A Web3 Ecosystem of Games, NFTs, and Communities

GuildFi: An Interconnected Web3 Ecosystem of Games, NFTs, and Communities

Gaming and making money games will be the next big thing in the gaming market is no longer just speculation. In fact, we are already witnessing the beginning of a paradigm shift in the wider video game industry. At this rate, don’t be surprised if the traditional view that gaming is an unproductive activity is being stripped of its relevance much faster than you might think.

GuildFi, a gaming DAO with a well-designed ecosystem of Web 3.0 infrastructure, aspires to play a key role in the transition to this new model where gamers can earn economics through their skill and dedication award. Let’s see how:

What is GuildFi?

As a decentralized organization, GuildFi’s goal is to take gaming guilds to a whole new level by adding value to players, investors, and games alike. To achieve its goals, the platform’s mission is to create an interconnected ecosystem of games and NFTs around the gaming community.

This ecosystem plans to be self-sustaining and loaded with resources gamers can use to maximize their income.


To better understand what GuildFi is, let’s take a look at the problem it’s trying to solve.

Gaming guilds are great, but they have some limitations

For those unaware, a guild is a community of online multiplayer gamers who join forces to help each other achieve certain goals. This is a good ELI5 explanation of the characteristics and goals of a typical gaming guild.

Guilds are especially useful in the GameFi ecosystem, as most P2E games, including popular titles, tend to have very high startup costs for players. In most cases, the learning curve is also very steep.

Guilds help address these issues by offering members in-game assets such as NFT characters in exchange for a portion of the in-game profits earned by borrowers. Guilds also help new players improve their skills and learn basic strategies to progress in the game and more.

Despite all these benefits, gaming guilds tend to have certain inherent disadvantages. For example, the fragmentation of scholarship funds, funds owned and controlled by guilds.

Most scholarship funds are usually spent on a single game within a guild, which severely limits members’ ability to utilize the full potential of the guild. Each guild is pretty much its own silo and is cut off from other guilds. There is no interoperability whatsoever. This is where GuildFi promises to come into play.

Solutions from GuildFi

GuildFi positions itself as the ultimate destination for adding value to your gaming and virtual world experiences. GuildFi provides a platform for various gaming guilds to connect in a mutually beneficial way.

The platform is open to all types of guilds – be it social guilds, P2E guilds or guilds for any other type of game project.

All in all, GuildFi promises the following:

A dedicated scholarship aggregation platform. Help members with game planning and discovery. Provide resources to members (players and developers). Unique guild-as-a-service model. Players are financially incentivized with a new reward system.

Notably, by helping members with game planning and discovery, combined with a unique game proof reward system, GuildFi promises to transform the entire game earning model into a superior, more fulfilling gaming and earning experience. Allow us to briefly explain:

GuildFi Play and Earn

As you probably know, the number of high-quality P2E games is still low, which is understandable considering how new the industry itself is. At the same time, competition for scholarships has also intensified. These two factors combine to force gamers to choose one of two options:

Faced with tough competition, play games that can earn them a decent amount of money. Only play games they really love, but at the expense of their earning potential.

GuildFi is eager to help gamers out of this conundrum. With its unique proof-of-play reward system, the platform can turn any game into a money-making game. So the urge to choose between the games you love and the ones that might make money for you just goes away!

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GuildFi calls this the “play and earn” model, as it allows you to play any game in the GuildFi ecosystem and the earning part is handled automatically. Additionally, it helps you build your ultimate player identity, which includes your lifetime achievements in different P2E games and virtual worlds.

GuildFi: How to join the ecosystem

Joining GuildFi is almost a walk in the proverbial park, as long as you know how to use a crypto wallet. All you have to do is:

Go to GuildFi.com Create an account with your email ID Connect your crypto wallet and Discord account to the newly created GuildFi account.

The GuildFi ecosystem consists of the following two components:

Game Center – This is where users can start their journey in Metaverse. The Game Center can be further divided into four sections, including GuildFi ID, Game Discovery, Guild Discovery, and Proof-of-Play Rewards. Zones are purpose-built engines that drive commercial activity and bring value to the GuildFi ecosystem. Zones in the GuildFi ecosystem are divided into three categories: Guild Zone, NFT Zone and Tools Zone.

We plan to cover all of these different components and their functions within the wider GuildFi ecosystem in a detailed review in the coming weeks. Until then, check out the GuildFi whitepaper for more details.

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