[Mad man says trend]You can continue to be optimistic around 20,000 and wait patiently for the market direction

[Mad man says trend]You can continue to be optimistic around 20,000 and wait patiently for the market direction

Madman says…

The United Nations issued a report urging the Fed to stop raising interest rates, because the global interest rate hikes caused by the United States will cause damage to the global economy. Back to 20000. The U.S. stock market rose sharply for two consecutive days, and it also announced the beginning of an oversold rebound. It should pull back a bit later, and then start a second wave of rebound. Therefore, Bitcoin is likely to stabilize around 20,000 in the near future, and then challenge the strong pressure zone of 23,000. Fed Daly argues that inflation is causing economic pain for America’s vulnerable, and an inclusive economy should stabilize jobs and prices. Now the Fed’s rate of interest rate hike is too fast for the United States itself. It seems that the subsequent rate hike will slow down. The dark past is the light.

Now the 30-year loan interest rate in the United States is 6.8%, and the rental market has a profit of about 3% after deducting taxes and other costs. That is to say, all leveraged investment buyers in the United States are suffering from the pain of losing money, even if they buy a house in full, rent Can’t beat interest. As interest rates continue to rise in November and December, this loss will widen, and a lot of real estate is facing a sell-off, which is one of the factors in the current instability in the United States, so don’t look at the Fed’s hawkish comments, but ultimately to reality and Capital bows.

The SEC chairman believes that most cryptocurrencies are securities, that the SEC is the agency that oversees the transaction, and that all companies raising funds should make full and truthful disclosures. At present, the regulation of the United States for the encryption industry has not yet been released, and the competition between the SEC and the CFTC continues. Coinbase took the lead in teaming up with the CFTC, acknowledging its regulatory authority over Bitcoin and ETH, and authorizing the CFTC to supervise real-time transactions on the exchange. In the end, it’s still up to Congress to wait for the final ruling. It doesn’t matter who said it now.

The correlation between Bitcoin and Nasdaq has rebounded to 0.6, and it has rebounded. The correlation with gold is only 0.3. Despite this, the correlation with gold is still a record high, but below 0.5 is actually no correlation, so the reference value Not too big. The whole is still classified as a risk asset category, and the risk-averse attribute has not yet been defined.


European and American regulators all believe that crypto asset activities may cause systemic risks to financial stability. As a result, the motivation for joint supervision in Europe and the United States will continue to increase. We look forward to early supervision, so that the cryptocurrency market can move from a gray area to a bright road.

The new Basel Committee rules show that banks want bitcoin holdings to be capped at 5% from 1% of capital, or customers will churn. At present, the share of Bitcoin held by various banks has basically not reached 1%, and raising it to 5% is just a precautionary measure, and its impact on the current market is relatively limited.

Russia’s Ministry of Finance plans to allow the country to accept bitcoin and cryptocurrencies unrestricted for international trade, but first and foremost to protect citizens’ interests. It seems that Russia has completely integrated encrypted payment into the international payment system. After being sanctioned by the United States, choosing encrypted currency payment is the easiest and direct global route, and it also sets an example for other countries to pay with encrypted currency. In the future, the regional economy will become more and more More and more are bypassing USD settlement, which is a mutually beneficial payment method.

Fidelity launched the Ethereum Index Fund, which has only raised $5 million in the past 10 days. Institutions are not as obsessed with the current Ethereum as expected. It seems that it will take a long period to be recognized by the world.

McDonald’s accepts bitcoin payment in Lugano, Switzerland. The participation of these traditional to C-side companies in cryptocurrency payment can bring huge effects to the market. Unfortunately, it is only in Lugano. If McDonald’s accepts it globally, it will be another a sight.

Panic 25, extreme panic.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: Continue to fluctuate around 20,000, the first pressure is 21,000. It is expected that breaking through this pressure will require the cooperation of September CPI data.

ETH: Weak linkage, new expectations are not obvious, wait for the ecology to recover.

ENS: In September, the number of domain name registrations hit a new record high, reaching 430,000. The ecology is still in the outbreak period, and the fundamentals are strong, so it is worth continuing to hold.

MANA: The logistics giant UPS has launched a Metaverse store on MANA. Currently, the two largest projects that major giants participate in the Metaverse are SAND and MANA. Once the market approves it in the future, there will still be room for hype. The current position is good, and it belongs to the value investment area.

You can continue to be optimistic around 20000, with a little more patience, there will be no fall, and it will always clear up.

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