[Mad man says trend]Short-term 20000-21000 range shock

[Mad man says trend]Short-term 20000-21000 range shock

Madman says…

The U.S. dollar index has reached a new high, reaching the 110 integer mark. The strong dollar is sweeping the world’s currencies. With the rise of the dollar, the U.S. economy will be farther and farther away from other countries. As the US dollar continues to raise interest rates, the European Union is the most uncomfortable big economy. The coordinated interest rate hikes, the economic collapse, and the uncoordinated interest rate hikes, the currency depreciates sharply, and it can’t make ends meet. Commerzbank believes that the European Central Bank will raise interest rates by 75 basis points for the first time in September, and the current probability is close to 75%. This is the first time in the history of the European Central Bank to raise interest rates by such a large amount. During the period of 1992, the Bundesbank raised interest rates by 75 basis points. Data like this suggests that we are at the inflection point of a multi-decade cycle, and for most of us, we have not experienced such a large economic cycle, but history tells us that this is the time to reduce spending and investment and allocate assets in value assets Among them, waiting for the recovery of the economy and the resupply of money is a better choice. Of course, there is no relationship between China and the United States, and the tightening of Western countries has not slowed down the growth of our currency, so domestic investment is business as usual, and global assets need to take a longer-term perspective to participate.

The EU crypto asset MiCA regulatory documents may be ready within 6 weeks, and any crypto service providers with more than 15 million active users will be regulated at the European level. The crypto regulation in Europe is finally coming to fruition, which is a huge long-term positive for the market. , With the clear supervision in Europe, many super investment institutions can enter the market to participate in encrypted investment, which will bring larger incremental funds to the market.

The number of addresses holding more than 1 bitcoin has reached a record high, with more than 900,000, and there are 21 million bitcoins in total. What many people dream of is to save a big pie until the end of the world, which is not enough for 7 billion people on the earth to divide it up, just like data As shown, Bitcoin has fallen by 70% this year, but 62% of Bitcoin addresses have not moved at all. The existence of these beliefs is the basis of Bitcoin’s consensus. It’s only a matter of time before it rises.

Bloomberg said that it is only 2 years before the next big explosion of Bitcoin. Bloomberg’s remarks are still quite radical. Although the big cycle of Bitcoin is true, it is still necessary to respect the macro environment of the United States. Let’s go and see, in any case, The total economic volume is always moving forward, and it is correct to hold it for a long time.


The trading volume of bitcoin futures contracts in August fell below $1 trillion, hitting a 21-month low. The market was so deserted that no one even played the contract. This trend means that a change is coming.

The survey shows that young people in the UK are less interested in cryptocurrencies than expected, especially for NFTs, with 70% of young people thinking that NFTs are scams. In fact, NFT also depends on consensus. If young people in the future have the need to display collections in the digital world, or the metaverse can develop as scheduled, then NFT will have a future. If young people do not have this demand at all, it is a false proposition. The madman thinks, NFT still has future development. After all, after many things are on the chain, it is easier to satisfy people’s vanity. NFT can instantly make the whole world cast envious eyes on someone.

The proportion of BNB’s market value has reached the highest level in history, while the proportion of Bitcoin has hit a low of nearly 50 months. The former still has long-term investment value, while the latter requires some innovation or new acceptance to have the opportunity to make up for the market value, such as legal Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin spot ETFs, Bitcoin as national legal tender and more.

Panic 25, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: still retain the view of bottom shock, short-term 20000-21000 range shock.

Ethereum: Brother Sun’s address has increased over 20,000 ETHs in the past 4 days. Brother Sun is a famous band king. His increase in holdings has given the market a lot of confidence, and he is optimistic about the recent trend of Ethereum.

ADA: Robinhood is listed on ADA, which will boost the price of the currency, and it is expected to make up for it in the near future.

ENS: A total of 300,000 new domain names were registered in August, with a total contract revenue of $4.7 million. The number of users is quite large, but the earning power is really poor. Fortunately, this position is not high, so keep holding it.

IMX: Launching a pledge product, 20% of the agreement fee will be provided to IMX pledgers, which is expected to boost the currency price in the short term.

It is estimated that there will be no major fluctuations in US stocks in the evening. Both the positive and the negative are within expectations, and the linkage shock is the main.

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