Chinese Car Launched in the Metaverse is Now Available IRL

ROBO-01: Chinese Car Launched in the Metaverse is Now Available IRL

ROBO-01: Chinese company JIDU has unveiled a concept car called ROBO-01 that will give Tesla a pretty crazy amount of money.

Extreme is a smart electric car company. It’s a collaboration between automakers Geely and Baidu. They launched their first concept car, the ROBO-01.

Originally an artificial intelligence and internet company, this is Baidu’s first attempt at launching a car. Baidu wants to infuse their AI technology and smart driving capabilities into a cutting-edge car of the future. They say the ROBO-01 will revolutionize the automotive industry.

ROBO-01 Crazy Tech

There are a lot of crazy amazing things about this car. First, Tesla needs to catch up, no doubt about it. But second, rather oddly, the car can also share its emotions. You may want to make sure the oil light is off. You could be trapped in a restless robot car heading towards a river at top speed.


Robotic cars make their debut in the XiRang virtual world. During the unveiling ceremony, an avatar named Sica drove and interacted with ROBO-01.

The concept car is 90% similar to the actual production model. Cars look crazy in real life, and that’s what we all want the future to look like. Except, you know, the Chinese government can’t take over the car and put you in jail. Well, anyway, that’s what conspiracy voyeurs say.

There is a U-shaped folding steering wheel. And that driving screen, wow. 3D borderless integrated ultra-clear screen. Now, if you get lost, you have no excuses, you just have to admit that you are only geographically challenged.

The car is equipped with a 3D human-machine collaborative driving map. It has what the company calls “full-scene voice inside and outside the car, millisecond-level voice response, and an offline intelligent voice assistant.” If you end up in the wrong city, that’s entirely up to you.

Another easy addition is the zero-gravity seat. These seats place the human body in a neutral spine posture. Astronauts experience this in the weightlessness of space.

Autonomous Driving Technology

The car is also capable of machine learning, so it is “trainable”. It is also self-driving. But we know what that means. You can’t program the car to take you to mom’s place and watch Netflix in the back, covered in popcorn. Our self-driving technology is almost there, but we don’t hit any wildflower-filled grass just yet.

Like Web3, we are in the Car3 phase. It has been said several times that we have moved from the era of fuel vehicles 1.0 to the era of electric vehicles 2.0, and now we are entering the era of smart cars 3.0.

Xia Yiping is an extreme CEO. “The era of smart cars 3.0 is the era of autonomous vehicles. The transition to this new era is marked by a shift in driving force from humans to artificial intelligence, and self-driving cars finally achieve self-generating progress led by artificial intelligence. The automotive industry in the era of 3.0 will move from The energy revolution has turned into a revolution in product attributes. The ultimate goal is to achieve a completely unmanned transportation experience. Extreme robocar aims to meet the needs of users in the new era for intelligent travel, in-vehicle intelligent assistance, and intelligent cockpit.”

future car features

ROBO-01 has a minimal and futuristic look. The screen is an integrated non-splicing screen. It is designed to go from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat. It promises an immersive audiovisual experience.

ROBO-01: Chinese company JIDU has unveiled a concept car called ROBO-01 that will give Tesla a pretty crazy amount of money.

Door handles, gear levers, indicators and other controls were removed. The idea is to make the human-vehicle interaction experience completely seamless. The U-shaped steering wheel makes the screen fully visible and can be folded and hidden as needed.

A car using LiDAR is a detection system. It’s like radar, but it uses light from a laser. A car’s lidar is foldable. In the event of a collision, prior AI intervention will crash the LiDAR, improving safety. The technology has obtained national patent.

ROBO-01 can recognize the user's emotions

ROBO-01 Emotions

JIDU says the ROBO-01 can recognize the user’s emotions. Not only that, but the car can express its emotions. We’ve always known that the Cavaliers situation would really play out one day.

Cars can use external speakers to communicate with people on the street. I hope it tells them to hurry up, the lights are green and don’t drive like a pork chop.

JIDU said, “Baidu Apollo’s advanced autonomous driving capabilities have been widely used in its Robotaxi, with a safe autonomous driving test mileage of 27 million kilometers, and a huge Robotaxi road test fleet has been tested in more than 30 cities across the country to continuously improve autonomous driving. The ability of the system to cope with complex urban roads.”

The company says the car has “human-like interaction capabilities such as visual perception, speech recognition and lip capture to enable natural and fluid communication between the user and the car.”

ROBO-01 can recognize the user's emotions

ROBO-01 Future

This is the car we all want in our future. However, there is a lot of room for drama. Drivers adopted early will have to suffer from the bugs that come with any first version of the new technology product. But it might be a story worth watching for a while.

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