Boom Fed rate hike to destroy the economy! Author of “Rich Dad”: Stop saving, buy bitcoin

Boom Fed rate hike to destroy the economy! Author of “Rich Dad”: Stop saving, buy bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best-selling financial book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” said aggressive rate hikes by the Federal Reserve are destroying the U.S. economy one step at a time, and he’s advising people to invest in “real money.” Money)”, and Bitcoin is one of them.

Robert Kiyosaki had previously predicted that the global financial market would usher in a “big crash” that was more terrifying than the 2008 financial turmoil.

Robert Kiyosaki tweeted:

Today, America’s debt is in the trillions of dollars. The real inflation rate is 16%, not 7%. Fed rate hikes will destroy the U.S. economy. Savers will be the biggest losers. Go and invest in Real Money. Gold, Silver and Bitcoin.


Since the US consumer price index (CPI) in August was higher than expected, many economists have predicted that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates by 75 basis points this week, or even 100 basis points.

Robert Kiyosaki also made a series of dire predictions about the U.S. economy. In May, he said stock and bond markets were collapsing, heralding a looming recession. In April, he claimed that hyperinflation had arrived. In March, he warned of an impending collapse in the dollar, advising investors to buy bitcoin, ether and Solana (SOL).

The well-known investor has been saying in recent months that when the price of bitcoin bottoms, he will buy more bitcoin, and he has also said that bitcoin may bottom out at $20,000, but when bitcoin When the coin continued to fall, he revised his prediction for the bottom price of Bitcoin several times.

In May of this year, when Bitcoin was still hovering around $30,000, Robert Kiyosaki pointed out that Bitcoin might bottom out at $9,000.

In June, he said he was waiting for bitcoin’s price to test the $1,100 low, adding that if bitcoin could recover from the slump, he would buy more bitcoin.

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