[Mad man says trend]It is expected to have a good life for a few days this week, and there is a greater chance of returning to 20,000 in the end

[Mad man says trend]It is expected to have a good life for a few days this week, and there is a greater chance of returning to 20,000 in the end

Madman says…

The probability of the Fed raising interest rates by 75 basis points in November has risen to 55%. This data will fluctuate greatly with the release of CPI data in October and November, so there is not much reference significance in the short term. Fed officials believe that a rapid increase Interest rates are beneficial to the market, and he said that he has seen some signs of weakening market liquidity. The implication is that inflation is expected to begin to decline, which is obviously a boost to the market. Overnight, US stocks opened higher and moved higher. Put, in a bearish look, it got out of the independent rising market, leading the cryptocurrency to rebound slightly. Even so, it still does not mean that the downward trend of US stocks is over. If you want to get out of the bottom, you first need to stabilize your position. If you want to build a bottom for such an oversold rebound, it will take a long time to build a bottom.

Financial market veteran Yardeni believes that one more rate hike by the Fed is enough, and the rate hike will end after the November rate hike. In the face of financial stability, the federal rate will not reach 4.5-5%. Those who say this have created “Fed Model” and “Bond Guard”, etc. There must be a logic behind daring to make such a judgment. In any case, for us, the worst stage has passed, and the follow-up is nothing but time. Just build the bottom.

The Mexican senator says Bitcoin is about to become legal tender, which is not an opinion. It has been rumored a long time ago that Mexico will incorporate Bitcoin into legal tender, and now it seems that the arrow is on the way. Once announced in the future, it will cause a 3-5% pull-up effect on Bitcoin.

The Central Bank of Russia requires banks to record Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as assets in their accounts, which means that when we open a Russian bank account in the future, we will see the value of rubles, the value of dollars, the value of Bitcoin, etc., which is equivalent to identifying cryptocurrencies as Liquid assets and currencies. There will be a greater boost to the market.


NYDIG, a New York-based digital investment group, raised $720 million for its institutional bitcoin fund. A total of 59 investors attended, with an average investment of $12 million. Institutional admission is still quite crazy, and it will become a strong incremental fund in the near future.

Last week, the net inflow of encrypted asset investment products was 10.3 million US dollars, which has been inflow for three consecutive weeks. Institutional funds have continued to accumulate at the bottom. It is probably not wrong for everyone to follow.

The capacity of the Bitcoin Lightning Network exceeded 5,000, a record high. In the future, the Bitcoin Lightning Network will become an international mainstream payment channel, and this field will also become a new support for Bitcoin’s consensus and value.

According to the report, Bitcoin and Ethereum accounted for 90% of the bank’s cryptocurrency holdings, followed by 2% DOT, 2% XRP, 1% ADA, 1% SOL, 0.4% LTC, 0.4% XLM. Personally, I think that there is no problem with the allocation of pie and ether by banks. The latter may only be the allocation of traditional capital. From the perspective of the currency circle, it has no allocation value.

BNB announced the fifth batch of WEB3 incubator finalists, including DeFi, NFT, music, games and metaverse. It seems that Binance’s focus has all shifted to application scenarios, and it is not very interested in the incubation of public chains and other fields. It is probably believed that the development of the existing public chain will be able to meet the needs of people in the future. You can learn from it. Looking for potential coins in the public chain, the application part requires continuous innovation.

Panic 20, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Linked to US stocks, the US stocks are now entering a cycle of oversold and rebound. Although it will be repeated below 20,000, it is expected to have a good life for a few days this week, and there is a greater chance of eventually returning to 20,000.

Ethereum: The account abstraction proposal EIP-4337 aggregates signatures and reduces the cost on the Ethereum chain. This is a good fee reduction plan. As long as Ethereum continues to innovate and work hard in this way, the opportunity for the unification of ten thousand chains still exists, after all The consensus is here.

Several coins with long-term value that have been repeatedly mentioned will continue to outperform the market in the future, such as ENS, MKR, LINK, MATIC, etc. You may wish to pay more attention.

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This article[Mad Men Say Trend]is expected to have a good life for a few days this week, and the chance of finally standing back to 20,000 is relatively large and first appeared in the block guest.


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