ETHW listed blood metrorrhagia 81%! Official announcement of Metamask network parameters and browsers, soliciting project team participation

ETHW listed blood metrorrhagia 81%! Official announcement of Metamask network parameters and browsers, soliciting project team participation

ETH PoW announced the launch of the main network Github node code at 10:03 last night, and also allowed FTX, Huobi Global, and other transactions to launch the currency transaction at the same time. After the listing, it rushed from $35.4 to $60.68, but then all the way It fell to $11.64, a drop of as much as 80.81%. At the same time, the ETH PoW official also announced network settings such as Metamask, and called on project developers. (Recap:ETHW Announcement: Major mining pools such as F2Pool will support ETHW mining and launch a backup mining pool, Ethwmine) (background supplement:ETHW announced that “the mainnet will be deployed within 24 hours after the merger is completed”, and the community is angry: don’t you release the source code first for the mining pool to test?)

byThe Ethereum mainnet fork ETH PoW announced yesterday (15) at 10:03 that the third version of the Github node code has been launched. This code is the first to include the ETH PoW (hereinafter referred to as ETHW) mainnet, and announced the chain ID, RPC, etc. For related parameters, it is understood that after the launch of the node code of this version, many mainstream exchanges have successively opened the forked token ETHW for trading on exchanges, including FTX, Huobi Global,, etc.

The price of the currency has collapsed by 80%

According to Coinmarket currency price data, ETHW reached US$35.4 as soon as it was listed after 10:00 p.m. yesterday (15th), and even reached US$60.68 at 2:45 a.m. today (16th), but then began to fall sharply. So far, ETHW has temporarily reported $11.64, with the largest drop in the range of up to 80.81%.


Among them, the reason for the collapse of the currency price may be that most mainstream protocols do not yet support the ETH PoW fork. For the smart contract agreement, the basic node and blockchain programming language are still required to call and use the forked smart contract.

Announce network parameters and solicit project developers

At the same time, the ETHW official also announced the detailed RPC, chain ID and other parameters yesterday. If you use a wallet interface that can customize network parameters such as cold wallet or Metamask, users can add it to get the ETHW balance:

Tongshi officials also call on project developers to join the ecosystem as soon as possible, and can submit project plans on the wagmi33 website. The current website shows that the submitted plans include Uniswap V3, DID Wallet, OKDex, Kyberswap and other 27 projects, but it has not been confirmed yet. Whether the project really joins the ETHW camp.

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