[Mad man says trend]Weekend market: 19,500 – 20,500 shocks continue

[Mad man says trend]Weekend market: 19,500 – 20,500 shocks continue

Madman says…

According to the latest data from the International Monetary Fund, India has now surpassed the United Kingdom to become the fifth largest economy in the world, behind only the United States, China, Japan and Germany. According to the current growth rate, India will become the third largest economy in the world within 10 years. Economy. At present, the two fastest growing countries in the world are China and India. Unfortunately, these two countries do not support cryptocurrencies. At present, the encryption industry is still far from saturation. Therefore, it is still developing rapidly. When it is saturated in the future, these economic The fast-developing big country will have to support it sooner or later. In fact, it is nothing more than taking over from others. This is also a helpless move. After all, the advantages of the ban at this time far outweigh the disadvantages. It is understandable that encryption is not supported from a high-level perspective. Everyone also needs to have a clearer understanding of the economic size of the United States. This wave of tightening in the United States has caused the dollar index to rise by more than 20%, which means that even if the United States is heading for recession, the GDP will be negative next year, and the dollar will be negative. The volume of the denominated economy is still skyrocketing, which is why the United States dares to strongly support encryption, because encryption can help the U.S. economy develop better and help the dollar rise more. This wave of harvest will make the chasers themselves go backwards3 -5 years, and due to the control of the epidemic, this wave of China’s overtaking of the United States may be delayed by 5-10 years than expected. This is the reality. Everything is a long-term plan. Take your time, the crypto market will also release water again with the United States in the future. With skyrocketing, the human economy is like a person leading a dog. People are always moving forward, and dogs fluctuate around people. Therefore, it is economic wisdom against humanity to dare to bet during the trough.

The International Organization of Securities Commissions plans to issue cryptocurrency policy recommendations before the end of next year. Global regulators hope to quickly define encryption and use existing regulatory laws to regulate the encryption market. Otherwise, the longer this lawless market continues, the faster the development will be to the government. The more unfavorable, as the MAS official said, there is no time more urgent that securities laws should be quickly applied to the cryptocurrency industry. As for when global regulation will come, let’s go and see, at least for now, what is certain is that the industry will continue to grow and history will continue to be rewritten with the trend.

The two major tech retailers in Ukraine have begun to accept bitcoin payments, which is also seeing the advantages of encrypted payments. The SWIFT system has been shaken under such an impact, and countries have bypassed the US dollar and began to enjoy more convenient payment methods. will accelerate, so regulation of the crypto market in the United States should be more urgent than in any country.

In August, the transaction volume of Opensea was less than 500 million US dollars, a record low in 12 months. The freezing moment of NFT continued. Every time a new thing entered a low ebb, some people would doubt whether it was going to zero or die. , DeFi has had this kind of discussion later, this time it is NFT’s turn, it should be the same as the previous two, because the market is already broad enough, and future innovative applications will emerge in endlessly, so it will get up sooner or later, so don’t be frustrated, but it is It’s just cyclical fluctuations, but in the process of resigning from the old and welcoming the new, most NFTs will also return to zero.


Panic 20, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: More than 65.77% of Bitcoins that have not moved for one year have reached a record high. Only 34% of Bitcoins in the market have moved this year, which is the consensus basis for future growth. The number of bitcoin addresses currently in a state of loss has reached a record high, indicating that there have never been so many people investing in bitcoin quilts in history. A large number of quilts means a small amount of selling pressure, and a rebound will be imminent.

ETH: The probability of linking up with Bitcoin to start a rebound is high, but it is likely to wait until the US stock market opens on Monday evening before making any moves.

ADA: Officials say that the Vasil upgrade is the most important upgrade in the history of ADA, which improves network scalability and reduces transaction costs. The day is set at 9.22, and there is a high probability that there will be a relatively sustained strength before this date.

19500-20500 shock continues, this is the weekend market.

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