Introduction to JPEX – A Global Digital Asset Crypto Trading Platform

Introducing JPEX – a Global Digital Asset Trading Platform

Founded in 2020, JPEX is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform. Its users are located in many countries and regions around the world.

The trading products provided include futures contracts, spot trading, etc. The biggest feature is the trading mode of contract trading and copy trading.

At present, the total volume of JPEX’s global contract transactions has grown steadily, and the global asset size has now exceeded 2 billion US dollars. And have legal and financial licenses in the following three countries,

The relevant licenses of the virtual currency platform held by the JPEX digital asset platform are as follows:


(Inquiry method: Enter JP-EX in “Search By Name”)

If you are new to cryptocurrency investing but want to follow the trading strategies of these veterans, you can replicate their movements through the JPEX platform. Sign up for an account to replicate their strategy and start your cryptocurrency journey.

If you are a veteran of cryptocurrency investing and want to add investment flexibility through contract trading, or gain additional income with your own trading strategy, this platform may also be for you.

“Investing in stocks is easy” is the slogan of cryptocurrency exchange JPEX. In order to actively strive for the Hong Kong market, JPEX has recently contracted subways, buses, commercial buildings and large outdoor billboards all over the streets of Hong Kong.

The subway platform covers the bustling areas of Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories, covering the most densely populated areas such as Central, Causeway Bay, Admiralty, Mong Kok, as well as double-decker buses and bus stop light boxes.

Currently, JPEX is focusing on the development of the Asia-Pacific region and is moving towards the goal of becoming one of the top five cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

In addition, the JPEX R&D headquarters will officially open in the Sydney CBD in the third quarter of 2022 (647 Botany Road, Rosebery 2018 NSW Australia)

After the installation at the R&D headquarters is completed, JPEX plans to invite educational institutions such as local universities in Sydney to conduct Metaverse-related research, develop applications, and even collaborate to create NFTs.

Additionally, JPEX is also looking for opportunities to collaborate with crypto-related companies or startups.

JPEX account opening tutorial|Discount on handling fee + 30 USDT reward

How do new users register accounts, perform KYC real-name authentication, and deposit and withdraw funds?

Registering a JPEX account is very simple: click the account opening link on the computer or mobile phone interface, download the APP, and enter the mobile phone number or email address to register. The entire account opening process is quick and only takes a few minutes.

Reward: Complete the real-name verification now and deposit 100 USDT. You can get 30 USDT contract experience reward; it can be used for contract trading, and the income will be automatically transferred to your account.

No real-name authentication is required, and you can still trade and recharge normally, but there will be no rewards, and the maximum daily transfer amount will be less.

In addition, after passing the real-name verification (KYC), you can also obtain JPEX financial insurance protection, with a maximum protection amount of 75,000 US dollars.

For more information, please refer to the official announcement.

JPEX vs. Binance

JPEXBinanceHandling FeeSpot: 0.08% (withrefer code 0.04%)Spot: 0.1% (BNB HODL: 0.075%)Futures Contract Funding Rate: NoFutures Contract Funding rate: YesFutures Contract Maker Fee: 0.03%Futures Contract Maker Fee: 0.02%Futures Contract Taker Procedure Fee: 0.03% Futures contract taker fee: 0.04% deposit interest Bitcoin BTC: 27% Bitcoin BTC: 5%; Ethereum ETH: 31% Ethereum ETH: 2.4%; Stablecoin USDT: 31% Stablecoin USDT : 10%

*The “funding rate” is to prevent futures prices from deviating from spot prices. When market investors operate a large number of rising contracts, the long side must pay the short side the funding rate, so that the long side has the cost of holding positions, and vice versa.

If sentiment is strong, bears pay funding rates to bulls. Funding rates are usually charged every few hours, e.g. 4 hours, 8 hours. For investors, the funding rate will increase the cost of holding positions.

^ “Maker” means placing a limit trade; “Taker” means accepting an existing pending order and executing it immediately.

JPEX financial function introduction

JPEX provides a variety of financial management options: such as IAIA, DeFi financial management, mobile financial management, documentary financial management, etc.

IAIA refers to arbitrage by using the price difference between different exchanges to profit from the price difference.

The general practice is to use a 24-hour artificial intelligence trading program to detect currency prices on global exchanges. The system will automatically buy cryptocurrencies at a low price on one exchange and sell the same cryptocurrency at a higher price on another exchange, earning the difference by automatically buying low and selling high.

The platform offers multiple currency options. For example, the annual interest rate is: Bitcoin BTC 29%, Ethereum ETH 35%, stablecoin USDT 35%, Dogecoin DOGE 31%, Zippo SHIBA 20%, Metaverse SAND 11%, Polkadot DOT 37%, etc. .

Billing cycle: Daily fixed deposit time: 1 day, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days (flexible choice of fixed time) Interest settlement currency: You can choose the deposit currency as the interest settlement currency, or you can choose to settle in stable currency ,Dollar. For example, when you deposit BTC, you can choose to charge BTC interest, or you can choose to charge the equivalent USDT interest.

Decentralized Finance and Yield Agriculture

DeFi financial management generally refers to the use of blockchain to process financial applications such as transactions, lending, insurance, derivatives, prediction markets, and payments. By depositing coins in DeFi that can act as banks, they borrow or operate at high rates and earn interest on DeFi rewards.

Liquidity wealth management refers to depositing two cryptocurrencies to provide the system with the liquidity of the trading pair, so as to obtain additional rewards. For example, if you put your BTC and ETH into the JPEX liquidity pool, people who need to trade BTC/ETH on JPEX can complete the transaction faster and you can get fees and rewards from the platform.

You can put funds in or out of the liquidity pool at any time, so some people see liquidity mining as a way of survival, using idle funds to earn income.

JPEX Arbitrage Management

Conservative/stable investors will tend to buy cryptocurrencies and then charge interest from wealth management, just like banks earn interest on term deposits. The following is the operation teaching of using JPEX to earn arbitrage or wealth management interest, taking USDT interest as an example:

Open the JPEX App, click “Assets” at the bottom, click “Transfer”, enter and select USDT; transfer the USDT in the “Spot” account to the wealth management account “IAIA”; enter the amount of USDT you want to earn interest, and then click “Transfer” ; Click “Wealth Management” at the bottom; select the currency you want to conduct regular arbitrage or wealth management. For example, click “USDT”; select the arbitrage period “1 day”, “7 days”, “15 days” or “30 days”; enter the amount you want to arbitrage. If you want to arbitrage all USDT in the account, click “All”; click “Confirm Arbitrage”;

The arbitrage process has been done in simple steps. You can click “Record” in the upper right corner to check the arbitrage currency and end time at any time. After the arbitrage is completed, the JPEX App will notify you to “claim immediately” the interest and principal.

How to deposit money on JPEX|OTC, wallet transfer, credit card purchase

Method 1: Physical store (OTC store)

The cryptocurrency market is becoming more and more mature, and many OTC Shops are starting to appear on the market. So, what is a brick-and-mortar cryptocurrency OTC store?

There are already cryptocurrency exchange shops just like you usually exchange HKD/TWD to USD and CNY. OTC is a cryptocurrency exchange. As long as you transfer USDT to the merchant, the merchant will exchange it to you by cash or direct bank transfer, which is convenient and fast.

These brick-and-mortar stores can help you exchange fiat currency for an equivalent stablecoin, usually USDT, at current market prices. Then upon confirmation, they will help you deposit funds into your JPEX account, which only takes a few minutes.

In Hong Kong, there are more and more exchanges to choose from, such as One Satoshi, Coiner, Coingaroo, Crypto HK Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange (remember to search OTC stores for reliability and exchange rates before investing)

Method 2: Wallet Transfer

JPEX users can use other exchanges or crypto wallets to transfer funds to JPEX. JPEX exchange offers low transfer fees for the TRC20 blockchain mainnet. Take advantage of this method to save on transfer fees between crypto wallets.

Here are the instructions for transferring Binance USDT to JPEX:

Open the JPEX App, click “Assets” on the homepage, click “Deposit”, and enter “USDT”. Select “TRC20”, copy the “Deposit Address”* and then open the JPEX App, click on “Assets” on the home page, click “Withdraw” in the spot account, enter “USDT” and paste JPEX’s USDT deposit address at the address (ie the address copied in step 3) *Select the “TRC20” mainnet type, enter the amount you want to transfer and click “Withdraw”. ”

Method 3: Buy cryptocurrency with a Visa or Mastercard credit card

The operation steps are: open the JPEX App->click on “Credit Card Visa/Mastercard” on the homepage->enter the USDT purchase amount->click “OK”->enter the credit-related information card. Fees are higher.

How to withdraw cash on JPEX|Cryptocurrency into cash?

Available through cryptocurrency ATMs, buy and sell private transactions (P2P), face-to-face transactions, crypto exchanges, and brick-and-mortar OTC stores.

JPEX Spot | How to Buy Cryptocurrencies

Take buying 0.001 Bitcoin spot as an example: Open the JPEX App and select “Spot” on the home page.

Enter Bitcoin “BTC”, click “BTC”, select “Buy”, select “Market Price” or “Limit Price”, enter “0.001” for the buy quantity, and click “Buy” to complete the transaction.

JPEX future | How to buy up and down

Take Bitcoin futures with 10 USDT long 5 times the market price as an example: Open the JPEX App and select “Home” on the home page.

Click “Futures”. Click on the currency pair in the upper left corner and select “BTC/USDT”. Select “Long”, “Market”, “5X”. Principal input “10” USDT. Click “Open More”.

High leverage means high reward and high risk. Novice investors should try to control the leverage multiple to reduce the chance of liquidation.

If you want to know more about JPEX’s activities, you can click the link below to get the latest updates:

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