[Crazy Talks Trend]Old American Celebration, Continue to Shock

[Crazy Talks Trend]Old American Celebration, Continue to Shock

Madman says…

The probability of the Fed raising interest rates by 75 basis points in July continued to decrease to 82.6%, and the probability of 50 basis points rose to 17.4%. At present, there are less than 10 days before the June CPI announcement, and the probability after the announcement will be more accurate. From the current inflation situation From the perspective of the future, it will gradually slow down, and it will not be done overnight. There will be some lag in monetary policy. Regarding the recession in the United States, most macro scholars are pessimistic, and no one can survive the big cycle. Consolidation, in the short term, there is a chance of oversold and rebound in the gap period. The crypto market has been seriously oversold, and has even been hovering below MA200 for a period of time. The sellers have dried up, and more than 18 million bitcoin addresses have entered a state of loss, creating a record All-time high. In such a situation, it is more difficult to continue to fall. It needs a wave of oversold rebound to ease the current indifference. This historical oversold level will be a good opportunity for participation and investment.

Tesla’s second quarter report is likely to report a Bitcoin impairment loss of about $440 million, equivalent to 9% of last year’s full-year profit. It is not known whether Musk will sell Bitcoin in the second quarter. At the beginning of the year, Musk said There is no willingness to sell any cryptocurrencies. The madman guessed that Musk did not sell. After all, the proportion of bitcoin investment in his total assets is extremely low, so there is no need to pay too much attention. As long as these large institutions hold it, the consensus of bitcoin will not be easily broken.

Similarly, Cai Wensheng’s Meitu will also record a loss in the second quarter, an increase of 99.6-154.1% over the same period last year, mainly due to the impairment of cryptocurrencies. Cai Wensheng’s previous dips in Bitcoin and Ethereum have been completely locked up, and institutions are like this, not to mention our unarmed individual investors, the market is not good, everyone loses, the most important thing is not to lose money, because sooner or later it will come back.

The Central African Republic launched a national cryptocurrency called Sango Coin, which can actually be understood as a legal digital currency. While supporting Bitcoin, while making small calculations for its own encrypted business, whether Bitcoin will become the reserve of Sango Coin is worthwhile What we are concerned about is that in the future, the digital currency form of most countries should have their own legal digital currency and support the development of cryptocurrency.


The International Monetary Fund said in a document that cryptocurrencies and central bank digital currencies could be more efficient payment solutions than credit and debit cards. This seems to be the first time a madman has seen a positive report on cryptocurrencies by the IMF. It shows that even conflicting parties have begun to recognize this new method of payment. It shows how huge the changes that cryptocurrencies will have in the future, no matter whether the market is down or not. , maintain your confidence and become a qualified investor.

The daily active number of Defi is 21058, and the distance from the high point has decreased by more than 80%. Generally speaking, the signal of bottoming is a decrease of 80-90%. Therefore, the current Defi protocol has entered the bottom range, and you can consider gradually participating in it.

Panic 14, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Old American Celebration, Continue to Shock.

ETH: mainly based on linkage.

XRP: There are 54.78 million XRP left in the CTO wallet. This guy is finally going to throw it away. It is not surprising that the rest is left. In the future, the life of Ripple will gradually improve, and you can consider participating gradually.

ADA: The testnet upgrade is completed, and the mainnet is expected to take four weeks to upgrade. This upgrade will bring significant performance and capability upgrades to ADA. There is no need to sell this position, just wait for it to rise.

FLOW: The NFT transaction volume on the chain has hit a record low since 2021. The NFT market transaction volume of each public chain is generally at a new low, but for this kind of public chain dominated by the NFT ecology, it is a relatively big blow, and it is also linked in the short term. , the sellers are exhausted, and wait for the linkage to rebound.

DYDX: In the past 30 days, the agreement revenue has reached 18 million US dollars, ranking first in the whole network agreement. When the tide recedes, it is often easier to find high-quality projects. Because the sand is sifted out, the real gold will surface. Interested Just make your own layout.

The boredom continues, and the patience waits until the flowers bloom.

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