[Mad man says trend]A short-term perspective sees a rebound, and the medium and long-term adjustment may not end


Madman says…

The overnight US CPI data reached a staggering 8.5%, and the expected value was 8.4%, slightly higher than expected, hitting a new monthly high since 1981, making a 50 basis point interest rate hike in May a very likely event. Some institutions predict that, This month’s CPI will reach its peak and then gradually fall back. Federal Reserve Board Governor Brainard said that he will make a decision to shrink the balance sheet as soon as possible, and strive to officially shrink the balance sheet in June. The process of shrinking the balance sheet is equivalent to adding 2-3 additional interest rate hikes. At the same time, the Canadian institution’s forward-looking central bank interest rate decision will become the first G7 country to raise interest rates by 50 basis points, which will be implemented on Wednesday. It is understandable that Canada’s monetary policy closely follows the United States. In addition, the Federal Reserve of New Zealand unexpectedly raised interest rates by 50 basis points to 1.5%. , so the opportunities before the end of the second quarter should all belong to the local scope, especially the small currency, which should not be a big trend.

But for the short term, madmen are bullish on the market for several reasons:

1. The negative CPI dust settled, and US stocks stabilized and rebounded in the short term;

2. Grayscale is cooperating with the SEC to convert GBTC into a Bitcoin spot ETF, and this matter has entered an active discussion stage;


3. The LUNA Foundation continued to buy, and bought 2,508 bitcoins again this morning;

4. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum hit the integer mark, which has a psychological support role after the continuous decline. Although it may not be the final position of this round of adjustment, at least it will pick up in the short term, which belongs to the time for most speculators.

The Metaverse platform under the Korean telecommunications giant SK Telecom will launch the NFT market this year. Now all countries are deploying NFTs. Some countries are doing it on the public chain, and some countries are doing it on the alliance chain. South Korea’s supporting supervision has also kept up. The digital asset committee’s responsibilities expand from cryptocurrency to metaverse, blockchain and CBDC, and the future of the digital economy is still promising.

In a case in Singapore, where the High Court has recognized bitcoin as property, Singapore, while not explicitly embracing cryptocurrencies, has never crowded out innovation.

The report shows that Nigerian citizens have begun to use cryptocurrencies as a solution to store and transfer assets. In the past six months, 35% of adults under the age of 60 have owned cryptocurrencies. It is worthy of being a big crypto country in Africa. Although transactions are not convenient, its popularity is relatively high. The height is shocking. Africans have long been accustomed to the inconvenient financial environment. Compared with banks, the threshold for participating in cryptocurrencies is not too high.

With the tension between Russia and Ukraine, European goods soaring, and inflation in Denmark has hit the highest level in nearly 40 years, the analysis pointed out that due to the huge impact of price increases on the lives of young people and millennials, young people will turn to investing in cryptocurrencies . This is the case in Denmark. As the war intensifies, the situation in Europe will not be very good, and expect the continuous influx of the cryptocurrency market.

The market value of USDC on the Ethereum chain exceeded 40 billion US dollars, surpassing USDT, and thus received US$400 million in financing from BlackRock. Stablecoin issuers are also a type of central bank. This is a very scary business. With the addition of BlackRock, it should bring more application scenarios to USDC. I wonder if USDC will replace USDT as an exchange one day. The most popular trading pair.

Hong Kong-based asset management firm Mai Capital has been approved to invest 100% of Hong Kong’s crypto assets, and plans to expand its crypto fund business to $200 million.

Nansen data shows that the total activity of the top 10 mainstream networks in the past 7 days is only 8.22 million, which is significantly lower than last week. The main reason is that there is no profit-making effect in the market, the trading volume is sluggish, and the activity on the chain naturally declines. As the short-term currency price warms up, it will rebound.

Panic 25, still extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: 10,100 bitcoins flowed into Binance yesterday. The market fell and rose again with the US stock market. During the working day last week, there were more than 4,000 bitcoin whale transactions, each of which exceeded 1 million US dollars, which indicates that Whales have started to pick up the left side and will rebound after the pullback in April. From a short-term point of view, the rebound may not be over in the medium and long term.

Ethereum: Continue to be stronger than the pie, and rebound strongly.

SHIB: The 12th largest whale in Ethereum bought 775 billion SHIB worth $21 million. Since late January, the number of addresses that have held SHIB for more than one year has reached 3,750, a surge of 1900%. Today, SHIB’s metaverse is launching a land bid Activity. In short, the token is still developing. It has been more than 5 months since the high point. The sideways time is not short. If you wash it again in the future, there is a chance to pull another wave, but don’t chase the high in the short term. participate.

DOGE: A new JavaScript file on Tesla’s website shows that the word DOGE is mentioned 32 times in the code. The file was added after April 10, indicating that Tesla may accept Dogecoin payments in the future. When the news is released, there is still a chance to spray it, but when Musk said it, we don’t know.

Hold the currency in the short term and wait for it to rise, let’s talk about it after a wave.

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