[Mad man says trend]Bitcoin is likely to fluctuate around 30,000 over the weekend


Madman says…

Fed Mester said that it is reasonable to raise interest rates by 50 basis points in the next two interest rates, and will consider whether to take more measures at the interest rate meeting in September. In fact, this is a very dovish signal, which has stabilized the military’s morale, because at least until September, the United States will maintain the current situation unless there is an accident, all of which have been included in the market price, and the negative situation is regarded as For the good, the U.S. stock market has a V-shaped reversal, and the expectation of continued tightening keeps the dollar at a high level. The Federal Reserve has won applause again, and completed the double harvest of the currency and the stock market. It is no wonder that Powell successfully completed his re-election yesterday. Expectation management this piece, does have its brilliance.

LUNA is still the hottest topic in the market. Yesterday, the amount of minting directly exceeded 3 trillion, and the total amount of minting was close to 7 trillion. Then the Terra team said that they would not mint new coins in the future, that is, they gave up UST in disguise. The founder Do Kwon proposed to rebuild the ecology, issue new LUNA tokens, take snapshots of UST and LUNA holders before de-anchoring and airdrop new tokens, and said that he did not make profits by selling LUNA and UST, and told the victims Apologize. One sentence of apology, one sentence of restarting, the problem of zeroing is over, the crypto market has dropped by $500 billion due to the panic caused by LUNA, and the panic has not been released until now. This Do Kwon is simply a sinner in the history of the currency circle, and his evil deeds It is even more shameful than the domestic swindlers who issued ICO Air Coins back then. How many people’s wealth has been wiped out because of this, and this person’s future projects are unlikely to succeed. At the same time, the rumored GAM company invested 1 billion to 2 billion US dollars in LUNA was also refuted by GAM company. At this point, the death of LUNA has come to an end, and the remaining 7 trillion LUNA tokens will start its MEME journey. It depends on the madness of the market. The madman thinks that the market value of 2 billion to 3 billion US dollars is almost the same. The conversion is about 0.0003-0.0004. The space is not much, and the madman was there last night. The VIP group immediately prompted LUNA’s speculative opportunities, and achieved 7 times the income in one night, which can be regarded as a ray of light in the falling market. (If you are interested, please contact the madman assistant qq: 1340261895)

Through the LUNA incident, the madman wanted to cheer everyone up. The whole incident became a huge transfer of wealth, and in just one week, the madman reminded everyone not to buy LUNA at the first time of the death spiral, because there is no bottom, unless UST can return to the anchor. At this time, if you know how to roll the position and go short, it means that you can add a short every 5-10 times, then you can turn 1.8 times about 9 times, which means a total of 198 times, and then you can hold With this short-selling money, go to buy UST below $0.1, mint LUNA worth $1, do nothing, and directly multiply the principal by 10 times, and then see CZ post a message to resume Binance LUNA trading and stop minting LUNA, If you have experienced SHIB, you will realize that this is a MEME opportunity with consensus, and you will deposit your coins into Binance, which is the most liquid. Full, you have doubled 19,800 times. For LUNA with a daily trading volume of 7 billion US dollars, the liquidity is sufficient, and the transaction will not be perfect, but if you catch a wave, it is a 10-fold chance overnight. The fundamental logic of the transfer of wealth is that you must have an understanding of the market. In the final analysis, it is the transfer of wealth caused by knowledge. Therefore, the currency circle is not without the opportunity to get rich, but you have to wait for an extreme market. At the same time, you have enough knowledge. And complete the unity of knowledge and action. At this point, the madman also briefly summarizes what knowledge you need for this wave of 19,800 times.

Shorting a contract requires you to understand contracts and position management. Knowing how to go short requires you to roll positions to make a lot of money, because even if you go short, you can only get double the profit of your principal; you need to deeply understand the relationship between LUNA and UST, How to calculate the death spiral, how to mint LUNA without limit, and you need to know how to operate minting and destruction on the Terra chain (DEFI); have a deep understanding of MEME coins and understand that after unlimited minting is stopped instantly, And if there is no contract to continue shorting, the relationship between supply and demand will be directly improved, which will be an excellent MEME opportunity. At the same time, you must understand that the liquidity of Binance will expand the rise of MEME, so that you can sleep peacefully after buying;


Every point seems to be a simple sentence, but it requires a lot of learning and accumulation, and the currency circle is a brand new track. As long as you run faster than others, you can harvest those investors with a lower cognitive level, thereby To complete the transfer of wealth, if you did not understand the previous paragraph, I hope you will read it a few more times. The fundamental logic of the whole ten thousand times is just that.

The Canadian bitcoin spot ETF inflowed 6,900 bitcoins yesterday, hitting a record high. Institutions have returned, and the panic has been released in stages.

Emirates plans to support bitcoin payments and add NFT transactions to the website. It was only mentioned yesterday, which is really fast enough.

The Bitwise CEO said most companies endured the drop by not selling cryptocurrencies. The madman saw that at least a few large currency holding companies did not sell. As for those small institutions, it is hard to say. Galaxy Digital and MicroStrategy are good examples. The former reported a net loss of $300 million in comprehensive income in the second quarter. The main source Since the fall of cryptocurrencies.

The SEC seeks further consideration of the Wisdom Tree Bitcoin Spot ETF. The last time it was postponed from March to May, this time it asked a bunch of questions and will delay it for another 21 days to wait for Wisdom Tree to submit various data and arguments. This time it seems to be an improvement.

After the collapse of LUNA’s UST, investors began to turn to other stablecoins, with DAI being the largest, so the direct beneficiary was MKR.

USDC released a report that the audited reserves totaled $50.6 billion, including 11.6 billion in cash and 39 billion in U.S. Treasury bonds, reaching 100% full reserves. USDC is compliant and regulated, making it the safest stablecoin at the moment.

The LUNA Foundation still has $1.2 billion in reserves of bitcoins that are unknown. Previously, it only took out $750 million to lend to loan companies. Later, it was said that the reserves of hundreds of billions of dollars could not fill the tens of billions of plates, so they did not go. Help, I didn’t mention the money later, just wait for the news, it is estimated that it will be used for a new project.

The destruction of 1 billion USDT is related to the previous run.

The panic index of 9 has reached single digits for the first time this year. Is there a chance for everyone to measure it for themselves.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: There is a high probability that the weekend will fluctuate, around 30,000.

Ethereum: The core developer said that the testnet Ropsten is expected to be merged on June 8. It seems that 2.0 is getting closer and closer.

KAVA: It belongs to the victims of UST. Since its stable USDX reserves contain UST, the de-anchoring occurs, which will have a certain impact on the price of KAVA.

Not to mention the rest, many times the market opportunity is in an instant, and if you miss it, you will miss it, but there will be such opportunities in the future. We must summarize it well so that we can seize the next opportunity.

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