Is Dogecoin Dead Time? More than 50% of experts assert that “it will be completely zero”

Is Dogecoin Dead Time? More than 50% of experts assert that “it will be completely zero”

A group of cryptocurrency experts believe that it is time for investors to clear their Dogecoin (DOGE), as they predict that Dogecoin will eventually become worthless and go to zero. One of the experts even said that the status of Dogecoin is all thanks to Musk. He bluntly said, “This meme coin should never develop into such a pattern.”

Australian financial information website Finder updated its Dogecoin price forecast on Wednesday. The platform relies primarily on weekly and quarterly surveys to gauge expert Dogecoin price predictions. The latest quarterly survey, conducted in July, asked a panel of 54 university directors, cryptocurrency company executives, and cryptocurrency research analysts what they think of Dogecoin’s performance over the next ten years. .

The survey found that as many as 55% of experts believe that Dogecoin will completely return to zero; 22% of the experts surveyed believe that Dogecoin will rebound; the other 24% said “don’t know”.

As for when Dogecoin will crash? 3% of respondents believe it will happen within this year; 22% predict next year; 9% believe it will be 2024; 30% believe that Dogecoin will not lose its value completely until 2025 or later.


Finder pointed out, “We are a long way from the day when Dogecoin will go to the moon (To The Moon), people are now more worried that it will stay on the surface of the earth, and more than half of the experts (55%) say that Dogecoin will be in the future. When it hits zero, only one in five (21%) think Dogecoin will bounce back.”

Dogecoin Price Prediction

While most experts are not confident about Dogecoin’s prospects, some are optimistic, like Metatope co-founder and VP Walker Holmes predicting that the price of Dogecoin could hit $0.40 by the end of the year, he said, “Dogecoin has a great community, it just doesn’t have much utility.”

Finder went on to tease out the panel’s bullish predictions for Dogecoin:

The price of Dogecoin is likely to edge up in 2022, with the average forecast for Dogecoin by the end of the year from’s panel of fintech experts at $0.08. Looking ahead, experts expect Dogecoin to trade at around $0.19 in 2025, before rising to $0.64 in 2030.

Finder noted that, looking back at its January findings, the panel believed at the time that the price of Dogecoin would end the year at $0.16 and rise to $0.32 in 2025, compared to the latest forecast in July, both in the short and medium term. The target price has been significantly reduced. Dogecoin is trading around $0.070 at press time.

As for the current time to buy, sell, or keep holding Dogecoin, Finder mentioned:

Most experts believe it’s time to liquidate Dogecoin, with 71% saying “sell.” Just under a quarter (24%) believe it should remain a hold, and just 4% believe it should be a buy.

Dogecoin was originally a meme coin created as a joke. It was unexpectedly popular in recent years. Some experts say it is all thanks to Musk. Bitwave CEO Patrick White commented: “Dogecoin is a meme coin that should never have gotten to this point. Thank you Musk.”

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