[Mad man says trend]After the US stock market opens today, it is estimated that it will have to kill a wave first

[Mad man says trend]After the US stock market opens today, it is estimated that it will have to kill a wave first

Madman says…

With the continuous reduction of the FED’s balance sheet, the US dollar rose 1.1% on the day, continuing to hit a new high in 20 years. Last week, the FED achieved a reduction of US$15.9 billion in the balance sheet, and the continuous interest rate hike cycle made the US dollar extremely strong, but this wave of rising trend It has entered the acceleration stage, so the expectation of the US dollar rising has become weaker and weaker. Even if the US dollar is so strong and rising, the encrypted market has shown a state of infallibility. Once the US dollar pulls back, the encrypted market will rebound significantly. , so this position does not need to be too pessimistic. Whether it is a short-term or a long-term, it is a position where you can get on the bus. The worst case is to make a new low, and then you will rise up.

The proportion of liquidity pools of STETH and ETH on Curve has eased significantly, and the proportion has returned to 55%/45%, which is basically no tilt. This shows that large capital has begun to expect that the next Shanghai upgrade of ETH will give a redemption pledge , which is obviously not a good signal for the currently weak ETH, but most of the ETH pledged in the 2.0 pool is in a state of floating losses, so most investors should not choose to sell, the current 2.0 A total of 14 million tokens are pledged. Even if 10% of the tokens are redeemed, it will have a huge impact on the short-term price of Ethereum. That’s fine, wash out those who are not firm at one time, and the weather will be smoother in the future. You must know that after ETH is transferred from POW to POS, the supply is reduced by 98%, which is one of the factors that can continue to rise in the long run. .

The report shows that NFT market trading volume decreased by 75% to $2 billion in the third quarter, but NFT holders increased by 36%. It means that the number of continuous traders of NFTs has decreased, and the activity has decreased, but it is still in the growth stage. In recent weeks, the weekly NFT growth rate of the Ethereum network has been more than 2 million pieces, and the creators are still relatively active, which will greatly increase the number of NFTs in the next round. Growth paved the way. In addition, the Apple App Store will allow applications to sell NFTs, but a 30% handling fee will be charged, which is of little overall significance. Only fools will buy through this channel.

South Korea revealed that the founder of LUNA, Do Kwon, has been included in the international wanted list and has become a member of the red wanted list. The road to escape is finally about to begin. It is estimated that he will be arrested and eventually punished. Long-term imprisonment will be a high probability, and it is also the biggest player in the currency circle. How much hard-earned money has been squeezed from the working people.


According to the survey, about 1 million Australians will buy cryptocurrencies for the first time within a year. The growth in Australia is still very rapid. The positive growth of the cryptocurrency cycle is not over yet, and there are too many investors looking forward to entering this field.

El Salvador’s crypto wallet usage has not met expectations, and remittances account for only 1.9% of the country’s total. Bitcoin is no longer talked about in El Salvador, and it has become a forgotten form. The Bitcoin experiment in El Salvador has failed. This is mainly due to the continuous decline of the market. Although this president has a grand strategy, he did not choose the right time. This is also the most difficult place for us to trade.

The negative premium of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust reached 35.18%, a record low. The long-term future of Bitcoin spot ETF has caused Grayscale products to continue to collapse. It is still collecting management fees from investors, making a lot of money, and I am afraid that it will eventually be governed by the long arm of the SEC.

Russia has begun to develop an international encrypted payment system. Russia has thoroughly thought about using cryptocurrencies as an alternative route to bypass US dollar settlement. This is a continued positive for the encrypted market, and the reservoir is getting bigger and bigger.

U.S. SEC filings show that BlackRock funds will participate in bitcoin futures investments. This is not a good thing for us. The professionalism of these giant monsters is not comparable to that of ordinary investors. At that time, unscrupulous manipulation of the market and sucking the blood of retail investors will become the norm. For short-term investors, it will be more difficult. big.

Panic 21, extreme panic, increased panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: It is still oscillating at the bottom, and the short position is already a bit ineffective, but it is estimated that the US stock market will have to kill a wave after the opening today, so continue to see the shock in the short term, near 18300 and the new low position are both opportunities to participate.

Ethereum: The overall situation is still weak. The market expects that the pledged tokens will be gradually unlocked, so the weakness will continue. Let’s wait until the Shanghai upgrade is implemented.

ETC: For more than a week, the computing power has been falling all the way, just like the currency price is weak. It seems that mining ETC is really not profitable, and the ecology has not changed much. It will return to the previous weak normal.

There is no profit-making effect, and the pessimism is serious, and a wave of panic can be used to make it extremely peaceful.

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