[Mad man says trend]Hold currency, continue to be bullish


Madman says…

The probability of the Fed raising interest rates by 50 basis points in May has increased to more than 92% again. Evans expressed his support for raising interest rates by 225 basis points during the year, which means that interest rates are expected to rise to 2.25-2.5% by the end of the year. Treasury bonds took the lead in anticipating this phenomenon, with yields rising to 2.5%, the highest level since the 2008 financial crisis. These signals are indicating that the rate hike cycle has arrived. Even so, overnight Nasdaq and encrypted The currency market has risen to varying degrees, which means that the market’s interest rate hike signal has been fully included in the asset price. According to historical rules, the risk market is the most risky in the three months after the start of the interest rate hike cycle. The market will continue to rise, so after June, our market will gradually warm up. Judging from the recent trend, the market already has certain conditions to resist falling, and the expectation of early warming also exists.

The head of research for the Nasdaq Digital Asset Index said it is considering ways to provide services related to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In the face of such a huge trading volume market, Nasdaq can’t sit still. This is one of the largest securities markets in the world. If it really provides trading for cryptocurrencies, it means that many cryptocurrency exchanges are facing huge challenges. Challenges, and at the same time will bring a huge amount of traditional funds into the market, which is really something to look forward to and congratulate.

Similarly, the Chicago Board Options Exchange CBOE is submitting applications related to NFTs and cryptocurrencies, indicating that the exchange intends to launch a trading platform for NFTs and encrypted assets. Various traditional exchanges plan to add encrypted transactions, and market liquidity will be further enhanced. , for large capital, it will be more attractive.

Australia has launched bitcoin and ethereum ETFs that will track bitcoin and ethereum prices in Australian dollars and trade on CBOE. Such ETFs that are not based on cryptocurrency are not very valuable, and their impact on the market will be relatively limited.


The former central bank governor of El Salvador said that the Bitcoin bond program has all but failed due to the IMF’s involvement, and these old forces believe that the Bitcoin solution has cost El Salvador dearly. Fundamentally, this is a transfer of old and new powers. Whether El Salvador’s bitcoin bonds can be issued smoothly still depends on how El Salvador’s president operates. Bonds backed by bitcoin as legal tender will essentially have market funds. support, so the madman remains optimistic.

The Russian Federal Tax Service is considering using cryptocurrencies to pay for import and export business, which is in conflict with Russia’s previous ban on cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, but it has also stated that unless the law provides otherwise. This kind of payment is a huge benefit to the cryptocurrency market, and a new capital pool will be formed around Russia’s import and export business, bringing incremental funds to the market.

Framework is raising $400 million for its blockchain fund, of which $200 million is for the GameFi space, no matter where it goes, the 400 million increment is the most real.

The net outflow of crypto funds last week was $97 million. Compared with the above figures, it is not a very important indicator. It can only represent the sentiment of some traditional institutions.

ARK Fund’s reduction in Twitter shares should be related to the uncertainty of Musk’s acquisition, which is not optimistic about future acquisitions. After all, Musk is acquiring at a substantial premium. If the acquisition is successful, Twitter’s stock will rise. Let’s see if Sister Mu’s perception of Musk is accurate this time.

21 blockchain companies including the Ethereum Foundation, AMD, and Polkadot have launched a $7 million competition to promote zero-knowledge expansion. It shows how important the anonymous function of blockchain is at the moment, and see if there will be any breakthroughs in the future. Well, the weight of ZEC will be so much more in people’s hearts.

Panic 27, still panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: There is nothing wrong with the trend, continue to be bullish.

Ethereum: Continue to link up. Recently, many ETHs hacked by hackers have been washed, so there is a certain amount of selling pressure, but it is not a long-term state, so it is not a big problem.

EOS: The ETH-compatible virtual machine project is officially launched. Although the madman is not optimistic, the funds do have a certain amount of attention, and they can participate appropriately. After all, the position is not high.

ADA: The number of social media posts has grown significantly, indicating that investor sentiment is at a positive level, which is one of the bullish signs.

APE: It is logical that the trading volume is picking up. There are rumors that the parent company will auction the plot of its metaverse Otherside. The starting price is 600APE, and only APE is accepted, which has triggered a wave of buying. At present, there is no pressure on the above, and there is a certain opportunity to continue to walk the demon.

ICP: The former chief growth officer of ADA joined ICP to see if it can bring some growth to ICP. The previous wave of ADA growth was still very fierce, and the two coins have similar tonality.

There is no problem overall, hold the currency.

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