[Mad man says trend]Optimistic about the upside of 40,000 tonight, and another shock around 40,000


Madman says…

The President of Uzbekistan has issued a crypto regulation that defines terms such as crypto assets, exchanges and mining, and identifies the main regulator of the industry, and citizens will be able to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies from 2023. Yet another new nation has backed the crypto world, and we can see that adoption across nations is entering a state of bloom.

The trading volume of Boring Ape NFT increased by more than 100% month-on-month again yesterday. Among them, Cai Wensheng, Lin Jiapeng, and Zhang Liao participated in the acquisition work. The current floor price remains above 120ETH, and the previous highest has exceeded 100 ETH. 160ETH, due to the launch of the metaverse Otherside, many participants have a FOMO mood, hoping to get the core plot of the metaverse. Although the wealth effect of the currency circle is endless, the final result is actually similar. This monkey picture has increased by nearly a thousand times in more than a year. It is difficult for a madman to imagine how it can increase. Those who can come up with 3 million yuan to take over the order have at least tens of millions or hundreds of millions of assets. How many rich people in the world are there in total, and how long can this consensus last? Maybe it’s time for the bubble to collapse for a while. The result of all this is the same as the ICO in 2017. It just took away your Ethereum in disguise. In the end, a few years later, I looked back and found that the generals of Changsheng are still Bitcoin and Ethereum. Square.

The capacity of the Bitcoin Lightning Network has exceeded 3,700 bitcoins, a new record high. The more nodes and capacity of the Lightning Network, the better the future payment system and efficiency of Bitcoin. There are already many exchanges that support Bitcoin Lightning Network transactions. , such as the larger exchanges such as Robinhood, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, OKX, etc., the transaction fees on the Bitcoin chain will be greatly reduced in the future, laying a good foundation for micropayment and inclusive finance.

Wikipedia stopped accepting cryptocurrency donations and also stopped Bitpay payments, preventing crypto as a means of donation. The logic of the stop is simple, crypto donations are only $860,000 in the past year, accounting for 0.08% of their total. The main reason is that the proportion is too small and has little meaning. As the adoption rate of encryption expands in the future, the madman believes that Wikipedia will regret this decision and accept encrypted payment again.


Opensea’s trading volume was $333 million yesterday, an increase of 253%, and LooksRare surpassed $80 million yesterday, a record high. It is no surprise that these two are the future NFT head exchanges, and there may be new subversions in the future, but this time advantage is extremely important.

Dubai businesses accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method in the future. For businesses in the UAE, under the aegis of the policy hotbed, they must be willing to accept cryptocurrency payments. After all, its convenience and adoption rate are on the rise. For the merchants themselves, there is no other loss. .

Equinox, a luxury fitness club in the United States, will accept cryptocurrency for payment by cooperating with Bitpay. The higher the adoption rate, the larger Bitpay’s encrypted pool will be, and the smaller the circulation will be, which is more conducive to rising.

Panic 28, has eased.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: This position can stop falling strongly, indicating that the capital has a certain period of time for the opening of US stocks today. With the continuous acceleration and plummeting, the shorts of US stocks should take a rest, so I am optimistic about the upside of 40,000 tonight, and again. Shock around 40,000.

ETH: It is still linked to the market, and it is expected to have a strong linkage again.

ENS: The total number of registered domain names has exceeded 1 million, and the daily transaction volume has increased by 10.96%. This increase is difficult to support the continued strength of the current currency price. It is expected that it will take some grinding, and then see whether the volume of domain names can continue to grow effectively, in order to judge the continued strength in the future. Possibilities should not be chased at the moment.

XRP: The SEC hopes that the lawsuit with XRP will be fully concluded before Christmas. This advance is good news for XRP. After all, it has been suffering for several years, and the currency price has been under the haze of this lawsuit. If there is no huge negative impact on XRP, there will undoubtedly be a compensatory increase, and in the second half of the year, there will be funds coming in in advance for speculation.

Recently, the encryption market is obviously much more resistant than US stocks. Once US stocks recover, the market will start a counter-offensive.

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