[Mad man says trend]There is no rush to chase the high in the short term, long-term investors can stay put

[Mad man says trend]The rebound is not the bottom, but the bottom does not rebound

Madman says…

The probability of the Fed raising interest rates by 50 basis points in June rose to 96.8%, compared with the last time, the probability of raising interest rates by 75 basis points has decreased, which may be due to the monkeypox epidemic, or it may be due to In view of the continuous decline of U.S. stocks, the high inflation rate has not been effectively reduced. Therefore, as long as inflation does not decline, the Federal Reserve will discuss the issue of raising interest rates by 50 basis points in every interest rate resolution, and interest rates will rise sharply. This is a continuous tightening signal. We will see if the Fed’s balance sheet reduction plan in June is in line with expectations. As long as it is within expectations, every negative landing is a positive expectation.

The Korean Crypto Assets Committee will be launched as early as June. The committee mainly regulates the cryptocurrency industry policy and establishes the basic law. South Korea has established an innovative department to start law enforcement. This move will speed up the country’s encryption industry supervision. , the global unified encryption supervision is likely to come quickly.

The Australian Consumer Team has called for the regulation of cryptocurrencies. After seeing more and more crypto scams, investors from all over the world can’t sit still. Whether it is the government or civil organizations, they all hope to effectively supervise the crypto market, so that the To avoid the crime of money laundering and fraud, encryption regulation has become one of the top priorities of various countries.

Brazilian regulators will impose personal income tax on cryptocurrency investors, and transactions over $7,200 will be subject to tax. This is also an issue that is not conducive to short-term speculation, but it is the only way to bring incremental growth after encryption compliance.


Argentina has become one of the crypto-friendly countries due to the hyperinflation of its domestic currency, which has prompted more embracing of Bitcoin as well as USD stablecoins, and more Argentines adopting the U.S. dollar store of value through cryptocurrencies to circumvent the country’s currency Continuing devaluation of the dollar, especially with Argentina’s tough foreign exchange controls, will make it cheaper to do so. This is why the United States wants to embrace the crypto market, because it just allows them to harvest those inflationary countries that have devalued their currencies without any effort. After all, the dollar is still the world leader.

Australia launched the first ETF physically backed by Ethereum, which is not a derivative ETF, but actually settled in ETH tokens. Therefore, it has paved the way for traditional Australian institutions to invest in Ethereum, which is a small benefit.

The total lock-up volume of Defi has dropped by 40% from a high point, mainly due to the crash of Ethereum and the crash of LUNA. Currently, the top lock-up volume is still LIDO, MKR and AAVE, except for LIDO (after ETH2.0 will be will be greatly reduced), the other two are loan agreements, indicating that the loan agreement is still the least risky and most stable agreement in Defi, and the future is worth looking forward to.

The trading volume of FTX surpassed Coinbase for the first time, which is like Binance back then, the latecomers took the lead. The difference is that FTX surpassed by compliance, and Binance won the championship by wild way. Compared with this, the potential of FTX seems to be bigger.

Last week, the net inflow of encrypted asset products was 87 million US dollars, of which ALGO recorded a record inflow of 20 million US dollars, indicating that institutions are still optimistic about the future of this token.

Panic 16, the rise is not large, extreme panic, and it will rise with the rebound.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: The probability of getting above 32000 overnight is not high, mainly due to the general rise in the market, not the blood-sucking market of Bitcoin, so the probability of being able to continue is low. There may be a dip in the month, and there will be a strong rebound in the second half of the month, so the opportunity to get on the bus will be in the first half of the month, patiently waiting for another bottom-out opportunity.

ETH: Due to the continuous selling pressure of Three Arrows Capital, the recent weakening of Ethereum has continued to link with Bitcoin as a whole, which is not a big problem.

SHIB: The founder deleted all tweets and blog posts. If this is not done by hackers, it will probably be a bad thing. Either the project will be handed over to the team to play the decentralization routine, or it will be held hostage by politics. Bar.

LUNA: The founder, Do Kwon, said that he will continue to explore the new public chain to be stable. This scam is about to make a comeback. Don’t go on the road again. Short-term speculation is over. Today’s speculation is mainly the expectation of Binance’s listing.

WAVES: A revival plan was launched, 45% of WAVES tokens were mortgaged to the stable platform to invest in the USDN3 pool to improve demand, and the amount of Defi lock-up in the past 24 hours increased by 25%. If this continues, there is still a certain rebound expected, after all, the decline is too large.

There is no rush to chase highs in the short term, and long-term investors can stay put.

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