[Mad man says trend]It is expected to hit 21,000 this week, but the probability of a one-time breakthrough is low

[Mad man says trend]It is expected to hit 21,000 this week, but the probability of a one-time breakthrough is low

Madman says…

With the pressure of the real economic recession on the Fed, Fed officials are no longer as hard-line hawks as they used to speak. However, Fed Chairman Powell has not made much speech on the matter recently, and the Fed’s attitude depends on Powell’s follow-up. Fed Daly said that the goal is to raise interest rates and keep them unchanged, and believes that there will be no interest rate cuts in 2023, which is much more moderate than the previous continuous interest rate hikes. Affected by this, US stocks bottomed out and rebounded, consolidating the oversold rebound. Trend, the market outlook is expected to maintain a strong rebound state. For cryptocurrencies, the linkage is still obvious. After Bitcoin has stabilized at 20,000, it is expected to attack 21,000 this week, but the probability of a one-time breakthrough is low. 20,000-21,000 Repetition will be inevitable.

The European Union has made cryptocurrencies a top topic at the IMF’s annual meeting, and will communicate with the United States on the development of encryption legislation, seeking to build a global regulatory framework. Yesterday, the madman just finished saying that Europe and the United States have the same interests on the issue of cryptocurrencies and will jointly supervise them. Today, the European Union has realized this prediction. At the same time, EU legislation requires bitcoin wallet providers to complete user KYC, so that the anonymity problem of encrypted wallets can be avoided. But this matter still needs global supervision, otherwise it is still difficult for Europeans to use wallets in other countries to conduct encrypted transactions, which is basically the same as the nature of Chinese people using overseas exchanges to participate in encrypted transactions.

Bloomberg said that Nasdaq is waiting for the regulation to be clarified to launch an encrypted trading platform. It seems that Nasdaq has coveted this cake for a long time and is probably ready. Once the regulation is implemented, the world’s largest exchange will be opened. Cryptocurrency trading, what an increment!

Musk intends to continue to acquire Twitter, hoping to turn Twitter into a super-app after the reorganization. If Twitter can take the lead in changing the shape of the Internet in the WEB3 field, then it will have a greater chance of outperforming other transforming technology companies. After all, the richest man in the technology industry will guide the country. The application scenario of Dogecoin, which has been shouting for a while, may be realized in Twitter.


The financial technology unicorn Stash announced that it will support users to purchase 8 encrypted assets such as BTC and ETH. The participation of these institutions has given investors more access to the cryptocurrency market, which is also a boost for the market.

Bitcoin accumulation addresses hit a 7-year high. This indicator is similar to the market bottoms in 2015 and 2019. Every round of the market has its similarities. It is currently a bottom-building period, and it is also a position for long-term investors to close their eyes and decide to invest. On the eve of Bitcoin’s last large-scale outbreak, it will become more difficult to grow a bull market by 5 times and 10 times in the future.

Panic 26, extreme panic turns to panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The computing power has reached 321EH/S, a new record high. Even though the current mining profits have shrunk sharply, miners are still working hard to accumulate Bitcoins and are optimistic about Bitcoins in this position. In the short term, it will fluctuate repeatedly at 20,000, and it will take 1-2 days to continue to attack.

ETH: Weak linkage, this position is weak, and there is a chance for Bitcoin to make up a wave.

ETC: Since the merger of ETH, the computing power of ETC has dropped by half. The increase in computing power has not brought continuous hype to the currency price. Miners havetily left after seeing no profit. ETC has once again turned into a weak currency that no one cares about. After a wave of hype , it takes a long time to rest and wait for the next forecast.

Everyone is hyping the certainty of small coins, and the sharp decline of speculators also shows that the market is deserted. It is difficult for such a deserted market to bring a lot of selling pressure. After time passes, the bulls will eventually launch a wave of attacks.

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