[Mad man says trend]The expected big sun line may not be far away

[Mad man says trend]The expected big sun line may not be far away

Madman says…

Laomei was busy with the National Day holiday, and it was quiet and silent. In the industry, it continued to clean up the aftermath of leverage. This wave of slumps collapsed too much leverage, amplifying the liquidity run of the industry to the extreme. No matter how much it falls, it is difficult to have a big catalyst, so although this position will not rise immediately, it is also an absolute value area. While others are picking up the pieces, Changpeng Zhao is busy saving the market. Binance is negotiating acquisitions with more than 50 crypto companies. When most companies have cash flow problems, Binance, the cash cow, appeared and once again consolidated itself by acquiring high-quality assets. It is obvious that Binance will continue to dominate the crypto world in the future. We have not seen any events that have turned into a downturn. Therefore, the track of the exchange will eventually continue to move closer to the top, and the long-term future of its platform currency The value will also continue to exist. As long as Binance can do a good job in compliance and does not oppose the governments of various countries, its track advantage is extremely obvious. In the next round of rising, Binance will surpass itself again and rise to a new level.

The company a16z has done the same thing as CZ, and its co-creation said that cryptocurrency has changed the world too radically. Although most people will be nervous and emotional about hearing about the new form of money, it is good at thinking backwards. Investor opportunity, he is happy to see these criticisms, because it will bring huge benefits to the investment company. a16z is also a relatively pure investment company in the currency circle. Whether it can eventually become a giant in the VC world depends on whether the encryption industry can break through and the Phoenix Nirvana.

Celsius lowered its bitcoin liquidation price to $12,242 through various repayments. This price is much less risky for the company, but the biggest problem is that it is easy to be targeted by short sellers. Over time, the company was able to push the liquidation price even lower, making the bears lose all confidence in their blows.

Analysts of Duke Energy, the second largest public utility company in the United States, began to study Bitcoin mining, indicating that these energy industries have begun to think about entering mining when the market is down. After all, this is a very profitable industry. Historically, it is also a return cycle. A very short, profitable business.


MicroStrategy CEO said it is ready to weather the ongoing storm and will buy more bitcoin, he believes bitcoin will become the new Wall Street, will hold as much bitcoin as possible, the company’s bitcoin liquidation price Below $4,000, there is little chance of being liquidated at the moment.

The Mexican senator proposed a bill to make Bitcoin legal tender in the country. Just proposing the bill is still far from the ground, but the country of Mexico has the motivation to use Bitcoin as legal currency, but this kind of decision may also require Bitcoin Coins climbed to a new level.

Avon Wildlife Park in England accepts bitcoin payments, and bitcoin’s lightning network will definitely create bitcoin’s inclusive finance, which is a good global payment currency.

Panic 11, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The number of addresses holding more than one Bitcoin reached 875,799, a record high, and the Bitcoin hash rate did not drop significantly. It shows that the consensus of Bitcoin has not been destroyed, and the future trend will be destined to be strong. At noon, when no one was there, the market had a double explosion of long and short positions, clearing the high leverage, and the market was still fluctuating. The expected big Yang line may not be far away.

ETH: linkage shock.

ENS: With the continuous extension of WEB3, more individuals hope to own a blockchain domain name. The transaction volume of ENS domain name has reached the first place in Opensea24h. When the market is down, one can see the long-term resilience and value of a project, and it is expected to remain independent in the short term. Strong Quotes.

Change the disk to wait until the end of the National Day of the United States, continue to grind it.

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