[Mad man says trend]Bitcoin fluctuates in a narrow range, it is expected to fall first and then rise


Madman says…

As soon as the old American rested, the market calmed down again. However, the US stock market bottoming and recovery we were looking forward to did not succeed. The bottom was probed, but it failed to rebound. The US stock market closed for the past two days will make the currency circle return to itself again. In the independent market of .

Morgan Stanley began to study the price of houses in Bitcoin. The meaning of this research is that in the future, the value of houses will no longer be anchored by fiat currencies such as the US dollar, but will be anchored in Bitcoin, which is very similar to identifying Bitcoin as legal tender. Due to the constant number of altcoins, once the value is stable in the future, the global market will be priced with Bitcoin as the anchor, which will reflect the real inflation. Will the altcoins of fiat currencies eventually be Bitcoins? It can be predicted, but eventually there will be such a currency to replace the current legal currency system, because this is in line with the interests of the majority of the people, and more and more people will realize this in 5-10 years, and this It is also the core logic for many bigwigs to continue to buy Bitcoin.

According to JPMorgan Chase’s analysis, the US dollar still has room to rise, and the RMB has plummeted against the US dollar recently. This is a manifestation of the US dollar’s ​​wild interest rate hike and balance sheet shrinking expectations to harvest the world. Even the strongest RMB can’t hold it, not to mention other The country’s currency, the Federal Reserve has made the dollar valuable through a series of operations, and the high inflation created by the old United States has once again been paid for by other countries. The current monetary system and economy, the United States can maintain at least a decade or two. In the short term Hard to shake.

French President Emmanuel Macron has expressed support for crypto regulations and the digital euro project. It seems that the two major countries in the EU, Germany and France, are supporters of encryption regulation, so this matter has basically come to fruition. In the future, the EU will fully embrace encryption by regulating the encryption market. The two most developed economies, Europe and the United States, have recognized it. In this market, consensus has entered a stage of accelerated formation.


The Legislative Assembly of Panama has approved a bill to regulate cryptocurrencies, which is basically a full embrace, but due to the small size of the economy, it will not have much impact on currency prices.

The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation promotes innovation in the field of financial technology, and its content includes cryptocurrency. California itself is also a gathering place for technology giants, and it is natural to run ahead of these innovations. The future application of cryptocurrencies in California should be comprehensive and broad.

In the past week, the Ethereum network has added 1.7 million NFTs, and the daily average is still at a high level. It belongs to the hype stage of the bubble. According to the latest report, Nike has also launched NFT sneakers, which can change the style at will and can cast real objects. , the starting price is $14,800. Even in the craziest stage of frying shoes, it is difficult to imagine that a pair of shoes starts at 100,000 yuan, so the bubble of NFT should be much larger than that of the entity.

Panic 24, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: fluctuated within a narrow range, it is expected to fall first and then rise.

ETH: linkage.

UNI: In the past month, the revenue was 84.2 million US dollars, an increase of 4.2% month-on-month, indicating that Defi has gradually come out of the trough, and the market outlook has the opportunity to take the independent compensating market.

MATIC: Sandbox integrates with Polygon, and Strip announces trial of crypto payments on Twitter using the Polygon network. In the past two days, the Matic network has the meaning of taking off. The currency price is at a relatively low level, and there is a chance to make up for it. You can pay attention.

Continue to endure~ What is more difficult than the epidemic is the recent capital market!

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