[Crazy Talks Trend]Europe and the United States have begun to pick up cheap chips, and the evening market is worth looking forward to

[The madman talks about the trend]Slowly fluctuating down, it is expected to have no direction today and tomorrow

Madman says…

The probability of the Fed raising interest rates by 75 basis points in July has come to 99.5%, and there is basically no suspense. Not only is the inflation in the United States crazy, but the inflation rate in the United Kingdom has also hit a new high in nearly 40 years. The most terrifying thing is that this kind of inflation is irrepressible. No one can know how long it will last, which has brought huge difficulties to the Bank of England. Inflation in the United Kingdom mainly comes from the dispute between Russia and Ukraine. Energy cannot be transported to Europe through normal channels. Basic energy such as natural gas has skyrocketed, and people’s daily expenses have increased significantly. The rhythm of Europe and the United States makes mainstream institutions around the world believe that economic recession is inevitable, while Bridgewater founder Dario believes that in order to prevent excessive recession, Europe and the United States will save the country through curves and take a relatively stable path of stagflation under the expectation of recession. , In short, such a macro environment is not conducive to the strengthening of risk assets. Our market, in such expectations, it is difficult to say that it will continue to rise or reverse the market.

Chainge Finance initiated the acquisition of Celsius, which will solve the liquidity problem for it, so that Celsius users can complete the withdrawal normally. At present, it is only a unilateral acquisition willingness. Celsius has not given a clear answer. At the same time, the FTX explosive head provided BlockFi with 250 million The US dollar revolving credit line will greatly solve the subsequent liquidation risk due to the decline, and the stability of the currency circle will also be enhanced. The short-term rebound pattern will continue, and panic will gradually be lifted.

The Bank for International Settlements said that the warnings about cryptocurrencies in the past have become a reality. The Economic Daily believes that although Bitcoin has plummeted, it still needs to be alert to the risk of zeroing out. Bitcoin will eventually return to its original value of worthless, and investors should not rush to buy the bottom. , so as not to be cut leeks. After every Bitcoin crash, there are such cynical financial reports, I hope everyone has their own judgments, and don’t follow others’ opinions. Of course, investment has risks, but things without risks will not be profitable.

Twitter’s board of directors approved Musk’s $44 billion takeover offer. Twitter will belong to Musk in the future. Peripheral payments will also be accepted by SpaceX in the future. The subtext is that Twitter will accept it sooner or later. So if you fall down and buy some, just buy some, it is not too embarrassing to be cut by the richest man.


Deloitte and NYDIG announced the establishment of a strategic alliance to launch Bitcoin banking services. This is a powerful combination of traditional and encrypted. On the one hand, Deloitte has strong auditing capabilities, and on the other hand, NYDIG has encrypted storage advantages. , to open up new fields, it is a good experiment and attempt.

Crypto hedge funds fell 18% in May, the largest decline since May 2021 and the largest decline among hedge funds across industries. Hedge funds can only eat noodles in such a market, let alone ordinary retail investors, who are not good at using hedging tools to hedge risks, so they can only lie down and suffer.

Bridgewater Dario said that Bitcoin is a great achievement, but it will not be used as a reserve source by central banks, and eventually governments will be able to control the decentralized currency. It can be regarded as neither praise nor criticism, but what the madman disagrees with is that in the future, the government will definitely use him as a foreign exchange reserve, or even use it to hedge against the risk of the devaluation of the dollar.

Alameda transferred three stablecoins worth nearly US$100 million to FTX. The previous smash was also from FTX. Various institutions charged Bitcoin and Ethereum to FTX. Therefore, this signal is worthy of attention, indicating that traditional funds are starting to come in and buy the bottom. .

Microstrategy’s holdings have shrunk by $1.356 billion, and the cost of holding the currency is $30,700. In recent months, there is no problem with returning the capital, but the process is more painful.

Panic 11, still extremely panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The 4h rebound will continue. Although it has been down for a whole day, after 16 o’clock, Europe and the United States got up and started to be strong, indicating that the Asia-Pacific side is still selling, and Europe and the United States began to pick up cheap chips, which is completely the same as the previous time. on the contrary. The evening market is worth looking forward to.

Ether: The trend is not a big problem, continue to link the big pie, and hold it mainly.

There is nothing else to add, the market is still in the recovery period of panic, so the overall is still regarded as an oversold rebound.

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