Ethereum Service Provider Infura Suffers Another Outage

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Infura suffered a power outage today. The issue has caused major disruption throughout the Ethereum ecosystem. Users can either run their own Ethereum node or switch nodes via MetaMask as a solution.

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Infura suffered a power outage on Friday. Therefore, it is difficult for users to complete transactions on various Web3 applications through MetaMask, the leading software encryption wallet.

Infura goes out of business

Infura, a key Ethereum service provider built by ConsenSys, has yet to be disrupted again.

Ethereum users first reported problems accessing Web3 applications on Friday afternoon. Infura reported the issue on Twitter, saying its team “is working hard to resolve this incident.” MetaMask, a Web3 wallet built using Infura’s ConsenSys, has also acknowledged the problem, advising users to switch to another node if they encounter problems.


Infura first confirmed that it was investigating the issue at 13:43 UTC. At 16:27 UTC, it added that full services had been restored.

As news of the outage surfaced, Crypto Briefing tried unsuccessfully to close deals on Uniswap and OpenSea. Gas fees have also dropped to an average of around 17 gwei, according to Etherscan.

Data from Ethereum nodes shows that several others, including AVADO, Moralis, and AnyBlock, were also affected.

Infura has suffered outages in the past, leading to occasional criticism of Ethereum’s reliance on infrastructure. As many Ethereum enthusiasts pointed out during the outage, one solution to Infura’s problem is to run its own full Ethereum node. Alternatively, it is also possible to switch to an alternative node, such as Alchemy, via MetaMask’s settings.

It should be the disruption of the central running infrastructure of decentralized applications that has led some projects to push to build decentralized infrastructure solutions. For example, Pocket Network obtains node infrastructure from multiple blockchains to help users access Web3 without relying on centralized services. It raised $10 million earlier this year to expand its business.

Disclosure: At the time of writing, the author of this article owns ETH, BTC, and several other cryptocurrencies.

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