[Mad Men Talk About Trends]Waiting for the financial circle data of today and tomorrow, the big drama fluctuates greatly


Madman says…

It was another lively evening. At 20:15, the United States first announced the employment rate for April, followed by the weekly crude oil inventory at 22:30, the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision at 2:00 in the morning, and the UK’s interest rate decision at 19:00 tomorrow night. Global data, which has a huge impact on market pricing, is bound to change the current situation of small fluctuations and trigger a large-scale trending market. The current expectation for the Fed to raise interest rates by 50 basis points in May has reached 99.6%, and the probability of a black swan has been extremely high. low, just look at the plan to shrink the $9 trillion balance sheet. Therefore, for the short term, there is a high probability that a negative landing is a positive, and the market is expected to start a new rebound.

European Central Bank executive member Schnabel said that the European Central Bank’s asset purchases should end before raising interest rates, which may start in July. A new round of global tightening has officially started with the Fed’s tightening.

Coinbase partners with Goldman Sachs to help Goldman Sachs launch its first bitcoin-backed loan. This is a powerful alliance between the encryption field and the traditional field. It is really exciting. Maybe when the sparks collide between the giants, the blossoming of the encryption world has just begun.

Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones believes that cryptocurrencies have a bright future as the world’s top talent is flowing into the industry. What the madman empathizes with is that people in the old currency circle are rapidly ebbing, because the design models of new Defi, GameFi, NFT and other decentralized gameplays are almost all from those scientists, either with the world’s top mathematical models or with otherworldly ones. It takes a long time to really understand and understand the technical code, let alone follow it, so this is the future visible to the naked eye. Sister Mutou also issued a warning, saying that Wall Street must take encryption seriously, otherwise there will be a massive loss of talent. The reason why a country with strong science and technology can be strong is its continuous innovation ability.


In 2021, the Bitcoin network will settle a total of 13.1 trillion US dollars, exceeding VISA by 20%. Where is this going? Soon, VISA’s share will be swallowed up in an instant, unless he embraces encryption.

The pension of Farifax County, Virginia, USA is considering investing in Dex’s liquidity mining project to obtain high interest income. While most countries are still confused, some local governments in the United States have already started to play DeFi. This speed is no longer like a government, and it is a bit on par with professional institutional investors.

More than 100,000 Cubans have begun to use cryptocurrencies to evade U.S. sanctions. This is a rapid influx of Cubans since the Cuban Central Bank issued licenses for bitcoin and encrypted asset service providers in May. This is the beginning. Who will be sanctioned by the United States in the future? , encryption will help whoever, so the United States can only have a chance to regain the power it once had by embracing and regulating.

The global outflow of Bitcoin ETP in April was as high as 14,327. This is the initiator of the global smash and also represents the pool of traditional funds. Therefore, the effect of this wave of linkage with US stocks will become weaker and weaker as traditional funds flee. , once the U.S. stock market strengthens in the future, we will quickly surpass the U.S. stock market.

In the first quarter, Microstrategy’s bitcoins were devalued by $170 million. The company held 129,000 bitcoins, and a random fluctuation of $1,000 is 129 million, so it’s nothing, just sit and watch the company take off.

The mining farm Riot Blockchain sold 250 bitcoins in April. The current mining farms are all commercialized, which is not the same as the big believers in the country a few years ago. It is highly probable to dig and sell and then buy electricity to buy machines to continue mining, so There will still be miners selling in the future, but fortunately, the inflation rate is not high, and not all miners will sell, so the impact is relatively small.

The Central Bank of Uganda has warned the public and entities to stop crypto trading or will not hesitate to take action against found violators. This is the opposition of the crypto industry.

Pakistan has established a committee to make recommendations on the country’s cryptocurrency policy, and Pakistan has also begun to discuss whether to ban or comply. In the global environment, the probability of final embrace will be relatively high.

Panic 21, comes to extreme panic, the opportunities outweigh the risks.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: It has been continuously bottoming out and rising, and there are signs of bottoming. With the expectation of interest rate hike tonight, there is a high probability that the market will rebound. It is recommended to continue to hold it.

Ethereum: Like Bitcoin, bottom-building process. The 170,000 ETH stolen from Axie’s side chain Ronin was washed out in 28 times, and the market has digested it, and it will gradually be stronger than Bitcoin.

SAND: It seems to be holding back the big move, the website maintenance is being updated, and the Dubai Crypto Assets Supervision Authority has entered SAND to establish the Metaverse headquarters. This should be a relatively big advantage. At present, the position of SAND is not high, and it is worth making a layout.

YFI: The v3 version of the high-return machine gun pool is launched. The old Defi is still developing, so this position is also worth considering.

BSV: Mad Dog CSW sued Coinbase and Kraken for promoting fake Bitcoin, he believes that BSV is BTC and BTC is not BTC. Since it has come out again, I don’t know if there will be a pulse market someday. Anyway, it is speculation, it depends on whether you believe him or not.

APE: Announcing the integration of Polygon, this is to use the L2 network, don’t you plan to develop your own public chain? A short-term negative for myself and a short-term positive for Matic.

ALGO: Australia Zoo launched NFT on ALGO. If the public chain and NFT can break out together, the probability of continuous rebound from the bottom is not small. You can observe the adoption rate later.

There is nothing else, just wait for the financial circle data of today and tomorrow, the big drama fluctuates greatly, please move the small bench.

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