[Mad man says trend]The iron bottom of 30,000 was ruthlessly broken, and the short-term rebound is still expected to be full


Madman says…

Last night, the US CPI exceeded expectations, which was unexpected. The expected value was 8.1, and the data came out to be 8.3%, which caused some Fed officials to sit still and shout that they will take immediate action to curb inflation. President Biden also expressed a view on this, believing that reducing inflation is the top economic task at the moment, and I believe the Federal Reserve can do it well. The U.S. stock market was once again frightened, but in the end, the decline of the U.S. stock market has narrowed, and even if there is a negative situation, it will not fall. In the past 30 days, the correlation between Bitcoin and Nasdaq has reached 82%, and the linkage is extremely strong, hitting a record high in July 2020. A new high since the month, so if the currency circle wants to stabilize, it needs some support from the US stock market.

Another major event is UST and LUNA. The official issued a document to activate the emergency plan No. 1164, and directly destroy UST through various methods. For LUNA, it adopts the method of abandoning the family and protecting the soldiers. In any case, the UST must be protected from death. LUNA, with a market value of 2 billion, wants to protect the selling pressure of more than 10 billion UST. The spiral can only continue. Even if it has fallen to 0.1 US dollars, it can still fall at will. On the way to zero, there is no bottom until UST really Going back to a value close to $1, it is obviously extremely difficult to use a small market value to plug the hole with a large market value, so it is not surprising that LUNA continues to fall, just wait and see. When the founder of LUNA was in high spirits 8 days ago, he said in an interview that 95% of cryptocurrency companies would disappear. He didn’t expect that the clown would be himself after 8 days. The changes in the currency circle are amazing. The financial empire collapsed in an instant.

With the UST storm, stablecoins have also attracted the attention of U.S. regulators. The SEC chairman said that some stablecoins belonged to exchanges, so they evaded supervision. sex, while former SEC officials called for regulation to investigate stablecoins. It is just like this that USDT, which has not been regulated and recognized, encountered a wave of runs. The run started from Curve’s 3Pool pool, and USDT quickly tilted to more than 85%, triggering large-scale risk transmission and eventually panic selling. Binance USDC/USDT rose by up to 13%, and then the market value of USDC directly surpassed BNB and jumped to the fourth place. After that, it was quickly moved back by the arbitrage market. The current increase has narrowed to 2%, and the risk of significant decoupling has been basically eliminated. According to the Tether CTO, arbitrageurs cashed out $300 million from Tether.io in the past 24 hours, and the reserves are very sufficient. The madman wants to say that even if Tether is not a full margin, it is still very easy to take out tens of billions at random. This is fundamentally different from the empty glove of the algorithm stablecoin. Therefore, except for those pledged non-circulating disks, the risk of running is extremely low. , no need to panic.

A South Korean court has gained the backing of exchanges to include crypto assets in liquidation to prevent people from using cryptocurrencies to escape legal liability. It also means that South Korea recognizes cryptocurrencies as a true asset class that can be used to compensate for any economic strife.


Nubank, a Brazilian digital bank, is breathing new life into the market with the launch of bitcoin and ethereum transactions.

The spot ETF for the Australian Bitcoin and Ethereum trading pair is launched on Cboe, mainly tracking BTC/ETH and the Toronto Purpose BTC ETF, opening a new path for traditional Australian financial institutions to participate in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Emirates COO said it is inevitable that crypto payments will be accepted in the future, but did not say when.

FTX US applied for the FTX trust, opening up new investment methods for traditional American institutions. FTX’s career is booming in the United States, because it stands on the right team and high-level support for various businesses. On the other hand, Coinbase is relatively bleak. The bull of the Trump era Forcing a model.

The three ARK funds purchased 546,579 shares of Coinbase, continued to increase their positions in the currency circle, and were optimistic about the future development of the industry.

The 24-hour liquidation of Defi mortgage loans on the entire network reached 130 million US dollars, a new high this year, which also led to a short-term surge in the gas fee of Ethereum. If Ethereum falls to 1500 and 800, a large amount of funds will be liquidated in these two positions, but it is estimated that it is difficult to Plug it in.

21Shares has launched two Defi-focused ETPs. Recently, Defi has started to gain momentum. After two years, there is an opportunity to re-launch. Whether it is the supervision of the warm air or the active participation of institutions, there seems to be a good opportunity, and it should be a good position to build a position. .

The fear index is 12, which continues to be in the opportunity area.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: There are already a variety of mining machines that have reached the shutdown price. The income obtained from starting mining cannot cover the electricity bill. The balance of miners’ addresses has also hit a new low in nearly 4 months. The situation of miners selling coins to pay electricity bills has begun to appear. The puncture is broken, and there may be a copper bottom silver bottom gold bottom diamond bottom, but in any case, the short-term rebound is still expected.

ETH: Ethereum whales completed 2,596 transactions of more than US$1 million in a single day, which is a new high this year. The plunge has led to the crazy change of large funds, and it is expected to rebound in the evening.

MATIC: Facebook is cooperating with Polygon to enter WEB3. Facebook believes that MATIC has unlimited scalability, is very environmentally friendly, and has a good developer environment. This should be a big medium and long-term benefit.

The fall is so speechless that it happens several times a year, and then it will be repaired. As long as you dare to buy after hiding, it is often easy to get 10 times the return.

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