[Mad man says trend]All emotions, data and K-line point to not continue to fall

[The madman talks about the trend]Slowly fluctuating down, it is expected to have no direction today and tomorrow

Madman says…

The crypto market is an interesting place. In every bull market, many people at the bottom complete the counterattack, which makes many powerful people very unhappy. After all, the traditional rich climbed up step by step through hard work. In their eyes, crypto investors It is a group of upstarts who make some money purely by luck, so when each wave of crypto plummets, these people cheer, but in fact, the people who can keep the victory in the crypto market are those who are well versed in the human nature of the market and have the ability to trade. , people with strong mental qualities. And every round of bulls and bears, 80% of the people who were eliminated, just like now, either lost their confidence, or could no longer get back on the bus at the price of the year. Therefore, in the current desperate market, investors who still do not lose money will become the leader in the next round of rising market. At this moment, you don’t need to believe what anyone tells you. You just need to ask yourself, is the crypto industry the future? Will Bitcoin become one of the currencies of global consensus? As long as you can answer it, your current doubts will be easily resolved. Our encrypted world is useful for investment, cross-border remittance, micro-payment, Defi, NFT, ICO, DAO, and even money laundering and crimes. Its value Naturally, it is sustainable. This is just the tip of the current innovation iceberg. In the future, the Big Mac applications you can imagine will be completed in the encrypted world. Wall Street is selling pressure, why do I say that no less than 20,000 has fallen, because the large liquidation entities have been eliminated, retail investors have chosen to lie down, and 99% of people are continuing to be bearish. If you don’t try to add some positions at this time, you will regret it Unbelievable, because the madman has never seen such extreme emotions in these years. Even at the end of 3000 in 18 years, the emotions will not be so desperate.

The governor of Jamaica’s central bank said cryptocurrencies are not stable enough to be a good payment method. But he ignored the existence of stablecoins. When the rich and powerful saw the opportunity to crush Bitcoin, they often did not hesitate.

Sweden’s central bank has appointed bitcoin skeptic Thedeen as its new central bank governor. It seems that it is relatively difficult for Sweden to become a friendly encryption country. In the falling market, all we seem to see is bad.

The Bitcoin Google Search Index fell to a recent low. When the market is not paying attention, it is an opportunity for a short-term rebound. When attention is crazy, it is an opportunity to lighten up positions.


Spanish airline Vueling will accept cryptocurrency payments, completing the upgrade with Bitpay by 2023. Cryptocurrency adoption has not stopped with the drop.

The President of El Salvador said that investors should not worry about the price of Bitcoin, which will rise sharply in the future, and patience is the key. He also has no choice. At this time, there is only one way to go. After all, he is the president of a country, and the law cannot be regarded as a child’s play.

The lending platform on SOL urges the giant whale to repay the loan as soon as possible, otherwise it will face the risk of liquidation. If SOL falls to US$22.27, it will bring US$170 million in liquidation of SOL. For SOL, the future decline will also become a challenge.

Meitu Cai Wensheng’s Ethereum address was almost liquidated this morning. It should have been the Air Force attacking at his liquidation price, but in the end, due to the delay of the oracle machine, his position was not inserted into the chain. It is difficult to return to this position for re-liquidation, which means that the large on-chain liquidation will come to an end in the short term, the liquidation below will be far away from this position, and the short-term rebound will be achieved overnight.

The entire network of Defi liquidation reached 120 million US dollars in 24 hours. This wave of liquidation is over, and there are not many big liquidations in the future. The Air Force’s clear cards are not easy to play, and the bulls have begun to slow down. Wall Street institutions have thrown almost nothing left. Now, the retail investors are lying flat, what is there to fall in this position, I never thought that I could see 1 bitcoin, but now I see it, I can only choose to participate in the market according to the plan, this kind of plan is often more than the current mood more reliable.

USDT fled about 4 billion this week. On the contrary, USDC hit a new high in supply, indicating that USDC’s status in stablecoins continues to grow. In the future, Tether’s global money printing power will gradually be given to the highly transparent Circle company, a truly anchored stablecoin Sooner or later, it will be on the stage of history.

The net revealed that Three Arrows Capital still has 2 billion outstanding debts, and misappropriation of users’ funds has become a common occurrence. In this wave of three arrows’ thunderstorms, its insolvency has become a fact. Later, it depends on how to liquidate and go bankrupt. It is estimated that no capital is willing to rescue the large-scale thunderstorm. Fortunately, the impact on the currency circle itself has begun to decrease, but it will also bring some liquidity crises, causing some small capital and exchanges and other institutions to experience runs and insolvency. , for the latter, it is no longer a big problem.

Panic 6, still at an all-time low.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The total market value of crypto once fell below 800 billion US dollars today, and fell 2 trillion from a high point. It is really a terrible thing. How much wealth has evaporated, there is nothing to say, all emotions, data, K line All point to not continue to fall, let’s go back to 20000 tonight.

ETH: It is expected to rebound to around 1080 in the evening, don’t panic at this time.

DOGE: Musk said that he will continue to support Dogecoin. It seems that it is very comfortable to do high-sale and low-suction. Come down and take a wave, and you can continue to wait for him to shout later.

No addition, I wish you a happy Father’s Day, the madman will go to a transfer festival at night, starting tonight, the market will start to pick up the market.

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