Angrily criticize Do Kwon for lying! Researcher: TFL holds over 42 million new LUNA worth over $200 million

怒批Do Kwon說謊!研究員 : TFL持有超4,200萬枚新LUNA,價值超2億美元

Terra researcher FatMan tweeted last night angrily criticizing TFL for saying that it would not receive the new LUNA airdrop, allowing the new chain to return to the community. But his investigation found that TFL and Do Kwon’s shadow wallets held a total of 42 million LUNA worth more than $200 million, and were trying to manipulate governance. (Recap:Terra 2.0 restarts Anchor and suffers again!The oracle feeds the wrong price of Luna, and 40 million UST is cheated out again) (background supplement:South Korean prosecutors summoned all Terra employees to conduct a comprehensive investigation: Do Kown knew that the LUNA model was flawed and still implemented it?)

maleChain Terra researcher FatMan wrote angrily criticizing Do Kwon for blatantly lying on the evening of the 6th (6th). He quoted Terra’s post on May 25th, saying that Terraform Labs (TFL) once said that they would combine LFG, the community pool and their own. The wallet address was removed from the airdrop whitelist, making Terra a fully community-owned chain.

But after a FatMan investigation he said it was an “outright lie”, in fact TFL and Do Kwon have a total of 42.8 million LUNA (about $4.36 at current price), a total value of more than $200 million, and they continue to lie.


FatMan disclosed five shadow wallet addresses associated with TFL and Do Kwon saying:

Do Kwon uses his shadow wallet to approve his own proposal through governance manipulation (TFL should not have voted) and then tells everyone that it will be a community-owned chain.

These are just verified wallets, there are many others.

FatMan reminds retail investors to do their best homework, receive symmetrical information, and act cautiously, blaming Terra for people who have no moral bottom line and will lie for money at every possible turning point. Finally, FatMan also mentioned that they will continue to explore the dark history of TFL in the next few months, and said that there are several important and brave witnesses ready to testify in the relevant court cases.

In fact, just last week, FatMan also broke the news that the most popular Anchor protocol core team on Terra left TFL long before Anchor went public, because Do Kwon insisted on implementing UST’s 20% annualized interest rate (APY) subsidy, even if The team has mentioned that this could lead to a crash.

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