First Crypto P2E Platform for PC and Console Gamers

Wallet Not Needed: First Crypto P2E Platform for PC and Console Gamers

No Wallet Required: Traditional gamers can now seamlessly earn crypto rewards without the need for a crypto wallet.

GamerGains Lab, Inc. (GamerGains) recently closed a $5.8 million seed round. This is to develop the first crypto-based P2E earning platform serving millions of traditional gamers around the world. Using both PCs and consoles, these gamers can earn crypto rewards without a digital wallet or previous crypto experience.

Seed funding comes from high-profile tech, blockchain and crypto investors.

GamerGains says this will create an accessible entry for traditional gamers to reap the benefits of Web3.


Jon Brovda is the CEO of GamerGains. “Our vision for GamerGains is to combine our passion for traditional PC and console gaming with Web3 innovation, enabling gamers of all levels to play and earn through fair and transparent challenges, contests and tournaments. GamerGains aims to In becoming a crypto-enhanced home for traditional gamers – continuing to support their favorite consoles and games.”

No wallet required

GamerGains said the platform will remove the technical, economic and professional barriers that hold back gaming platforms. “The platform is designed for all gamers, from those who prefer to play alone, to advanced players who will utilize the platform for eSports, major tournaments and tournament matches.”

Max Shapiro is the managing partner of Cadenza Ventures, one of the investors. “GamerGains has the key elements we look for in an investment: a large addressable market, a well-defined and compelling product or service, a clear competitive advantage, and a great team. We are an early investor in BlockFi and Jon is the A foundational member of the team and has contributed to the phenomenal growth of the business. This experience, combined with the excitement and motivation of the team, will revolutionize the gaming space.”

Kooshul Jhaveri is an investor in Tiger Global. “The combination of gaming and Web3 presents exciting opportunities, and GamerGains has demonstrated a clear focus on the most dedicated gaming enthusiasts with deep and enduring communities. The team understands that traditional gaming is at the heart of this growing market, But still underserved in the future.”


GamerGains’ co-founders are Jon Brovda and his brothers Jacob Brovda and Kane Jeong. The Brovda brothers spent a total of 40,000 hours of playtime. They said they were frustrated by third-party gaming platforms with “rampant rating disputes, payment fraud, high fees and insufficient technology”.

The co-founder is an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, first foraying into cryptocurrencies in 2012. They said they “understood the potential of leveraging blockchain technology to enable borderless, seamless and transparent rewards and tournament wagering, reimagining the future of competitive gaming.”

GamerGains will launch a beta version of the PC game later this year, followed by consoles.

To sign up for the waitlist to test the platform and join the GamerGains Discord, click here.

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