[Mad man says trend]Short-term bad landing, is expected to hit 40,000 in the evening


Madman says…

The Fed will raise interest rates by 50 basis points, which is in line with expectations, and excludes the possibility of raising interest rates by 75 basis points in the next few times (exceeding expectations). Powell said that there will be a good soft landing method, and the follow-up inflation target is still 2% , the neutral interest rate will be 2-3%, the current distance is still far away, and the balance sheet will be reduced from June, reducing 60 billion U.S. Treasury bonds and 35 billion mortgage-backed securities every month, which is a relatively dovish signal and belongs to the super market. part of the expectation. In addition to announcing a 50-basis-point rate hike, the Fed also released a relatively dovish signal, causing U.S. stocks, crude oil, and crypto markets to rise to varying degrees overnight. This is the art of the Fed.

Another interesting thing yesterday is that Musk changed his Twitter avatar to a BAYC avatar. There are 107 monkeys auctioned by Sotheby’s in the avatar. Then the person in charge of Sotheby’s expressed his hope that Musk would delete himself as Sotheby’s. The avatar map produced by the auction, and then Musk said, seems to be a bit homogenous. Musk’s semi-sarcastic response suggested that the avatar NFT has no value, and anyone can change it to an avatar worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The token APE therefore took a roller coaster ride, and a group of investors yelled.

Cryptocurrencies like overnight bitcoin have more use cases:

The famous Gucci will accept cryptocurrency payments in some stores in the United States at the end of this month. Will this be the beginning of luxury goods entering cryptocurrency?


The mayor of the southern Swiss city of Lugano announced that Bitcoin will become the legal currency of local Italian-speaking residents, and another city has chosen Bitcoin;

Bentley University in the United States accepts BTC.ETH and USDC to pay tuition fees, and the embrace of American colleges and universities is also accelerating;

Singaporean restaurant Maison Ikkoku accepts bitcoin as a payment method, and crypto adoption in Singapore is on the rise; Argentine digital bank Brubank offers crypto trading services, first listing only BTC, ETH, USDC and DAI; South Korea’s Kakao Bank plans to offer bitcoin and encryption related services.

The Governor of California has signed a blockchain executive order intended to create a transparent regulatory and business world for WEB3 companies. Since the UAE has fully embraced the encryption industry, many large global encryption companies have relocated their headquarters. The reason is that it has a transparent regulatory and business environment. Today, California, as a global innovation center, naturally hopes to attract talents back. Here is the The real cradle of the technology industry, this document will also provide a hotbed for the development of the encryption industry.

The International Monetary Fund believes that the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender in the Central African Republic is worrying. This IMF is literally the biggest opponent of Bitcoin, because Bitcoin has subverted all the power they have, this institution should be weak in the legs now, watching the power slip away with nothing to do.

Binance France is officially approved to register as a French digital asset provider. The madman feels that Binance has once again chosen the right time to embrace compliance. Binance is making the right choice every step of the way. It used to be the world’s No. 1 by relying on the wandering latecomers, and now it is on the road to No. 1. Going further, this is a true global unicorn.

The Nasdaq CEO expressed interest in working with cryptocurrency companies and is evaluating the regulatory environment and institutional needs. The biggest problem here is still regulation. As long as the US regulation is clear, a large number of traditional institutions pouring into the cryptocurrency market will become a quick and necessary option.

The Minister of Finance of El Salvador said that the issuance date of Bitcoin bonds has not yet been determined, and this small pool has not yet formed, but the impact on the market is more meaningful than substantive, just like the first time El Salvador included Bitcoin as legal tender it’s the same.

Coinbase opens beta NFT marketplace to all users. It is equivalent to opening the public beta, so it will continue to promote its underlying public chain ZRX, you can pay attention to it.

Panic 27, has eased.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: 40000 It is very normal for this position to fluctuate. With the landing of short-term bad news, it is expected to effectively stand in the evening.

ETH: Strong linkage.

ENS: Buterin pushed him again. During the interview, Buterin said that ENS is the most successful non-financial Ethereum application so far. rest.

GMT: The newly minted 14159 shoes in the past 24 hours still maintain a high growth rate, so the position of $3 should be able to withstand, and there is a chance to form a high-level box.

CHZ: The fan token platform Socios has reached a cooperation with the American Major League Soccer, which means that a large number of fans will be involved. The bottom layer of the platform is completely dependent on CHZ, so there is a chance to bottom out.

SOL: Solana Pay has launched the transaction request function to realize two-way interaction between merchants and consumers. The vicinity of 80 should be a staged bottom, and it is not easy to continue to new lows in the short term.

TRX: USDD is officially issued. It can cross to ETH or BNB chain and use TRON as a reserve. Therefore, as long as USDD is used, TRON will have a price increase logic.

DOT: The launch of the inter-parachain communication protocol XCM is a small upgrade. It is currently in the bottom area, and there is momentum to continue upward.

AVAX: Valkyrie has opened the Avalanche Trust. All the funds in the trust are used to invest in AVAX tokens. There is no problem with the fundamentals of Avalanche, and the bottom is the main rebound.

Tonight, as long as there is no black swan, it will return to the original point and continue to be optimistic.

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This article[The Crazy Talks Trend]is short-term negative, and it is expected to hit 40,000 in the evening. It first appeared on the block guest.


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