[Mad man says trend]U.S. stocks will not open tonight, continue to fluctuate and continue to grind the bottom


Madman says…

Musk was thinking about Twitter, and wanted to gain control of Twitter through capital acquisition, and open source the Twitter code to make it a decentralized WEB3 community platform, priced at $54.2 per share, and then Justin Sun quickly followed, providing The price of $60 in US stocks will privatize Twitter, and Goldman Sachs said that the price given by Musk is too low, but still maintains Twitter’s “sell” rating, with a target price of $30, and one of the shareholders, a member of the Saudi royal family, tweeted Said that he did not agree to sell Twitter shares at the price of Musk, Mark Cuban called for raising funds through the DAO organization to acquire Twitter, and SBF proposed that Twitter tweets be put on the chain in order to complete its decentralized nature. Twitter has become the target of the big bosses overnight, which shows its weight in the global traditional media. If Twitter can take the lead in piloting WEB3.0, it can indeed rapidly promote the development of blockchain and encryption technology, and will give cryptocurrency to cryptocurrencies. Bringing new capital growth points, and now Twitter’s acquisition case is still in the game, we continue to sit and watch the capital play.

Germany overtook Singapore as the most crypto-friendly country, according to the report: Germany is number one; Singapore is number two; and the United States is number three. The strongest country in Europe has embraced it first, and other countries should follow in swift support. It is not difficult to see that the stronger the regional economy, the faster the country chooses to embrace.

The Central Bank of Portugal has announced the issuance of the first cryptocurrency operating license for Bison Bank to provide users with cryptocurrency services. Another European powerhouse has quickly embraced cryptocurrencies, and the bank will also quickly establish a new business unit to create a compliant cryptocurrency exchange.

The US state of Virginia will begin to allow banks to provide cryptocurrency custody services in July, which means that in the future, people in this state will be able to deposit their cryptocurrencies in any traditional bank that supports cryptocurrency storage, just like depositing cryptocurrencies. As convenient as the US dollar, if the problems of payment, storage and application scenarios are solved, it is almost the same as fiat currency.


The chairman of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry stated that the Russian Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank ensure mutual settlement and payment with African countries, and the use of Russian rubles and cryptocurrencies is a new way to evade sanctions in Europe and the United States, and cryptocurrencies will be widely adopted because of sanctions.

Malaysian office operator US, the largest serviced office operator in Malaysia, has decided to accept cryptocurrency payments, opening up a market for Malaysia’s growth.

The CEO of Microstrategy said that he will continue to actively implement the Bitcoin strategy in the future, and will purchase more Bitcoin as a reserve of corporate financial assets. The LUNA Foundation bought 124 bitcoins again yesterday. These two companies are both the Pixiu companies of the current pie, and they can’t get in. It’s just a question of how fast they can buy.

Gemini will introduce the Gemini credit card in all 50 states in the US, which cardholders can use to make purchases wherever Mastercard is accepted. Obviously, this is another cryptocurrency-backed credit card, and cryptocurrencies can be more convenient to pay and use in the United States.

The Amazon CEO said that it is possible to sell NFTs on the platform, but may not increase cryptocurrency payments in the retail business, but has seen cryptocurrencies become important over time. If NFTs really do, it is difficult for them to avoid cryptocurrencies, so in a potential sense, it is a great benefit.

The SEC has not yet classified NFTs, but may investigate some NFTs, former SEC officials said. This really makes things worse. Recently, the NFT market itself has cooled down very quickly. In addition to the regulatory estimates, it cannot be slowed down. The hot Azuki floor price a few days ago plummeted by 71% in a single day, directly to the ankle. Therefore, it is difficult for NFT-related tokens to improve in the short term.

Panic 22, turned into extreme panic again.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: 25,878 bitcoins were withdrawn from the exchange yesterday, which is the largest net outflow in 5 weeks. Recently, bitcoins have been withdrawn all the way, and the future circulation will be smaller and smaller. If you have to ask who is selling, crazy I can only tell you that it is a traditional institution in the United States. Once the water in the pool stabilizes in the future, the rise will become a one-sided market, and you will not be able to catch up. The US stock market will not open tonight, so it will probably continue to fluctuate, which is a process of grinding the bottom.

Ethereum: 70,000 coins have just been charged to the exchange, and the position of 3,000 may not be guaranteed. Brother Sun’s weather vane is still strong, and the strong has turned into a weak linkage.

LTC: Upgrade MWEB after 5 weeks, not much value, let’s continue to oscillate at the bottom.

XRP: The CEO said that the lawsuit with the SEC is coming to an end, the lawsuit is very smooth, and probably will not be defined as a security. It’s not a pull, it’s hard to say whether it can last, just charged 90 million to Bitfinex, and there is still some selling pressure.

EOS: The EVM virtual machine will be integrated in the next few months. It is a bit late to do this at this time. The disk has not changed much, and the weak linkage will continue.

LINK: Surpassing SHIB to become the most token held by Ethereum whales, the future whales of the oracle machine are still optimistic, after all, it will be used to connect WEB2 and WEB3.

DOGE: The CEO of Robinhood suggested that the dog should increase the block size and speed. Musk agreed. If this can be upgraded, it would be a good thing.

ZIL: The plan to support EVM in 2022 is too late, and it doesn’t make much sense. The previous increase is a hype, and it is not recommended to chase it.

XTZ: Integrate with Aleph to provide NFT with cross-chain decentralized storage and computing network services. This public chain mainly attacks the NFT market. Short-term NFT flameout will also reduce his transaction volume, so he will not participate for the time being.

HNT: The light gateway upgrade was activated on May 3. This application token has been adjusted for 5 months from the previous high point. This coin still has some value. If there is a chance to enter 10-15 US dollars, you can consider value investment.

AR: Announced the integration of the AVAX public chain. At the same time, the Messari report shows that AR has the fastest revenue growth in the storage field, far ahead of other tokens. I am optimistic about storage and consider long-term ambush.

Nothing to add, continue to endure the long bottom-grinding process.

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