AI-Powered NFTs From Endless AI and Gala Games

Fuzzle: AI-Powered NFTs From Endless AI and Gala Games

Fuzzle is a collection of 9,997 reactive and adaptive NFTs implemented by artificial intelligence.

There’s no shortage of digital pets in the NFT world these days, but these unique and colorful little furballs are more than just a pretty face. Powered by AI technology, each Fuzzle is a fully interactive experience that elevates the concept of companionship and entertainment to a new level in the metaworld.

A new type of NFT

Fuzzle is a collection of 9,997 unique live NFTs powered by AI. Each Fuzzle responds and adapts to human speech, a groundbreaking addition to the NFT world. In the ever-growing Web3 community, there are tons of new NFT projects released every day, but Fuzzles is sure to stand out from the crowd.

9,997 unique puzzles

Each Fuzzle is an ERC-721 NFT deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. All puzzles are unique, and each puzzle has over a dozen properties that will be selected from an extensive list of possibilities.


Some appearance traits will be rarer than others, but all owners can chat and play with their Fuzzle using powerful AI technology. They have a bit of attitude at times, but really just want to be friends.

Each Fuzzle will have a different cute, whimsical look. Fuzzles also have a very confident personality that owners can instantly interact with. Fuzzles have instant utility in the mobile app, including:

Chat – Fuzzle are quirky little aliens who are happy to have a friendly chat with you. Play – Interact with them in storytelling mode, word games or community events. Earn – You can participate in competitions and events, team up to win prizes and rewards for your puzzles.

The team behind Fuzz

Fuzzle is presented by Gala Games, an important name in blockchain gaming and the larger Web3 community. Gala has created the largest decentralized game node network and owns popular games such as Spider Tanks and Town Star, and is currently developing more than a dozen games. While their in-game NFTs and collectibles like VOX are popular, it’s certainly an interesting development to see them push the boundaries of the NFT world.

However, the team that actually developed the technology behind Fuzzle is Endless AI. Fuzzles is the team’s first project, but they have a lot of expertise from the gaming world and high-level AI development.

Endless claims they set out to develop the world’s first “living” NFT. Through Endless’s intelligent production platform and GPT-3 language prediction, they empower Fuzzle to form opinions, understand contextual cues, and learn and adapt in conversations.

When will Fuzzles drop?

The Fuzzle Pod will be available from the Gala Games Store on April 27th at 3pm PT. Each of these Pods can then be swapped out for a unique Fuzzle with random characteristics.

Each Pod is itself an NFT and can be redeemed for random Fuzzle NFTs on CollectFuzzle’s separate exchange, which will open a few days after the sale begins. After the exchange is turned on, Fuzzle Pods can be exchanged for Fuzzle at any time.

To purchase during the promotion period, you need to have a Gala Games account and have the necessary funds to purchase your psychedelic game pod. Remember that you will also need enough ETH to cover gas fees for any transaction on the Ethereum network.

What’s next for Fuzzles?

Fuzzles is adaptive and learning NFTs, as is the project itself. Fuzzles’ overall AI will continue to adapt and evolve. The team is looking to work with the community to bring together suggestions and a possible way to curate new features and direct development resources.

Currently anticipated developments include:

Community competition with NFT rewards. New dialogue modes and activities. Advanced meme maker and editor for fuzzing social. Badges, accessories and upgrades for WTF (What the Fuzz?!) Fuzzle. A feature that allows Fuzzles to socialize with each other. Other plans include airdrops, whitelisting, and more.

Fuzzle is a collection of NFTs for you to keep an eye on. Backed by cutting-edge technology and an experienced team, these redefine what we believe to be practicality in NFT projects. To get ready to drop, head over to Gala Games and sign up today.

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