[Mad man says trend]There is no need to panic at this position, it is probably a lower shadow at night

[The madman talks about the trend]Slowly fluctuating down, it is expected to have no direction today and tomorrow

Madman says…

In today’s market, the brains are buzzing. The market value of cryptocurrencies has directly fallen below 1 trillion US dollars, breaking the integer mark. Such a valuable future currency will actually fall to this point. No one believed it before. At the same time, that Starq’s pre-market futures also continued to fall, falling more than 3%, hitting a new low in this round of declines. Regarding the current super-inflation in the United States, the market has already given an expectation that the interest rate will be raised at least once by 75 basis points before September. The panic in the risk market has rapidly intensified, and an accelerated decline has begun. At the same time, the 10-year US Treasury bond The yield reached 3.21%, the highest level since 2018, and all expectations are heading for the worse. The market will always reach its extreme and reverse, and the worst is almost over. The last straw that overwhelms people’s hearts is often the bottom of the entire market. This is also in line with every bottom signal. When people who lie flat are dropped and swindled, it is the time when the market is most panicked. Selling chips like a mob, then looking back in a few months, I will break my thigh. The madman doesn’t care about any scolding now, because this cycle has gone through too much, all I can do is to silently continue to increase positions and use some off-market Money is involved, because it believes in the future of this market, so sooner or later it will regain its light.

Ethereum is still the target of public criticism in the market. The reason is due to the nesting doll model of the Defi ecology. One of the largest lending platforms, Maker Dao, has passively liquidated more than 90,000 ETHs today, which has also become the reason for the continued decline of Ethereum. At the same time, Celsius, the protocol that was previously exposed to have a large amount of stETH, was also run on, and had to sell ETH and BTC to the market to maintain its own redemption ability. This protocol sold a total of 13,000 BTC and 50,000 ETH, driving the market to fall as a whole, and then It was found that it was still difficult to support the redemption, and the protocol withdrawals and transactions were closed. Affected by a large number of liquidations, Uniswap’s ETH/USDC once fell to $941. All kinds of signs are showing that some big whales are being sacrificed to the sky. Every time the market bottoms, it will be accompanied by giant whales sacrificed to the sky. This is a very good sign. There are still 1 million ethers that can be liquidated at 1000-1100. I don’t know if we can clear it together today, and complete the thorough cleaning of the chips. If the acceleration is not completed, it will be difficult for the market to reverse, and it is only a short-term rebound.

In such an extreme market, the stable USDD also has a large inclination of the pool, and at the same time, nearly 3% of the anchor has been de-anchored. Brother Sun came to hear the news and tweeted that he would receive USD 700 million USDC to maintain the stability of USDD. The current mortgage rate is still 300%, while deploying 2 billion US dollars to deal with short-selling TRX funds, Brother Sun’s response is obviously more agile than the previous Do Kwon, I hope he can tide over the difficulties. The current tilt still has the risk of de-anchoring, so it is recommended that everyone keep the principal first, and talk about other things later in the fall. If USDD can survive this disaster, it will be trusted by more investors.

CME bitcoin futures data shows that institutional longs and shorts are 1:1.2, long-short balance, large investors 6.2:1, still longs have an absolute advantage, retail investors 1:1, long-short balance, due to today’s impact, this data should change rapidly, so The reference value is not much. Visually, the long positions of big players are increasing.


The price of Bitcoin has fallen to the shutdown price of mainstream mining machines such as Ant S11 and Avalon 1026. This is also one of the signals that each round of the market has bottomed out, but it often takes a period of time to repair, and the bottom needs to be consolidated.

Panic 11, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The deviation of the daily line is still very obvious, so there is no need to panic at this position. It is probably a lower shadow at night, so if the market dares to continue to panic for a while, we will be brave. Now if there is another wave, it will be 519. Now, what to do next, everyone will understand.

Ethereum: The daily line is also deviating, and the number of loss-making addresses has reached a record high. The core developers of Ethereum announced that the difficulty bomb (2.0) upgrade has been postponed for 2 months. The delay of the 2.0 merger is not a good thing, because a lot of selling pressure is due to liquidity runs. , it will cause many funds that need liquidity to continue to run, causing short-term selling pressure. Today’s wave of panic is almost the same. Yesterday’s 1400 defense failed, but it will come back soon.

There is nothing to say about small coins, and there is no rush to participate. The eyes of big funds are still on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Only when the trend stabilizes will they rush to small coins, and consider buying mainstream assets first.

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This article[The Crazy Talks Trend]There is no need to panic at this position. It is probably a lower shadow line that first appeared in the blocker at night.


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