England FA is looking to launch it own NFT platform

England FA is looking to launch it own NFT platform

The Football Association (FA) said its NFTs will be based on the Three Lions and Lionesses.

England’s national football governing body, the FA (Football Association), has announced plans to launch a non-fungible token (NFT) platform. According to details posted on its website, England’s football governing body is currently looking for potential partners to help with the NFT goals.

In a press release, the FA added that the RFP and bidding process are part of a long-term NFT strategy that focuses on fan engagement.

“We launched a request for proposals today [RFP] Tender process for designating partners to build long-term non-fungible tokens [NFT] Platform-based, focusing on England’s senior men’s and women’s teams,” the FA wrote in a press release.


Fan engagement and new revenue streams

According to the FA, utilizing blockchain-based technology will provide fans with new ways to interact with the national team. NFTs will also allow organizations to take advantage of new revenue streams that flow back into the game.

FA Commercial Director Navin Singh added in his comments:

“NFTs provide a unique and innovative opportunity to engage with our fans through the image of the FA and England’s senior men’s and women’s teams. Any revenue generated will be used for the benefit of the game, while importantly providing fans with access to the People are excited about the flexibility of expressing their fans in new media.”

FA unveils key intellectual property [IP] Use it as part of your RFP work, including the names of current national team players, game footage, and the Three Lions and Lioness logos, among other images.

The FA’s plan comes months after the U.K. government said it would mint its own NFTs, seen as a step in strengthening the country’s position as a leader in the cryptocurrency space.


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