[Crazy Talks Trend]U.S. stocks can resist 22,500 before the market opens, and the probability of going up next week will be greater

[Crazy Talks Trend]U.S. stocks can resist 22,500 before the market opens, and the probability of going up next week will be greater

Madman says…

The interest rate hike cycle has arrived. Although the darkest moment of the most panic has passed, in such a tightening cycle, if you hope that the market can continue to rise, it is almost impossible. The best situation is China. Its economic growth rate can still provide the central bank with more means of inflation. When the world is tightening, we can still maintain inflation. This is precisely because our economy has not declined. In any case, GDP is still growing positively. In other words, if you bet on opportunities in the next six months to one year, A-shares may be one of the most promising markets. Capital will follow policies and the economy. Now that Europe and the United States are tightening, only A-shares can give Some imagination, this is also the logic of foreign capital buying big A all the way, but the premise is that China and the United States cannot go to war over key issues, otherwise, whether it is the RMB or the stock market, it is extremely dangerous. The meeting in the previous paragraph was also very clear. It will not flood the economy to protect the economy, so it can only fluctuate or rise slowly, but it will still outperform the international market.

Honduras has established a Bitcoin Center in the tourist town of St. Lucia to increase the number of tourists in the region by promoting Bitcoin in local stores, with 60 participating stores. The influence is very small, but it can be regarded as an experiment and pilot. If it succeeds, it will be a prairie fire.

Rogers, founder of Quantum Fund, said that the worse situation will come, it will be the worst of his life, and the dollar is likely to gradually lose its dominance, but he said that he did not buy cryptocurrencies, because once cryptocurrencies are successful, the government will will ban him. This idea is very similar to Dario, but the latter still uses cryptocurrencies as part of asset allocation. It must be that Dario sees that it is difficult for the government to ban this category. When people have a deeper understanding of cryptocurrencies, they do value storage. The greater the probability, because in the future visible to the naked eye, only cryptocurrencies are the most suitable and most likely to replace the US dollar.

Fidelity says Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency for its 401k plan. The implication is that Fidelity’s long-term most optimistic is still Bitcoin, and only Bitcoin has been the most stable currency for more than ten years, and the total amount is limited.


The capacity of the Bitcoin Lightning Network exceeded 4,400 bitcoins, a record high. The capacity of the Lightning Network represents the throughput of Bitcoin as a payment tool. The higher the value, the stronger the payment ability in the real world in the future.

Panic 39 has intensified.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Before the US stock market opens tomorrow, if it can resist 22,500, the probability of continuing to rise next week will be greater. It is expected to continue to fluctuate, and more changes are required.

Ethereum: The number of profitable addresses in Ethereum has reached a one-month high, and after the rebound, the addresses with more than 1 and 10 Ethereum addresses hit a record high, indicating that the puppies have all picked up the car, which is not conducive to the continued rebound in the future. It is expected that around 2000 will be the end of this round of rebound.

MATIC: Two crypto whale wallets bought more than $2.5 million in MATIC, and there is still the expectation of continuing to new highs behind this coin, which is mainly held.

BNB: The exchange rate against Bitcoin has hit a record high. Compared with Bitcoin, BNB is a more stable investment product than the pie. It will fall less and rise more. This is shown by historical data. In a cycle of growth in crypto adoption, BNB should continue to outperform.

ETC: The computing power of the entire network is close to a historical high, returning to its former glory. As the 5-day line continues to rise, there is still a chance to rebound to a new high.

DOGE: Portal survey shows that 55% believe dogs have lost their value, 21% see a rebound, and 24% are unsure. It is a good thing that most people have lost their confidence, but they still need to turn to despair and shake off the chips in their hands, so that the dog has a chance to rise again and continue to be weak in the short term.

SAND: Martell launched the metaverse on sand, and the entity continues to be empowered, which is a good thing, and the main thing is to hold it.

DYDX: The progress of the public chain has reached 44%. In the future, after the development of the public chain is completed, DEX will conduct transactions on its own chain, which will also empower the token value, so it is beneficial in the medium and long term. The disadvantage is that the development progress is a bit slow, and the risk is the final Unable to succeed. Overall, this location is very cost-effective, and you can participate.

LOOKS: The number of platform users has exceeded 100,000. With the recovery of NFT, the platform currency is also expected to gradually strengthen.

Let’s grind it, you can pay more attention to some tokens that have not yet made up and have a consensus. The rise of FIL will drive these “millennium dead pigs” to a wave.

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This article[The Crazy Talks Trend]The U.S. stock market can resist 22,500 before the market opens, and the probability of going up next week will be relatively high.


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