[Mad man says trend]It is not expected that there will be much selling pressure over the weekend, and it is expected to continue to fluctuate above 36000


Madman says…

Needless to say, it’s another bleak week. The stock market and the currency circle, two maddened markets, have once again stepped out of the downward trend. Is it uncomfortable? It must be uncomfortable, so what can I do? Long-term investment will inevitably experience this kind of exceeding expectations. However, there is no doubt that the downside of the market has become smaller and smaller. At this time, if the position is relatively light, you can consider taking some positions, such as A shares, whose valuation is already lower than 99.9% of the history It’s time to buy the future with your eyes closed and there will be excess returns. The three major U.S. stock indexes have all recorded their longest weekly declines in 10 years. Don’t these extreme data represent opportunities? Looking at everyone’s comments, there are sighs and sighs. History will always be so amazingly similar, but most people choose to give up in the face of opportunities, and choose to take over in the face of madness. If you think the madman is right, we will Let’s stay together and see if we can have the last laugh.

U.S. senators introduce bill to support cryptocurrency holdings through 401k accounts. Although this kind of proposal looks very good, the probability of passing it is too low. It is the pension money of Americans. If it is exposed to risks in this way, there will be potential hidden dangers to social stability. After the regulation is implemented, there should be other ways to help Americans save for retirement through Bitcoin, such as relying on asset management institutions like Fidelity to manage risk exposure through asset allocation.

The Prime Minister of the Bahamas stated that a crypto regulatory regime has been put in place, a regulatory framework that allows crypto businesses to grow and prosper. The Bahamas chose to embrace, and the more countries embrace Bitcoin, the harder it will be for Bitcoin to be banned.

Georgia will introduce a new cryptocurrency law this fall, establishing a legal framework for cryptocurrencies and introducing rules for cryptocurrency exchanges. Many mining farms are located in Georgia, because the climate here is cold and labor is cheap, which is naturally suitable for the survival of mining farms. However, this time Georgia is to engage in a currency circle, not a mining circle. Such supervision may open up the upper, middle and lower reaches of the Georgian encryption market. .


Lawmakers in the U.S. state of Colorado have proposed bills that would examine the use of security tokens to raise funds. It is quite civilized. In fact, it is to issue a currency endorsed by the government, and then sell it to the common people, give the common people some governance scenarios, and obtain a sum of money, which is equivalent to a bond endorsed by the government, but the use and liquidity of cryptocurrency is obviously much higher than that of bonds. this traditional financing tool.

Since April 1, professional investors have made a net profit of 12,717 ETH in NFT transactions, and the ETH earned is likely to form a certain selling pressure on the market, which is one of the reasons why Ethereum did not continue to be strong in the early stage. The otherdeed series, which exploded some time ago, exceeded 800 million US dollars in transaction volume, but the floor price continued to fall, indicating that after the opening of the market, the NFTs obtained by airdrops were sold off in large quantities. It is expected that there will be no reversal trend in the short term.

Sister Mutou said that in the future, the proportion of Bitcoin allocation by institutional investors may increase to 2.5%. At present, the proportion of institutional investors participating in encrypted allocation is very low. Once a clearer regulatory structure is obtained in the future, there will be a large number of institutional investors allocation. cryptocurrency. The focus is still to wait for US supervision, and the implementation of supervision will be widely adopted.

Panic 23, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The inflow of Bitcoin exchanges has reached a 3-month high. There have been several recharges to Coinbase recently, resulting in an increase in this value. In fact, the total is more than 50 million US dollars, which can be digested in minutes. Bitcoin is still competing for the top of 35,000 in the short term. It is expected that there will not be much selling pressure during the weekend in Europe and the United States, and it is expected to continue to fluctuate above 36,000.

ETH: 2.0 pledge has accounted for 10% of the total circulating supply, and the amount of locked positions continues to increase. At the same time, the trading volume of investors who are losing money has increased significantly, hitting a new high in 3.5 years, which means that the number of investors who surrendered to Ethereum has reached 3. The highest in a year and a half, which belongs to panic selling pressure, and is easy to become a staged bottom signal. Continue to link up in the short term.

DOGE: The founder of Amazon has followed the Twitter of the founder of Dogecoin, but this does not mean anything. It is just the beginning of interest. There are still a lot of uncertainties before Dogecoin can be included in the Amazon ecosystem. It is still weak in the short term. Does not participate.

GMT: The number of shoe castings in the past day was 9751, and the growth rate has dropped significantly. Therefore, regardless of today’s rise in GMT, it should be time to consider profit-taking.

IMX: Ouyi supports the NFT transaction of the IMX protocol. Recently, this second-layer network has been favored by many platforms, and it is also supported by large capital investment. This position should be regarded as an undervalued position in the long run, and some can be considered.

ADA: The number of holding addresses reached 5.2 million, and the number of long-term holders increased from 529,000 to 679,000. The data looks very lively, but in fact the total number is not high, and the long-term holders are likely to be out of belief, and it is still not good after a short-term rebound, and there is still room for correction.

Sideways, weekend syndrome.

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