Bitsliced, the revolution behind asset tokenization

Bitsliced, the revolution behind asset tokenization

Zug, Switzerland, July 4, 2022, Chainwire

While cryptocurrency adoption continues to grow, as evidenced by last year’s bull run, there is still a great need to integrate real-world assets into blockchains.

Bitsliced ​​aims to fill this gap by connecting blockchain technology with the physical world. Through Bitsliced’s app and a set of smart contracts, Bitsliced ​​will make it intuitive and easy to tokenize and segment assets from different markets such as collectibles, real estate, traditional art, and several other use cases.

Slicing application overview

Bitsliced’s flagship product, Sliced, is a SocialFi app and marketplace where users can mint and trade different NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and tokens that represent real-world assets.


Through the Sliced ​​app, anyone can create digital representations of owned assets, whether it’s art, property, vehicles, clothing, and more. By doing so, Bitsliced ​​helps create a parallel digital marketplace cross-border project that simplifies transactions and unlocks additional value through new revenue streams.

Utilizing blockchain technology, the Sliced ​​app guarantees additional security and transparency of all transactions. Going a step further, it will be possible to split and divide asset ownership by different users (verifiable co-ownership).

The app will be available on all mobile devices, including iOS and Android operating systems, and desktop users will also be able to access it via a web browser version.

unique features

To improve retention and user engagement, the Sliced ​​app will be gamified. A badge and leaderboard system will be included in the application’s architecture to incentivize users to continue using Bitsliced’s services.

The Slice app will also include social media elements. Bitsliced ​​will leverage innovative social approaches through Bitsliced’s NFT channel. As a personal digital space, NFT channels will enable users to socialize in unique ways, while presenting their portfolios and NFTs in a sort of “digital gallery”.

The NFT Channel will be a place where the Bitsliced ​​community can hang out, trade, and discuss their favorite topics, whether it’s real estate, collectibles, fashion, or any other industry disrupted by Sliced ​​NFTs. Bitsliced ​​hopes to create a vibrant and active community of investors, collectors, and NFT enthusiasts through a high-profile channel.

Another component of the Bitsliced ​​SocialFi app is staking and yield farming. SLICED token holders will have several passive income possibilities. By staking and helping keep the network running, users are rewarded with an annual yield (APY) of approximately 15%. Alternatively, SLICED token holders can also earn the expected 25% APY by providing liquidity to Bitsliced’s protocols and markets.

The SLICED token will be the cornerstone of the application, powering all transactions within the marketplace. Earn 1% cash back instantly on every transaction in the marketplace, and up to 8% cash back on real estate purchases, depending on the broker. The Bitsliced ​​debit card will also be launched, offering users a convenient way to use their crypto funds and cashback earnings to make purchases or convert to fiat.

Slicing NFTs – Legal Background

Thanks to Bitsliced’s proprietary Sliced ​​NFT system, we will be able to issue universal digital certificates with a seal of trust. All certificates are unique NFTs that represent ownership of a specific asset.

Sliced, together with its network of partners and brokers, will be responsible for ensuring that all necessary legal due diligence is done in advance. Bitsliced ​​proprietary code will then check and verify the integrity of the data before minting the NFT certificate.

About Bitsliced

Bitsliced ​​is a blockchain-based protocol designed to tokenize real-world assets. Its platform enables anyone to mint, collect and trade physical objects on the blockchain.

The Bitslice ecosystem, consisting of a SocialFi app and NFT marketplace, provides an innovative business model through which a parallel digital economy is born. Real estate, collectibles, fashion wearables, and several other physical goods can all be efficiently traded across the globe.

The Bitslice app also features social and gamification elements, allowing communities to socialize, compete, and showcase their NFTs in a “digital gallery,” as well as the opportunity to stake and earn SLICE, the native token that powers the Bitsliced ​​ecosystem.

Visit the official website or follow Bitsliced ​​to learn more about Bitsliced ​​and join the Bitsliced ​​community:




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