Heroes of Arcan Launches DAO-Controlled P2E Heroic Fantasy Universe

Heroes of Arcan Launches DAO-Controlled P2E Heroic Fantasy Universe

Heroes of Arcan is a new WAX-based money-making game where players pit themselves against each other in an epic fantasy world, putting the future of the game in the hands of players through DAO governance.

Last year, blockchain-based money-making games captured the attention of the entire crypto community, growing from a relatively niche market segment into a massive global gaming ecosystem.

With more than 49% of crypto wallet activity focused on blockchain games in Q4 2021, playing money-making games has soared to the forefront of blockchain use cases.

While blockchain gaming has become popular, the lack of accessibility for new players, the high entry cost of P2E games, and the lack of community governance limit the scalability of many games that make money playing.


Heroes of Arcan is an all-new money-making game that aims to disrupt the P2E market through a vivid fantasy world where players compete for dominance of NFT-based land shards through resource gathering, player-versus-player strategy and use of powerful of NFT-based heroes.

Heroes of Arcan brings AA gameplay and narrative to the game money-making market

Set in an epic fantasy world, Arcane Heroes transports players into a world where they must gather resources, recruit powerful heroes, and develop and execute strategies to overcome arcane environments and each other.

The Arcan map is divided into 10,000 individual NFT shards that allow players to control territories, build on them, or trade with other players.

Arcane Heroes’ game loop draws inspiration from highly successful strategic territory management and expansion games like Sid Meier’s Civilization, incorporating elements similar to the MMO and hero mechanics found in popular MOBA games like DOTA 2 or League of Legends.

Every resource collected in the game can be traded in the Mystic Heroes internal marketplace for ARCA, a WAX-based blockchain token that powers the in-game economy.

ARCA is used to upgrade resource gathering equipment, level up heroes, build structures, craft powerful enchantments and potions, or trade with other players.

The titular Arcane Hero provides players with the ability to recruit powerful heroes, each offering unique skills and passive powers that can dramatically alter the strategic flow of conflict in the arcane world.

Heroes can also be used to access quests, participate in seasonal events, or collect and open chests that provide players with random loot drops.

Strategic play focus prevents resource hoarding

Player community and interaction greatly affects hero development, growth, and gameplay.

Rather than forcing players to engage in a single-player game focused on minting valuable NFT assets, Arcane Heroes takes players into a world where player-driven co-op and inter-factional conflict can make or break expansion strategies—just hoarding resources is Not enough success.

Arcan’s three main factions – the warlike conquerors, the magic-focused Wiser, and the religious and diplomatic missionaries – each provide players with access to a faction-only Discord community, allowing players to strategize collaboratively or betray each other .

Players control arcane destiny

Arcane Heroes, spearheaded by founder Thomas Gio, bills itself as a money-making game built by players, for players, and driven by players.

Unlike some other games that make money by playing, the development of the Heroes of Arcan ecosystem is not static – rather than operating vertically, Heroes of Arcan puts the fate of Arcan in the hands of players through DAO governance.

All Arcan Heroes Market transactions are subject to a small tax that will be deposited into the community ARCA wallet.

Players who own ARCA tokens and stake them in Arcan DAO Heroes gain the ability to propose and vote on game changes, and receive ongoing economic incentives in exchange for staking.

Lower the cost of entry into the game

One of the most important issues facing the contemporary game monetization gaming market is the cost of new players entering P2E games.

Some of the most popular Ethereum-based games, such as Axie Infinity, require a significant investment to get players to start engaging in the “earning” part of a “play and earn” game — for example, building an Axies team can cost up to $600.

The high cost of entering P2E gaming creates an ecosystem where many players are forced to rent in-game assets from lenders or guilds, setting up financial barriers that prevent new players from entering the game earning ecosystem.

However, Arcan Heroes leverages the WAX ​​blockchain to greatly reduce the cost of entering the Arcan world through free transactions and NFT minting costs of a few cents.

Arcane Heroes is currently in active development, with a token sale planned for mid-2022.

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