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以太坊開發者 : 合併將在8-11月間發生,僅災難能阻止、不可能給確切日期

Ethereum core developer Tim Beiko said on the 11th that the merger of Ethereum (The Merge) is expected to occur between August and November, and this year unless a catastrophic event or a series of mistakes will prevent the merger from happening. At the same time, Ethereum developers decided to delay the implementation of the difficulty bomb, and Tim Beiko also explained the reason for the delay in implementing the difficulty bomb. (Recap:Ethereum merger dumping tide? The Curve Lido staking pool is seriously tilted, and only 24.28% of ETH is left.) (event background:Ethereum will merge as soon as August and September: a big plus? Pledging ETH to crash? What about Layer2?)

byThe specific date of the merger of Ethereum has not been clear so far. Ben Edgington, a ConsenSys researcher and Ethereum 2.0 developer, asked Tim Beiko, the core developer of Ethereum, on Twitter on the 11th, when the merger date will take place, and Tim Beiko gave the answer. Own answer, the Ethereum merger is expected to happen between August and November.

Tim Beiko replied:


I still roughly feel like it’s going to happen in the late August to November range? The speed at which bugs are fixed and the number of new issues encountered is what makes the merge date unpredictable, and I don’t think that this year will happen without a merge, which requires a catastrophic event/failure/series of normal bugs.

Tim Beiko added that he doesn’t think it’s possible for a merger date to fall outside the aforementioned date range, and said that if 0 more bugs are found, Ethereum could be expected to merge within a few months, but he doesn’t think that’s realistic , and he doesn’t think it’s possible to find 10 or even 5 more serious problems.

Postponing the implementation of the difficulty bomb

Meanwhile, according to Bloomberg, in a conference call held on the 10th, ethereum developers decided to delay the implementation of the ethereum difficulty bomb as they are currently fixing bugs discovered during the Ropsten merger. But the decision to delay the difficulty bomb has raised concerns that the ethereum merger may take more time.

Tim Beiko emphasized to Bloomberg that there is only a 1% to 10% chance that the merger will not happen this year, and the delay of the difficulty bomb does not affect the timing of the merger, he also explained that if Ethereum developers do not delay the difficulty bomb Doing a merge in a hurry without compromising on the situation can lead to developer burnout.

Tim Beiko points out:

If we do delay the difficulty bomb, I think it should be a pragmatic delay to maintain a sense of urgency, too much pressure will burn out the team, which is also something we don’t want.

However, Ben Edgington is quite dissatisfied with the decision to postpone the difficulty bomb. He pointed out on Twitter that every additional week of the PoW mechanism will generate nearly 1 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, calling on Ethereum developers to commit to the urgent time. The merge is completed within the scope.

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Goerli and Sepolia pending merger

The Ethereum Ropsten testnet just completed the merger on the 9th. When summarizing the successful results of the Ropsten testnet merger, Ethereum developer parithosh pointed out that the chain’s merger participation rate was 99.2%, describing it as a perfect merger. Some issues remain unresolved.

After the completion of the Ropsten testnet merger, the other two testnets, Goerli and Sepolia, will also transition to the PoS mechanism. Tim Beiko previously stated that the mainnet merger schedule will not be determined until the Goerli and Sepolia testnets are merged, so there is no way to specifically commit to when the merger will be completed.

According to previous reports from the dynamic zone, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, said at the ETH Shanghai Summit on May 20 that the merger may take place as early as August, but if other circumstances arise, it may also be in September. Or October happens, in any case, the merger is near.

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