[Mad man says trend]The bulls are obviously stronger than the bears recently, and continue to see the rebound before accelerating

[The madman talks about the trend]Slowly fluctuating down, it is expected to have no direction today and tomorrow

Madman says…

US consumer inflation expectations have fallen from a 14-year high, indicating that the pre-inflation indicator has fallen, which will largely guide the CPI in June to decrease. Therefore, the Fed will consider slowing down the rate of interest rate hikes, and the market is affected by this value. Vibration, somewhat warmer. However, Fed Vice Chairman Bullard still believes that it is necessary to raise interest rates in advance, and wants to raise interest rates to 3.5% by the end of this year to better curb inflation, but apparently his idea was not recognized by the market, and US stocks continued to rebound sharply overnight. Drive the risk market to continue to strengthen, while the crypto market is going up in small steps. As long as the rebound does not accelerate, the rise will not end, and continue to wait for the end of the trending oversold rebound.

The UK is considering introducing crypto assets into the investment transaction list to support the development of the crypto asset management industry. Once crypto is included in the list, it means that the fund can provide a crypto investment portfolio and enjoy preferential tax policies to encourage crypto companies to establish in the UK. This is a very friendly policy, and the UK should also become the center of the encrypted economy, which can attract more entities to enter and promote the country’s economic development.

U.S. users can directly purchase cryptocurrencies on the Crypto.com exchange through Apple Pay, and Brazilian payment providers cooperate with Binance to provide cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal services for user accounts. Withdrawing cryptocurrencies is becoming a trend, and soon digital fiat currencies will also be fully connected with cryptocurrencies.

The CEO of Binance USA said that 70% of the trading volume comes from institutions. Although Binance is not a large crypto exchange in the United States, the data of 70% of institutions should be common, indicating that the US crypto market is still dominated by institutions. It is not difficult to understand why the linkage with the US stock market was so strong some time ago, and now the institutions are almost smashed, and the recovery of the market will continue in the future.


Cryptocurrency and blockchain companies raised $26.4 billion in the first five months of this year, which is three times the amount in the same period last year, showing that the crypto market is still booming, and this capital will not be injected without a future. When the potential of the industry is reached, this bet is made. So don’t think too much, hold it patiently, the future rise is worth looking forward to.

Rising NBA star Sheldon Sharp said in an interview that he might invest his money in cryptocurrencies, or help my family. This is what a reporter will do after he gets an NBA salary. The answer he gave shows that in the world of young Americans, the crypto market is still the first choice for investment, after all, there are broader investment opportunities here.

Panic 14, the extreme panic has not been lifted due to the rebound.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: There are nearly 870,000 Bitcoin addresses with more than 1 piece, a record high. As the currency price falls, many people are willing to buy a pie as part of their asset allocation. Now this price is acceptable to most working people. It can be seen that the bulls are significantly stronger than the bears recently, continue to watch the rebound before accelerating, and hold it patiently.

ETH: The rebound of the public chain in the past two days is very strong. If ETH can break through the 1250 platform, it may rebound to above 1500. It is difficult to have a big selling pressure at this position.

UNI: In the past week, the transaction fee on UNI has exceeded the network transfer fee of Ethereum. Recently, UNI has acquired the NFT platform again, and the transaction volume has recovered, which has had a great positive effect on the entire protocol. The value currency will shine sooner or later. , hold it patiently.

Public chains like MATIC and SOL are also worthy of attention at a low level. A large amount of funds are rushing in. Due to the deep decline and far from the pressure level, the subsequent rebound may continue to be stronger than most currencies.

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