[Madman said the trend]As long as 31,000 can be stabilized tomorrow, it will continue to rise later.

[Mad man says trend]The rebound is not the bottom, but the bottom does not rebound

Madman says…

The Central Bank of Russia has recently begun to take a positive attitude towards cryptocurrency payments and intends to join the current law. At the same time, its attitude towards cryptocurrency mining has changed and will reconsider the feasibility of cryptocurrency mining. The deputy governor of the central bank said that although the central bank Seeing that cryptocurrencies are riskier, but seeing the space for foreign trade and the use of cryptocurrencies outside Russia, has changed their stance on the adoption of cryptocurrencies. This means that it is only a matter of time before Russia fully liberalizes cryptocurrencies. This country with the largest land area in the world is also the largest exporter of resources. Once cryptocurrencies are used, it means that countries that do not want to trade with Russia in rubles have a second place. The choice, which will greatly increase the pool of cryptocurrency, is a very substantial increment.

Brazil officially launched the Brazilian blockchain network. Although Brazil’s own blockchain is a consortium chain, it is not difficult to tamper with, but at least it is a blockchain with national credit, and the people of the whole network are monitoring it, so some key issues Don’t dare to roll back. This means that Brazil has officially entered the credit society. In the future, if all data is fully on-chain, the credit system will be established, and the cost of default will be high, because your taint will follow you throughout your life.

The Fidelity Investments subsidiary plans to hire 110 technicians to build a cryptocurrency exchange, which will be used for cryptocurrency custody and trading services other than bitcoin, and 100 customer service specialists. These traditional super institutions have begun to establish encrypted exchanges, which means that the competition on the market has begun to intensify, and the barbaric era will gradually enter the era of fierce competition.

Goldman Sachs is in talks with FTX to consolidate their contracts business. FTX is developing at its peak. At this time, it is necessary to negotiate with him. I am afraid that Goldman Sachs needs high fees to achieve its goal. It is unlikely that it will be a cost-effective business, but it is not difficult to see from the side that traditional giants are involved in the encryption market. determination.


Paypal participated in the financing of Aptos, which was the main company that previously developed stablecoins for Facebook, indicating that Paypal intends to develop its own stablecoins. As for its success, the future still has a huge relationship with supervision.

Since the beginning of this year, the number of bitcoins in Coinbase institutional accounts has increased by 296%. This is a very amazing data. After the bitcoin halving, institutional investors did not reduce their positions, but continued to increase, indicating long-term optimism for bitcoin. Nothing has changed, which would give a lot of investors huge confidence.

TowerBank, a Panama bank, is inviting crypto enthusiasts to open an account with the bank. This is relying on innovation to start robbing encrypted users around the world. This kind of pioneering innovation will have huge benefits for its business in the future. As long as encryption continues to develop, this bank will counterattack many banks that are better than them.

OP is listed on major centralized exchanges today, and airdrops have been taken by users by nearly one-third. According to the latest proposal, users who sold the initial airdrops will not be eligible to participate in the airdrops in the future (probably pass), which will It will cause some users to reduce their selling pressure. At present, the token has a total market value of more than 4 billion, a price of 1.6 US dollars, and a total market value of more than 6 billion. It ranks outside the top 10 in the crypto market, and there is not much room for continued hype. It is expected that 2 The U.S. dollar is a high-risk area, and $1.2 is a low-risk area. The overall type is speculative, and market sentiment is not capable of continuous speculation and rise.

Panic 17, extreme panic, the market rebounded to 32000, the value did not rise significantly, it seems that the opportunity to continue rebounding is still not small.

Coin News:

Bitcoin: At present, the total market value of Bitcoin ranks 10th in the world. In front of Facebook, it is still the most powerful asset in the world. In the short term, after continuous consolidation at 32000, there is a chance to continue to rebound with the online move on the 5th, and the overall situation will continue to be dominated by more.

ETH: The Alameda Research address transferred 8,000 ETH to FTX. This kind of research institution is also sending ETH to the exchange. I really can’t understand the logic. Does it mean that after ETH is converted to POS, it will be replaced by other public chains? Or lose his ecological advantage? At present, it is still quite difficult, so the madman continues to choose to hold positions, and the short-term is still mainly linked.

ZEC: Upgrading NU5, enhancing privacy and eliminating trusted settings, this coin has been quite satisfactory recently, but as long as it continues to develop, future opportunities still exist.

BNB: Released the roadmap, intending to be a metaverse side chain, which can attract tokens such as APE to join in, at the same time increase the number of decentralized validators, and continue to increase the capacity and speed of its public chain. Overall, it is still a very efficient roadmap, so long-term development is worth looking forward to.

ASTR: It is raising $100 million at a valuation of $500 million. Its current market value is only $210 million, which means that if someone invests in him, his currency price will at least double. At least a good expectation.

As long as it can stabilize at 31,000 tomorrow, it will continue to rise later.


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