Coinbase CEO Responds to Petition Calling for Vote of No Confidence

Coinbase CEO Responds to Petition Calling for Workers to Quit, Says It’s ‘Unethical’

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong responded to an online petition calling on an anonymous company employee to oust three executives, saying they were “very stupid on multiple levels” and recommending that they Find a job at a company you trust.

A now-deleted petition called for the removal of Coinbase Chief Operating Officer Emilie Choi, Chief People Officer LJ Brock and Chief Product Officer Surojit Chatterjee, citing a vote of no confidence.

Citing several reasons, including the failure of Coinbase’s NFT platform and describing the workplace as toxic, the petition goes on to accuse three executives of being most responsible for the problems.

Armstrong criticized the petition on Twitter on Friday, saying he was “kind of offended” by not being included. He went on to say that if any employee doesn’t have confidence in the CEO or executive mentioned, they can quit and find another company they believe in.


He further described the petition as “immoral” because it would affect not only the public image but also the company’s internal infrastructure, including colleagues, shareholders and employers.

“It’s also stupid because if you get caught, you get fired,” he said.

The comprehensive Twitter thread also touches on the psychology of people looking for accountability for a company’s current performance and addresses the Dot Collector performance measurement system.

Meanwhile, reactions to Armstrong’s comments were mostly negative, with many saying it was evidence of Coinbase’s toxic workplace. Additionally, some users claimed that the CEO’s decision to tweet publicly went against the company’s culture.

Coinbase’s recent role suspension

The saga joins a long list of issues Coinbase has been embroiled in recently. The publicly-listed exchange recently drew community outrage after it suspended all hiring due to macroeconomic conditions.

Coinbase also revealed earlier in the news that its users could lose their crypto holdings if it goes bankrupt. However, Armstrong denies this claim, saying their users’ funds are safe.

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