After Ethereum Bellatrix upgrade, “block loss” surged to 9%, developers clarified: nodes were not updated due to

After Ethereum Bellatrix upgrade, “block loss” surged to 9%, developers clarified: nodes were not updated due to

The Ethereum Beacon Chain has upgraded the Bellatrix fork yesterday (6), completing the first major upgrade before the merger, but there is a synchronization problem with the block. Gnosis founder Martin Köppelmann found that in the 600 blocks after the fork In the block, the leakage rate is as high as 9%, and the average leakage rate is lower than 0.5%. Decrypt interviewed the Ethereum developer Marius Van Der Wijden, he said that the node service provider has not fully updated the latest version of the client, and said Need to re-educate users why they need to update nodes. (Recap: Buterin: The merger is expected to happen on 9/13~15; 70% of the nodes have upgraded the client for Bellatrix) (background supplement: Why are there two paragraphs 9/6 and 9/13-15 in The Ethereum Merger? What is the impact? What should I pay attention to?)

byThe Ethereum Beacon Chain officially updated the Bellatrix fork upgrade yesterday (6). This upgrade is a complete version of the Beacon Chain consensus layer that is ready to transition to the execution layer merger. People are beginning to question the readiness of the Ethereum community for the merger.

According to Gnosis founder Martin Köppelmann on Twitter, among the 600 blocks he observed in the beacon chain, the block leakage rate has reached more than 9%, and historical data shows that the average block leakage rate is close to 0.5%:


The leak rate in the last 600 blocks is greater than 9%, it used to be around 0.5%…. It shows that Bellatrix has caused some problems for the beacon chain validators, nothing particularly dramatic, but still a cause for concern numbers.

About 5% of validators can’t participate in proofs, 9% can’t propose blocks… I’d love to learn more about these issues.

The reason for the soaring block leakage rate

What caused the surge in the leaked block rate of the Ethereum beacon chain? Foreign media Decrypt interviewed Marius Van Der Wijden, a core developer of Ethereum, Van Der Wijden said that it is because many node operators have not yet updated to node clients that are ready for Bellatrix fork upgrade. Resulting in more missing blocks on the beacon chain:

I think the biggest problem we have right now is that we need to educate users.

Van Der Wijden also said that these missed 9% blocks can be divided into two cases, namely 5% nodes that are missing updates, and 4% nodes that are partially updated but not connected to the execution layer.

But the report mentioned that for the merge, the worst case seems not to happen, because if the ratio of updating node clients is lower than 66%, it may cause the merge to fail, but the current data has come to more than 74% .

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