[Mad man says trend]The price has hardly changed, continue to watch the volatile market

[Mad man says trend]The price has hardly changed, continue to watch the volatile market

Madman says…

During the weekend when the U.S. stock market is closed, the volatility of the market is almost minimal. Therefore, during the weekend in Europe and the United States, we should also relax our minds and body, and we don’t have to pay attention to the market so anxiously. To do this, you only need to focus on the market during times of high volatility, which is more effective for short-term investors. There are always many choices in life, big and small. When you go far, you will find that many people know how to make money easily, but most people are unable to help themselves in their own lives and cannot view the current life from a more macro level. This is also Why do people always say that when the market is down, the capital bosses are often wandering around. When the cycle is up, they will come back to work harder than anyone else. Every choice is of course the realization of cognition, which requires sufficient accumulation. Make easy money. We can look farther, the present is just a process of accumulating our knowledge, and it is also a small step in a longer-term investment career. There is no need to worry too much about gains and losses.

The new social capital fund of billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya plans to raise $3 billion to invest in crypto projects. This is a relatively large amount of funds. Long-term development is recognized.

The VeChain Foundation shared its 2022 financial report showing that the foundation holds $535 million in Bitcoin, ETH, VET and stablecoins, with a 44% decline in the value of reserve assets compared to the first quarter, and more than $60 million in stablecoin reserves . It is not difficult to see that the VeChain Foundation is also a firm long-term holder of encryption and has made its own contribution to the long-term non-circulating market. There should be quite a few institutions in the currency circle, and these consensuses are also Bitcoin and Ethereum. the bottom line of value.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore said that in some meetings in Singapore, the projects advertised were completely risk-free, and these asset classes were not suitable for retail investors, and said it would crack down on cryptocurrency speculation. It seems that the threshold for holding conferences in Singapore will also be raised in the future, and the future of the project party who cut leeks will be difficult. At the same time, regulation will also limit the wealth-making effect of the currency circle and reduce the vitality of the market.


The President of Kazakhstan is considering incorporating cryptocurrencies into the payment system, giving full legal recognition, and is currently piloting the Astana International Financial Center, the capital of Kazakhstan, and the first transaction of fiat currency to buy cryptocurrencies has been completed. If there is opposition in the world, there is support. Every country has its own interests. This is the most difficult part of global supervision. The embrace of Kazakhstan is good news for most mines. After all, the weather in the country is very bad. Suitable for the survival of the mine.

Panic 20, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The price has hardly changed, continue to see the volatile market.

ETH: Until there is no new expectation, it is still mainly based on linkage.

SOL: The network has been interrupted again. This public chain has been interrupted many times before, and it has not been solved yet. Even so, it is still the top three of the current public chain. It shows how bad the infrastructure of cryptocurrency is. Therefore, it is said that the encryption technology is mature. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s still in the early stages. There is no new expectation as a whole, and it is still mainly fluctuating at a low level.

GRT: The data platform Messari will cooperate with GRT to launch WEB3 protocol indicators and data tools, and create basic data tools for the WEB3 ecosystem. GRT itself is the search engine of the blockchain. With these user data, it can also be used as it accumulates. There is still a chance to become a good application in the future.

IMX: The co-founder said that the tokens unlocked on November 5th will continue to be locked for one year. This unlocked token accounts for 12.74% of the total supply, which is a good positive. The short-term selling pressure is expected to disappear, and it can be closed. Note a wave.

The mood of small coins is also quite sluggish, so let’s treat it normally, this is the cycle we are in.

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