[Crazy Talks Trend]Bitcoin going out of the independent anti-package market, will it be the beginning of decoupling US stocks?


Madman says…

Musk’s desire to acquire Twitter was delayed by the “poison pill plan”. Although there are also global management companies like Apollo helping to complete the merger, people familiar with the matter still said that Twitter is expected to be in the next few days. Nei rejected Musk’s takeover plan. The madman thinks that Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is not as simple as it seems. This premium acquisition must have seen its value and is eager to develop rapidly at the moment. The freedom of speech in all the content of Twitter has allowed human beings to truly regain their freedom of thought. This is a signal to subvert and break traditional power once again. This transfer of power is also accelerating with the development of more and more borderless multinational companies. Once Twitter embraces true democracy, it means that it may have monopolistic traffic. In the future, if he wants to be an altcoin with market consensus, it will be easy to gain trust, and then it may evolve into a currency issuer, that is, At present, the power of the central bank is as stimulating as building a rocket, and it can truly change the subversion of human production methods. In the end, whether Musk can complete the acquisition through some paths, or continue to raise the price to complete the acquisition, is only the first step in the realization of the dream. The road ahead is still long, but the madman sees the excitement.

South Korean MPs said that legislation on crypto assets will be accelerated, and the legal integration plan is expected to be ready in May. South Korea should be the only country that can follow the United States in the crypto industry, and due to its shorter decision-making chain, there are opportunities Running ahead in this field, in short, it is a country that knows how to embrace innovation and is full of vitality.

The new bill proposed by the SEC includes the definition of an exchange, and many bigwigs in the encryption industry have opposed it, saying that it will inhibit the innovation of blockchain technology. The SEC has always been tepid towards the crypto industry, neither supporting nor opposing it, and allowing it to develop in a market-oriented manner. This may be the attitude of the United States towards innovation.

The Russian cryptocurrency bill shows that residents can buy up to 7,000 US dollars of cryptocurrency per year. This should be a decision made because of concerns about a large outflow of foreign exchange reserves. Although it is sanctioned by Europe and the United States, it is the first priority that the ruble cannot be allowed to depreciate. This bill It will suppress many people who want to evade sanctions through cryptocurrencies, but whether it can be really effective in the end is still a question mark. After all, the Russian people can also learn from India and us, through a peer-to-peer method, to complete transactions and break the upper limit.


According to Kucoin’s report, 33.4 million Nigerians are engaged in crypto transactions, mainly due to the devaluation of fiat currencies by more than 200% in 6 years. Cryptocurrencies, especially stablecoins, are very fond of people in many emerging countries. They hold encrypted stablecoins and enjoy the treatment of US dollars, which solves the pain point of crazy dilution of wealth. That’s why Americans don’t hate dollar stablecoins, because they are sucking up the fiat currency status of emerging countries through crypto stablecoins.

The 50-day correlation between Bitcoin and gold has reached its lowest level since 2018, while Bitcoin and U.S. stocks continue to be highly correlated. Yesterday, the U.S. stock market fluctuated and fell in the evening, but Bitcoin went out of the independent anti-package market. Whether this will be the beginning of decoupling the U.S. stock market remains to be seen, but this reversal of the heavy volume against the U.S. stock market may become a phased Reversal point, the next few days are no longer dark.

Panic 27, still panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The overnight reversal confirmed the low point of the box, which will bring a relatively sustained rebound. If the U.S. stock market can be completely decoupled, then it can be expected that the periodical spring of the cryptocurrency will come, and the bulls will trigger here. The consensus has the opportunity to continue to push up the market value of the currency price.

Ethereum: We will decide how long to postpone the 2.0 upgrade before April 29, and wait patiently for new news. The current target is the third quarter. At present, the 2.0 pledge volume has accounted for 10% of the circulating supply, and the proportion of Ethereum locked in is increasing. The higher it is, the more Ethereum investors believe in his future. You can consider adding or holding positions, and the linkage and strong rebound are the main ones.

ADA: More than 90,000 new wallet addresses have been added in the past month, but there are still some incremental additions, and some small ecosystems have gradually improved. Although the scale is still small, it is better than nothing. The current valuation is still overvalued, and in the short term Difficult to go independent.

GMT: The transaction volume once again ranks first in the 24h currency circle. Its new version will support the BNB chain and launch various GMT and GST destruction activities, such as upgrading running shoes, adjusting gems, and improving the game experience of running. I can only watch it. I don’t dare to chase after this position. Due to the high volatility, I can beat some ultra-short fluctuations with a stop loss.

BNB: Destroying 1.8 million BNBs, worth $740 million, is the foundation of his long-term value. In addition to the consumption on the chain, the future is still bright.

XMR: Will undergo a hard fork on July 16 to upgrade its network efficiency and anonymity. At present, it is still an independent market, and it is held without breaking the 5-day line.

LUNA: The public chain pioneers in this round of rebounds are still benefiting from the crazy development of UST. At present, LUNA already holds 2.2 million CVX, becoming the largest DAO in the CVX protocol, which will benefit the depth of its UST and other stable currency exchange pools, allowing it to bypass the MIM to buy more bitcoins. As long as the market rebounds, LUNA’s performance will still not be too bad.

ALGO: Made an hour-long ad campaign in lights-out Times Square to promote its sustainable eco-friendly deals. The short-term reaction of the currency price is not great, which belongs to the weak linkage market.

LINK: The release of the new version has improved the cost efficiency of the oracle machine. As long as the project continues to develop, he will have the opportunity to continue to grow stronger in the future, and he is still optimistic.

FIL: Launched a funding program for storage providers and launched its first product, Indexer. In the future, everything can be NFT, and many things need to be stored on the chain. The crazy people in this field are still most optimistic about AR, followed by FIL. The future opportunities are relatively clear.

APE: The 24-hour trading volume of Boring Ape increased by 30%, which means that the liquidity of this series of NFTs has recovered, which is good for APE and has the opportunity to rebound. The fluctuation of APE mainly depends on the floor price and transaction volume of these NFTs. As long as there is a consensus, the currency price is relatively easy to rise. Once it is exhausted, the currency price will fall, and the change is relatively fast.

The market often makes many people fall for the last time before dawn, because no one knows when the last fall will be, and when it rebounds, they dare not participate. Do you feel this way now? If so, there is still a high chance of a reversal in this position.

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