[Mad man says trend]The advantage of long funds is very obvious, and it is expected to have a chance to attack 22000 this weekend

[Mad man says trend]The advantage of long funds is very obvious, and it is expected to have a chance to attack 22000 this weekend

Madman says…

Powell’s overnight speech is still hawkish, he said he will continue to take tough measures to curb inflation. After this speech, the probability of the Fed raising interest rates by 75 basis points in September increased to 86%. At the same time, yesterday, the European Central Bank also announced a rate hike. 75 basis points, the largest rate hike by the European Central Bank since 1999. It seems that the market is full of bears, but the market does not fall but rises. This is the characteristic of the bottom. The crazy dollar will not keep going crazy, and the encryption will not keep falling. Since the dollar index hit 110, the pressure has increased sharply. After that, it also fell back quickly today, and the Nasdaq futures continued to rebound. All these signs show that the darkest moment has passed, and the market has already included these expectations into the price. Every negative landing will be the release of positive expectations, and Bitcoin has started to lead the market. The signal of the rising starting point of the wave, we should pay more attention to the market.

The chairman of the Financial Committee of the Russian State Duma has called for the legalization of cross-border payments of cryptocurrencies. At present, the Russian Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank have agreed, and it needs to be confirmed by the authorities in the future. In this way, the legalization of encrypted payment in Russia has basically been finalized. Today’s rising trend of Bitcoin is likely to come from the layout of traditional Russian institutions. Our daytime rises unilaterally almost all day (in line with Russian working hours), regardless of the cost of buying Investment and allocation, this is a huge financial force, and it is definitely not done by ordinary institutions.

Franklin Templeton will provide a crypto asset strategy, which will open in mid-October, mainly investing in the top 10-15 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, with Bitcoin and Ethereum accounting for 25% of the portfolio, which is also a huge increase in October, Franklin Deng said. Puton manages 1.3 trillion US dollars of assets, and any 1% is enough to drink a pot in the currency circle. The fourth quarter is still worth looking forward to.

Goldman Sachs research report shows that Coinbase will generate a lot of income through ETH pledge. You must know that exchanges have pools of various cryptocurrencies, especially for some exchanges that do not pay much attention to compliance. Multi-risk, this is a very good way for exchanges to increase revenue, and it is a good thing for exchanges, and some platform coins should benefit indirectly from this.


According to a survey in Europe, more than 75% of wealth management institutions plan to adopt cryptocurrencies, indicating that there is still room for growth and demand in the future. This position belongs to the value investment area. Whether you want to buy it depends on everyone’s perception.

The White House Office of Science and Technology said that crypto mining hinders U.S. climate commitments and carbon pollution, and action should be taken to reduce pollution from production. It seems that the mining industry in the United States is not doing well. This is a small negative for the market. The higher the mining cost, the greater the demand for currency sales.

British officials expressed their hope that the United Kingdom will become the first choice for talents in the encryption field. It seems that the new Prime Minister has really changed his face after taking office. The idea of ​​the United Kingdom becoming a cryptocurrency center has been opened again, which is a boost to the future scale of the market.

In the past 3 months, the number of weekly active developers in the crypto industry has decreased by more than 26%, especially the major public chains such as ETH, DOT, SOL, and ATOM, which shows that the market downturn has made people lose confidence, and even developers cannot see it. Hope has retreated, let alone investors. In this desperate market, opportunities often correspond.

Among the top 100 Ethereum giant whales, stETH rose to fourth, and the top three were ETH, USDC, and USDT. This shows that the giant whale is not only optimistic about the future of ETH, but also has begun to arbitrage stETH. After all, it is still discounted by about 5%. Once the merger is completed in the future, these discounts will gradually equalize. For the ETH standard, it is a steady profit.

Panic 22, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Today’s rise has directly liberated all the chips that have been stuck in the past half a month. Even so, it is still strong without a callback, indicating that the advantage of long funds is very obvious. This situation will continue to rise. The pressure above is above 22000. There is a chance to attack.

ETH: Addresses holding more than 10,000 coins have reached a 3-month high, and the giant whales are still increasing their positions. The recent increase in bitcoin is linked to the rise. After the merger and ex-rights, there is a high probability that it will return to strength.

SAND: DBS Bank announced its cooperation with SAND, and there is still hope for the future.

ENS: Buterin thinks that it is possible to conduct annual fee bidding for ENS domain names to increase the income of ENS DAO. Even Buterin has come up with an idea. It can be seen how poor the governance of ENS is. This is also the reason why the currency price has been at the bottom. Slowly getting better, after all, the fundamentals are not bad.

KAVA: Both Curve and Sushi are listed on the KAVA public chain, indicating that the recent development is still good, and it is expected to climb out from the bottom.

SHIB: The giant whale purchased 3.37 trillion SHIB in one transaction, worth US$42.76 million. This amount is really not small. He must be logical to buy it, and he should be patient.

AXS: Continue to introduce new features and release Alpha games for landholders. There is no incremental increase, and the stock has begun to be tossed. If this continues, it will continue to decline in the shock, and there is no new expectation.

The proportion of the market value of the pie will be eaten back by a wave of blood sucking. At this time, the probability of exchanging Bitcoin to outperform other currencies is high.

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