wechat… Everywhere called big whales to support our vote

That should be a big whale who also invested in Treasure Island Finance and Mithril, and responded to our call.”

Cream Finance Review

“The Crypto spirit I mentioned earlier is also like Cream Finance.” Brother mentioned that although Cream is a forked project of Compound, Cream gave Compound 25% of the Cream tokens at the beginning of the project:

“Although their code is open source, anyone on the Internet can fork

But if you think about my profession, I am a musician, and MachiX, which I later made, is also doing copyright. I attach great importance to this matter, so although there is no obligation, I gave them 25% of the Token

They were also very happy afterwards, they made a lot of money.”

Big Brother Maji explained, “Because of this, they also took the initiative to be the Backup of Cream Finance.”

When asked about the hundreds of millions of dollars in the hack of Cream Finance, Big Brother Maji emphasized that it all happened when he had left Cream Finance and was taken over by the Yearn team:

“I remember that Mithril seemed to have been hacked four times, three times ranging from tens of millions of dollars to $160 million, and one small amount of more than $1 million. When we gave the money to another Taiwanese team, Furucombo, they were hacked. Horrible.

All four of these hacks happened when Yearn and Andre were in charge, and I wasn’t in charge at that time.”

To this end, the big brother also provided two time points, one is the Twitter of the Yearn team announcing the “Merge” with Cream Finance; the other is on February 26, 2022, the Yearn.finance team told him that he did not want to manage and asked for The tweet of “Unmerge” when returning to management. I want to use this to prove that the four incidents really have little to do with him.

“I still have to speak up for Andre, they’re really good.

The three major Cream.Finance hacked vulnerabilities are actually difficult problems that have been announced by the Ethereum forum for more than 6 months and have not been solved. Few people can do this kind of attack.

In fact, top Defi projects such as Aave also have this problem, but Mithril has bad luck and was attacked first.”

“So although I didn’t manage Cream at the time, I didn’t think it was a management problem. The management problem refers to the mistakes caused by your negligence, but this is a long-standing technical problem in Ethereum,” Big Brother Maji explained.

However, referring to the escrow period of Cream Finance, he also bluntly stated that there were indeed some decisions that he felt were not so correct:

“At that time, there were only 2 blocks of FTT, and SBF was not yet well-known at the time. He pledged a very large amount of FTT and lent other tokens to short.

Although there are scoldings in the community, I think this is good, these products are used by people like Sam,

But the Yearn team decided to remove the loan pair on Cream, set a certain number to 0, and prevent him from doing this again.”

Big Brother Maji mentioned that although he felt that this was a wrong decision and that it was not good for the project’s debt issuance, but because it was the management period of Yearn and André, he respected this decision.

In order to prove that he really did not have management rights during this period, Big Brother Maji also mentioned that even if SBF came to privately ask what was going on, “I also told him that the project is now managed by Yearn and Andre”:

“SBF also returned me “Cool!””

“Later in Yearn and Andre told me that I didn’t want to manage Cream anymore, I wanted to hand over the management authority to me, and I took over again without saying a word.” Big Brother Maji mentioned that he did return to work on the project management of Cream Finance. , while also stressing that Cream Finance has not been hacked since he managed it.

Brother Maji recalled that when he took over Cream Finance again, the project had almost not posted on Twitter and communicated with the community for half a year. He admitted that because of the previous hacking attack, the project was considered “half-dead”.

To this end, he also admitted that what he did after returning to the pot, he led several repayment actions to investors:

“Although Cream Finance was already dead at that time, a lot of USDC and other assets were still locked in the agreement, so I asked them to return the money to the investors.

These include 1,932 WETH, 9.58 million USDC, 11,000 crETH, and 1.2 million CREAM. This is what I called the team to pay back! “

In addition, he also mentioned the case where he fought for the rights of Cream Finance at that time, and cited the loan agreement “Iron Bank” launched by Yearn Finance as an example:

“I told Yearn and Andre at that time that Iron Bank used a lot of Cream’s resources to do it, so it should also give some IB to the Cream project.

Andre they gave it later.”

However, Big Brother Maji also explained, “Because Iron is Andre’s project”, so he can only ask the Yearn team to do this.

Swag Finance launched by adult live streaming platform

“Swag is originally a very profitable platform that is used by many people. The physique and subject matter are very good. Sam is also a partner of our previous company, a very powerful young man, so I also support as a consultant, help pull resources and Investors”

Big Brother Maji mentioned his relationship with SWAG, but also emphasized that “I am an Advisor, but that doesn’t mean I am a Co-Founder, and I don’t know why they happened later.”

Mith Cash, Squid DAO

Big Brother Moji finally mentioned the two projects mentioned in the report – Mithril Cash, Squid DAO, and explained the status of these two projects

“These two projects are a pity. They failed. These models later proved to be unworkable, so they were collected and paid back in advance.”

He first mentioned the status of Mithril Cash, “He is an algorithmic stablecoin in the OHM model like Olympus, and it was very hot at that time”:

“But later it was proved that the mechanism of the algorithmic stable currency is not working, and it will collapse and fall after a certain period of time.

So we turned it off early, and it seemed like a 60% loss at that time, but compared to other companies like OHM that lost 99%, we were considered good.”

As for Squid DAO, he mentioned that it was also because he knew in advance that the model could not be durable, so he initiated a community governance vote and closed it after passing it.

“This is all recorded on the chain, you can see for yourself”

(This article is a documentary interview report. The interviewer’s statement quoted in the content is his personal opinion, and does not represent the position of the moving area. The facts need to be checked by more evidence. Investors are advised to make their own discretion and pay attention to risks)

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