[Mad man says trend]Looking forward to returning to 22,000 at night, this bottom will be more stable

[Mad man says trend]Looking forward to returning to 22,000 at night, this bottom will be more stable

Madman says…

At 2 a.m. tonight, the Fed will decide whether to raise interest rates by 75 basis points or 100 basis points. At present, the probability of 75 basis points is 75%, and the probability of 100 basis points is 25%. The US interest rate market is aggressively increasing volatility, and it is certain that the Fed’s forward guidance will not give It is a clear signal that this time the interest rate decision is obviously difficult to make. First, the CPI is expected to decline, and second, the continuous sharp interest rate hike will seriously damage the economy. However, since the inflation data does not fall, it is not easy to relax. Whether it is raising interest rates by 75 basis points (relatively loose) or by 100 basis points (relatively aggressive), both are not small interest rate hikes. The difference is that the former is in line with expectations. Bears, let’s wait for the result of the night together, the volatility will not be too small tonight.

South Korean prosecutors issued an entry notification order for Do Kwon and banned LUNA executives from leaving the country. Currently, prosecutors are discussing with Interpol about the possibility of issuing a red notice to extradite Do Kwon. The brothers are all pitted, quite unrighteous, at least not a decent gentleman, I hope that the Hongtong in South Korea will quickly arrest him and bring him to justice in order to return the innocence of the victims of LUNA and UST.

The chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission said in his speech that Americans are increasingly interested in digital assets, and in the future, encrypted assets are likely to become part of the mainstream financial investment portfolio in the United States. Since the regulators have caught up with cryptocurrency, they have begun to warm the crypto market. After all, the interests are tied up, so regulation must be good for the crypto market.

The IMF report shows that the sell-off in cryptocurrencies will have no impact on global financial stability. Facts have indeed proved this. This round of crypto market slashed from more than 2 trillion to hundreds of billions of dollars in an instant. It did not have much impact on the traditional financial market, not even a liquidity crisis. The market is still It’s too small, and the future is full of potential.


The Indian crypto trading platform Kuber cancelled the Bitcoin transaction fee, which took the back road of Binance. The global crypto market has begun a zero-commission traffic war, and the era of involution has officially begun. However, in India, no matter how the transaction fee is reduced or exempted, it will not be able to offset the high transaction tax of the government, so it is basically meaningless.

The survey shows that more than half of the respondents in South Africa have little understanding of cryptocurrencies. If this survey is conducted in China, there may be more. After all, most of the domestic currency speculators are still young people, and the relatively elderly and non-urban population basically do not hear about cryptocurrencies. The four words of currency represent potential.

ARK sold some Coinbase stocks. This lady Mutou bought at 150 and sold at 50. She is also a proper big leek. She only saw the small cycle, but did not see the power of the macro. It is better to recognize the loss and be out than to die.

Panic 28, has eased.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: If the interest rate hike by 75 basis points is successful at night, it is likely to start a rebound, and it is recommended to hold it.

Ethereum: It is strong again today. Under the expectation of 2.0, if the market rises, it will still lead the market. After all, today’s ETC has been launched first.

MATIC: The number of unique addresses in the second quarter increased by 12% to 5.34 million. The overall development is still good. After the adjustment, it is expected to start a second wave of rebound.

SHIB: Google search volume has dropped to a one-year low, which means that retail investors have lost their temper.

Looking forward to returning to 22000 at night, this bottom will be more stable.

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This article[The Crazy Talks Trend]I look forward to returning to 22,000 at night, so that the bottom will be more stable and first appear on the blocker.


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