[Mad man says trend]35000 may continue to bottom if not kept


Madman says…

Today, I saw an A-share listed company issued an announcement saying that it has the ability to issue digital RMB hardware wallets. I laughed for half a minute. Digital RMB is not the underlying technology of blockchain. What hardware wallets can be developed? Is it a digital counter? The technical level is probably not as good as the algorithm of the calculator. This kind of magical thing can always be seen in the big A. Listed companies do not aim at innovation, but rely on packaging and cheating. The business model is black. If Maobaimao gets money, it is a good cat. No one cares about the long-term interests of small and medium shareholders. This is a microcosm of 3,000 points for more than ten years.

Anchor, the largest Defi protocol on Luna, has seen a sharp drop in the amount of locked positions, and a large number of locked USTs have been sold in the market, making the stable UST de-anchored in the short term, with a minimum drop of 0.98, and then the ETH/stETH in the Curve pool traded The surge in volume should logically be to redeem ETH, sell ETH, and buy UST to maintain the anchor of UST. At the same time, an anonymous address transfers 20,000 ETH to Binance, and every few minutes on Dex Convert 1000ETH to UST and USDT. Everything points to this. This is an activity of selling ETH to buy UST. To put it bluntly, those who hold ETH pay for the 20% annualized income of UST staked in the Anchor. Cut it, after all, the currency circle is composed of the world’s top people, it is not a joke.

Nearly 75% of Argentines are willing to buy cryptocurrencies for savings purposes. After all, compared to the Argentine peso, cryptocurrencies do not fluctuate much against the U.S. dollar. The fiat currencies in these countries are too unstable, and holding cryptocurrencies is at least a dream.

The chief strategy officer of Coinshares said the government will try to ban bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This company manages $5 billion in encrypted assets. It should have received some instructions from the government of a certain country. He didn’t say anything about the specific situation, but the madman still has that view. If it can be banned, the cryptocurrency will be zero in 2017. .


Instagram plans to support NFTs of ETH, MATIC, SOL, and FLOW public chains, indicating that these four networks are relatively stable and promising, at least in the NFT track, which can be used as our investment reference.

In 24h, the entire network exploded by 246 million US dollars, and fewer and fewer people were doing contracts. According to the past, this decline would have to explode by 500 million to 600 million, indicating that the market has entered an extremely cold zone, which is a good thing.

Panic 18, generally below 20 are opportunities.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: This time UST’s de-anchoring LUNA did not smash Bitcoin, and chose to smash ETH first. In the future, in order to protect itself, it seems that it is also a matter of time before smashing Bitcoin, which is too embarrassing. In the past 7 days, 53,000 flat cakes have flowed into the exchange, which is indeed a bit large. At the same time, the third largest whale bought 1,000 pieces. In short, 35,000 is not kept, and it may continue to bottom out. If it continues to fall, I will consider adding some positions. The overall shock of 30,000 to 60,000 this year was set by us at the beginning of the year. Just follow the strategy.

Ethereum: It has reached the 2500-strong support level. This position cannot be broken casually, otherwise the bulls will be passive.

ENS: Earned $7.83 million in April, the second-highest monthly revenue on record. The main reason is that there is no strong expectation of continuous growth. The outbreak is caused by airdrops, so the currency price is like this in the short term, and the volatility is the main one.

There is nothing to add, but optimistically face it, all should be kept on a regular basis, anyway, I can come back sooner or later.

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