How KyberSwap Discover Allows You to Spot Tokens Before They Trend

How Smart Traders Use KyberSwap Discover to Spot Tokens Before They Trend

In March 2022, KyperSwap launched a new feature on its platform to make life easier for cryptocurrency traders around the world. The new feature on KyberSwap, called Discover, enables traders to view and track coins that are trending or may soon become popular.

This quick overview highlights how this new feature is a welcome addition to the platform as it strives to be a one-stop solution for DeFi traders.

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KyberSwap Discover is designed to keep you ahead

You may already know that KyperSwap is one of the most popular DEX aggregators that allow users to monitor trending assets and trades. This new feature adds to these capabilities by providing up-to-date data and well-researched forecasts for dozens of tokens across the chain.


As we all know, if you get to know a promising coin early and invest in it before it goes up, you can potentially reap great returns from it over time.

It’s fair to hear about some coins and research popular ones, but how do you spot altcoins early? Especially considering there are tens of thousands of tokens out there and new ones are added every day?

It is impossible to do due diligence on everyone. This is where discovery comes into play, helping users complete their journey.

KyberSwap Discover can be accessed through the main menu of the KyperSwap website. When you go to the Discover section, you’ll see that the feature is divided into two tabs: Trending Soon and Trending.

The names of the tabs speak for themselves, as the trending tab displays tokens based on current trending data collected from top crypto market aggregators such as CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

Likewise, Trending Soon will show tokens that are not currently popular but may become popular in the near future. The forecast is generated by a trend detection algorithm independently developed by KyberSwap, which comprehensively analyzes massive data, including transaction volume, price, market capitalization and other on-chain data.

Trending Soon offers traders the opportunity to get in early before the coin goes mainstream. At press time, Kyberswap is the only DEX that offers such functionality. In fact, it is likely to be the first platform in the world to provide predictive tools for such a large number of DeFi tokens (more specifically 20,000+ tokens).

Overall, it’s a very simple and utility-focused tool designed to add more to your DeFi trading inventory. The animation below quickly demonstrates how to use KyberSwap Discover.

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