[Mad man says trend]It may test the 20,000 mark down tonight

[Mad man says trend]It may test the 20,000 mark down tonight

Madman says…

Biden said that there will be no recession in the U.S. economy. The world is like this. The president of the United States can still talk nonsense with his eyes open. The Fed will continue to raise and tighten interest rates, which will cause a large number of U.S. debts to default. Borrowing countries, raising interest rates will make debt more serious, so no one in the United States wants to tighten monetary policy, but if the current high inflation continues, there will be serious financial stability problems, so from the overall point of view, only Abandoning the economy to maintain social stability, economic recession is almost inevitable, if there is another reason for him, it may be that with the strong rise of the dollar, the global currency will return to the United States benignly, and the profitability of American companies will be made. Strengthening will eventually help the growth of the US economy, but the rate of increase in the dollar in a tightening state is still not comparable to the rate of increase in water releases, and the global trade chain will undergo a lot of changes as a result, so this kind of economic stability is not sustainable in the short term. The only way to change is to start the water again.

Figures from the UK’s National Crime Agency show that no cryptocurrencies were seized in 2020-2021, while $27 million in crypto assets were seized in 2021-2022, more than physical assets and fiat currency, illustrating the rapid pace of cryptocurrencies in the UK’s criminal system From 0 to the first, it reflects the importance of cryptocurrencies in crime and other black production from the side, which is also one of the original values ​​of encrypted assets. For our investors, these are not black and white, but investment is not enough. for better money.

In the second quarter, the supply of encrypted stablecoins dropped by US$35.1 billion, the largest quarterly drawdown in history of 18.8%, indicating that the market did not have large Chinese funds willing to participate in the second quarter, and overseas funds could directly exchange encrypted assets through various channels. This wave of de-sinicization is too thorough, and the incremental users are even more different, but at this time, it is often an excellent layout opportunity.

Venture capital funds from various institutions have also begun to wait and see. Due to the continued downturn in the market, various VC companies such as Coinbase and binance have also suspended investment, which will reduce the valuation of most projects in the second half of the year, which will lead to high valuations in the secondary market. The decline of the concept is that those tokens that have experienced a lot of time baptism and have passed through the bulls and bears will be unscathed in such a cycle, because their bubbles have already been punctured, but the stage of waiting for value discovery is different.


MicroStrategy became the first company to register a Bitcoin 401k pension account with Fidelity. Fidelity’s pension account includes investments in encrypted assets. For this reason, Fidelity was also hotly discussed in the previous filing. MicroStrategy has always been a cryptocurrency. Supporters, making this decision is no exception and expect more companies to participate and embrace it.

Panic 26, close to extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: U.S. stocks weakened independently after the close overnight, which is related to after-hours futures. It seems that in the days before and after the interest rate decision, U.S. stocks are likely to fluctuate first and then rise, so it is possible to continue to move towards the integer mark of 20,000 tonight. Going to challenge, the room for falling is getting smaller and smaller, and after repeated shocks at the bottom, it will regain its upward trend.

Ethereum: The average inflow of MA7 into exchanges in 1h hit a record high, which is mainly due to the large inflow during the day today. The logic of the inflow is not clear, but the weak decline of ETH has become a fact, and there is an expectation that the market will continue to pull back. Support At 1350, the pain point of the No. 29 large option is around 1400, so it is also a high probability that it will go down first and then go up.

UNI: The single-day transaction fee is 3 times higher than the Ethereum network transfer fee, and the value will be gradually displayed, with short-term linkage and callback, and long-term upward change.

WNXM: The project provides insurance services for Ethereum pledge. The blockchain insurance project can only serve digital assets at present. As long as it involves physical objects on the chain, it is a false proposition. Therefore, from this perspective, as long as the insurance in the Defi field can be continuously developed, the future The city can look forward to it.

ETC: Buterin said in his recent speech that ETC is a very good chain, and users who like POW can consider switching computing power to ETC. Buterin’s words confirmed our conclusion at the time. The biggest beneficiary of the ETH2.0 upgrade is ETC. On the way to this round of ETH’s rise, ETC has risen even more sharply. There are speculations in the market outlook, so you can continue to hold it.

The market has returned to weakness recently, waiting for a bullish signal to appear before participating. In principle, 20000 can be fully supported.

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